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Misty Fiords

After a peaceful night at anchor in Bullhead Cove, we head north to the eastern entrance of Behm Canal. On this 150 mile exploration, we will circumnavigate Revillagigedo Island counterclockwise. The trip will take us into the heart of Misty Fiords National Monument Wilderness. This is the second largest wilderness in the United States encompassing […]

Crossing Dixon Entrance

Just a few miles from our anchorage in Coghlin Bay is the Grenville Chanel. This 45 mile long canal is also referred to as “the ditch” by many cruisers. We find the scenery stunning on this bright clear cloudless day with sheer mountain cliffs tumbling down to the shoreline. When we transited this section both […]

Codville to Hartley Bay

Leaving Codville Lagoon, we work our way up Lama Passage. While transiting Seaforth Passage, a Raven decides to hitch a ride on our bow rail. We are perplexed as to why he hangs around for so long. Reaching our anchorage in Wigham Cove, we find out why. He had been busily shredding the plastic bags […]

Fry Pan to Codville Lagoon

Fry Pan Bay to Codville Lagoon Leaving Fry Pan Bay, we decide to take the back route around Penrose Island and exit through a cut known as “ Slaughter Ally”. This is the site of a massacre in the mid-1800’s of the local Oweekeno by the indigenous Heiltsuk of Bella Bella. We scouted this route […]

Cape Caution

Will we cross Cape Caution today? This 40 mile open water passage around the Cape is one of two open ocean passages on our way to Alaska. This transit can be very challenging with steep confused seas that stack up due to a rapid shelving of the ocean bottom. The 4 am forecast calls for […]

Sidney to Cape Caution

Our first task after leaving the Philbrooks Boatyard is to “Round the Flag”. We came into Canada under a work order in order to avoid paying any of the Canadian taxes. After the work is done, we must go directly back into the United States without doing any pleasure cruising. The US/Canadian border is only […]

Life at the Boatyard

Over the past two weeks, there has been a beehive of activity aboard Idyll Time while Philbrooks completed their list of projects. We were at the docks less than an hour when our (new) fresh water pump stopped working. We had just replaced this pump two weeks ago when the original water pump quit working. […]

Into Canada

What we do for our pets! Because Nate and Primo are considered endangered species, they fall under an international treaty called CITIES. They both have their own passport and must be stamped in and out of the country each time they cross the border. Over the years we have learned how to navigate through the […]

The Launch Spring 2019

We are a little nervous as the travel lift creeks and groans while lifting our precious cargo into the air. We have been hauled out many times but it is always an uneasy feeling until Idyll Time is safely back in the water. On this particular launch, Idyll Time must be carried almost half a […]

Spring 2019 Commissioning

We are happy to be back aboard Idyll Time. Our 3300 mile cross country RV trip went well. We crossed off two National Parks from our bucket list, Hot Springs in Arkansas and Arches in Moab Utah. The highlight of our trip was a week spent along the Oregon Coast. We enjoyed some great hiking […]