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We apologize for the gap year(s)

After almost two years of not touching the blog, I decided today to check out where and what the other blogs we used to follow are doing now.  Was surprised to see our friends on M/V Tourist are going thru similar situations.We have not sold our b…

End of Season

It is hard to believe the end of our 2018 cruising season is already here. Idyll Time took good care of us this year on our 3200 mile trek to Alaska and Back. It is now time to give her some attention. We settled on Anacortes, Washington and North Harbor diesel for our winter location. […]

A Change of Scenery

With a favorable forecast for the Strait of Georgia, we reluctantly say goodbye to Rekindle and Navigator and depart Van Donnop anchorage at first light for a 62 mile run down the strait to our anchorage in Tribune Bay on Hornby Island. Seeing several whale spouts, we make a stop to see what is going […]

Running The Rapids

We have zero visibility as we pull away from the slip in Port McNeil and enter Queen Charlotte Strait. Checkout time is 11 am and we must leave as they have another boat coming into our slip. The dock master assures us that the fog usually lifts by 10 am, but not today. We keep […]

Dixon Entrance to Cape Caution

After spending four days at Pond Bay waiting for winds and seas to calm down from a gale force warning, we find benign conditions for our open water crossing of Dixon Entrance. The calm passage was well worth the wait. We soon enter British Columbia waters and call Nexus for our clearance. With our newly […]

Prince of Whales Island

Days 71-90 Before continuing south along the inside passage , we make a stop in Petersburg to repair our anchor windlass. Jeff enjoyed working with Aaron the mechanic at Piston and Rudder to replace the seals on our anchor windlass and also did some prevent maintenance cleaning our main engine heat exchanger. An oil change […]

Baranof Hot Springs

Days 67-70: We are not superstitious but…. As we are pulling away from the fuel docks at Hoonah on Friday the 13 Th., I do a double take as I am on the bow handling our lines. There is oil oozing out from under our anchor windlass. Yikes!! We recognize this problem immediately. We had […]

Glacier Bay to Hoonah

Day 62: Blue Mouse to Fingers Bay: The weather is changing. The warm weather and clear sky has disappeared and it is now cool, grey and windy. With only limited weather forecast available from our satellite receiver, we decide to start working our way down Glacier Bay towards Park headquarters. We feel a storm is […]

Into the Ice

Day 61: Reid Glacier to Blue Mouse: Today will be a first for Idyll Time. After traveling 65 miles up bay, we are heading to the glaciers and are a little nervous about navigating through ice. We have never done this before. Striking an ice berg would be just like hitting a rock and could […]

Reid Glacier

Day 60: North Sandy to Reid Glacier: It is another amazing day in Glacier Bay. We continue working our way up bay while enjoying the warm sunny weather which is very unusual for this area. We peak our nose in Tidal Inlet and spot a brown bear on shore. Reaching the high granite peaks of […]