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Martinique, heading next to Trinidad

It was not the most comfortable crossing from Antigua to Martinique, but we are here. Love this Island, Baugettes, formage, boudin creole, fois gras! We did visit R&R on Calipso, missed Pam & James. Then after clearing out we find Marina & …

Renovation Update

Well we are back on board, a late launch this after a wonderful month with grandkids in South Africa. We launched January 18th, now at anchor.The renovations went very well, dealing with Michael at Ultra Yacht Refit was a pleasure.

Five Island Harbour

At anchor, beautiful spot. Only a 15 minute dingy ride into Jolly Harbour for supplies.

Five Island Harbour, Antigua

British Columbia to Tennessee

We spent two days moving boat stuff from Idyll Time to the Minnie Winnie RV “Miss Daisy”. We are removing all perishable food and dry goods from the boat since she will be stored on land for an extended period. When she was on the east coast, the longest we had ever left her was […]

Renovations and Upgrades

Well this all started last year after replacing batteries and adding 600W of solar.  That was about all the solar we could fit onto the existing bimini.We did not want to increase the size for fear of spoiling the lines of the bimini/flybridge.&nb…

The Haul Out

It’s time to close this years chapter on cruising. We have had an amazing year and are sorry to see it end. After much deliberation, we have decide to leave Idyll Time in Sidney, B.C. over the winter. She will stay out of water in Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Park. It is always an anxious […]

San Juan Islands

Crossing Boundary Pass, we say goodbye to Canada’s Gulf Islands and enter US waters. We call Customs for our clearance back into the U.S.A. With our NEXUS card this is incredibly easy. In order to get this card, we underwent a background check and a face to face interview with both Canada and U.S. Customs […]

Cruising 2018

Well we have decided that going south this season might be a good option so we are planning on Trinidad for Carnival! Seamantha are game and it sounds like Alizann is seriously considering. A Krogen Rendezvous!

Galiano Island

Montague Harbor: Our trip across the Strait of Georgia was smooth and uneventful (always a good thing). We made an overnight stop in Nanaimo to drop off the two parrots at a pet sitter. We are heading to the U.S. for a Krogen Rendezvous in a few days and our government makes it very difficult […]