April 2-3, 2011 Georgetown, SC


One of many Osprey nests along the Waccamaw River

Old, old boats

Hazzard (not Hazard) Marina, Georgetown, SC

April 2-3.  Left the docks of Charleston at 7am before the winds can make casting off more challenging.  There is no protection here and it’s prudent to be careful with the winds pushing at our dockage.  As usual the Capt’n makes it look easy with his “Lenny” method (bow forward into the dock making the stern move out). —  This run reminded us of the river system with the desolate area and muddy waters.  About two hours before we docked in Georgetown (3:45pm) the wind blew harder and harder (30 knots).  It’s  a good night not to anchor, but to be here at Hazzard Marina (with 2 z’s not 1), Georgetown, SC.  –  Well, it’s better to be here than we thought.  Artie has been coughing for a few days (caught another cold), but this time he did “the big cough” and ended up in the ER.  And what a great ER here in Georgetown.  Every medical person that helped Artie from the doctor, to the nurses, to the clinicians was professional, thorough, and empathetic.  We can’t say enough “good stuff” about our experience with this hospital and staff.  As it turns out the x-rays were sketchy, but it was either a torn muscle or a hairline cracked rib.  Ouch!!  The capt’n has some prescriptions that are helping him through the discomfort; isn’t the modern world of chemistry great??


Waccamaw River


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