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Isla San Francisco to Marina Costa Baja (in the outskirts of La Paz)

On Monday (January 30), the wind shifted again. We knew that the rolling in anchorage would increase and soon it would become comfortable. It was time to move again. We also knew that there was a storm coming. We’d decided … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Punta Salinas, Isla San Francisco and Costa Baja/Le point de vue de Keith sur Punta Salinas, Isla San Francisco et Costa Baja

I enjoyed my time at Punta Salinas. It has salt flats that used to be salt mines; they were fun to explore. We went on the salt flats, which felt like snow and ice. But there were other salt flats … Continue reading

 Punta Salinas on Isla San Jose to Isla San Francisco

Sunrise on Saturday, January 28. The island in the middle of the photo is Isla San Francisco. This morning, the wind was light and the anchorage was totally calm. Ahhhhh. We were so happy to have a break from the … Continue reading

San Evaristo to Punta Salinas on Isla San Jose

Sunrise on Friday, January 27 We were pleased to see that the wind had calmed down significantly. However, it still at about 16-knots sustained, so it was still windy.  The four boats had all agreed to go to Punta Salinas … Continue reading

The Gullet

Christmas Day in Antarctica was a big day for wildlife sightings, including an Emperor Penguin, Chinstrap penguins, crabeater and Weddell seals, humpback whales and Orcas. We were lucky to see an Emperor Penguin, rare this time of year. After navigating into ice-filled Barlas Channel, we set out for a tour in the zodiacs and found…

Third Trip to San Evaristo, Days 3 and 4

Sunrise on Wednesday, January 25 The wind was pretty much the same as it had been yesterday. One World called us on the radio and told us that he’d heard that if we went around to the reception desk and … Continue reading

Horseshoe Island

Antarctica is the only continent without a permanent native population. Instead, the year-round population of about 1,000 is made up mainly of visiting scientific researchers and support staff who live in roughly 50 permanent stations throughout the continent. A similar number of seasonal stations allows the summer population to reach 4,000. Forty-two countries operate research…

Third Trip to San Evaristo, Day 2

Sunrise on Tuesday, January 24 The wind had picked up during the night, and by morning the wind was back to screaming with sustained winds in the low-20-knot range and gusts to 30 knots. We even had one gust of … Continue reading

Pourquois Pas Island

Pourquois Pas Island, at the north edge of Marguerite Bay, was discovered by Jean-Baptiste Charcot. He led the 1908-1910 French Antarctic Expedition, and named the island after his ship. Charcot in turn is the namesake for the French expedition ship Le Commandant Charcot, the highest rated ice class vessel in the world, that we’ll be…

Keith’s Perspective on Ensenada Grande and San Evaristo/Le point de vue de Keith sur Ensenada Grande et San EvaristoKeith’s Perspective on Ensenada Grande and San Evaristo

I had an okay time at Ensenada Grande. There were a lot of kids. We did some D&D, but there were too many kids playing D&D to be fun. We went on a hike with some other people. Most of … Continue reading