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19 November 2017Fall. Transitions. Leaving Kindred Spirit "up north". Waiting for coach repair.

     Once again we checked in to Olverson’s Marina, arriving just in time for Happy Hour and their Halloween Party with oysters fried, roasted; chicken fried, smoked; ham; and desserts unfathomable. With oyster knife in hand I attached those hot, steamy, smoking bivalves and ate till I couldn’t! Wonderful people and delicious food after a long day on the water. Coming here is like coming home. We’ve been here so many times and have great friends here. Of course, Cas and Freddie are the stars and better folks you could never find.

     ’twas a chilly and beautiful morning at Olverson’s Marina on the Yecomico River in late October. The night before we had a great evening with friends over cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and gales of laughter, hosted by Jon and Page. In the morning we’re casting off our lines en route to Solomon’s, MD, to tuck Kindred Spirit in for the winter. Being at Olverson’s is so much like home and we always love our stays here.

     As if the feast last night wasn’t enough, just prior to our departure for Solomons, MD, the dinner bell rang for a gargantuan breakfast spread with Cas, Freddie, Linda, and Wayne at Lottsburg Cafe. I think my Western Omelet must’ve been made with at least a dozen eggs. Never have I seen such a mound of food! A very pleasant beginning to our day.

     We happily tucked into Calvert’s Marina on Solomon’s, after a spectacular cruise on the Chesapeake. We couldn’t have ordered a more beautiful day nor a calmer bay. 
      I have NEVER seen a window in a chimney. And it’s even sporting curtains.
                    Day is done from Calvert’s Marina.
                   This is a magnificent sunrise from Calvert’s.

     Great friends, Curt and July, live on Solomon’s so we joined them at Solomon’s Island Yacht Club for “shrimp night” and it was mouth-watering. Old friends and good times.

     Moved into a covered slip to see how we “fit”. Just hope and pray our new total enclosure doesn’t have to come down. What a monumental job THAT is!!! The mast is already lowered–not a big deal. I am absolutely overwhelmed with all there is to do before we leave here in 3 days. Most can’t be done till the last minute and I’m berserk. Leaving Kindred Spirit III in frigid climes is totally foreign to us…and scary. We had no idea that winterizing takes 2 men 1 1/2 days and 40+ gallons of antifreeze. Judy and Curt saved me from a total melt down last night but I do confess to a partial one. I’m just about to have a fit and fall in it. The carnage created with staging, packing away, etc., almost calls for a pogo stick to move from one part of our boat to another. This, too, shall pass.

A Waterman in Solomon’s Sculpture Garden

     Judy and Curt rounded up Ted and Navy, another couple of our friends who also live on Solomons for cocktails and dinner at the yacht club. More laughter and just a wonderfully fun evening.

                                           Sunset from SIYC
     All of our stuff was “staged” in dock carts so when Bill returned with the rental car, we could make haste and waste no time transferring from cart to car. Onward to Mount Pleasant, SC.

I love Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge

     Bob and Deidre are old boating friends who’ve semi-settled in Mount Pleasant so we connected with them for dinner at Shem Creek Bar and Grill.

           Evening shadows fall over Shem Creek.
     The next evening was great fun in Jim and Betsy’s home with lots of cruising friends, good food, and libations. The following day we had brunch/lunch with Jim and Martha in between MANY appointments! This is our bi-annual Medical Marathon with 18 appointments in 3 days! We’re loving these breaks of time with friends. 4 appointments tomorrow then we’re driving as far south as we can get before we fall asleep at the wheel. What a whirl wind these few days have been!!!

     Our 18th appointment was completed and we crossed the Ravenel Bridge with Brunswick in our GPS for that night.

Leaving Charleston and crossing the Ravenel Bridge

     MUSC is a par excellence medical facility but so glad to be finished and on our way to some REAL adventures!We didn’t get out of town till after 5 PM but reached our destination with a planned stop at the Millhouse Steakhouse. What a gastric treat are their filets and a celebratory dinner! 

     Arriving in Wildwood, FL, where our coach has spent the summer presents the feat of moving in, unpacking, and getting organized. Our boat has waaaaay more room than our coach which is understandable since the coach lacks a fly bridge and numerous hatches. This is absolutely moving even though not from one house to another. Inside looks as if a tornado passed through and there remains MUCH more in the car.  

     To take a break from this challenge, we attended an excellent lecture on the Florida Panhandle; of particular interest to me since I was “born and raised” in Pensacola.

     Friends we met in Marathon years ago, Dinata and Andy, were boaters, then RV-ers, and now living in a real house on dirt. They’re in Arlington Ridge, Leesburg, so we got a tour of their new home and of their community. We went with them to The Village Green for dinner and to hear Dinata sing. What a hidden talent is she!  We’d never heard her sing before and she has a beautiful voice. What a treat!!
                                      Isn’t Dinata a cutie!

     More old boating friends who are new RV-ers but also live on land, Sue and Rich, were in the area so we met them at Silver Springs State Park for a hike and dinner. 

The air was perfect and we got to live vicariously through their tales of their very recent month long hike through Ireland. These kids have lived a most adventurous life and every time we’re with them, we’re awed by yet more tales of experiences and feats we’d not known about before. 

     They’re an amazing couple. Our time together was culminated at the Mojo Grill where we had the patio all to ourselves. A good thing because the guffaws and howling laughter would’ve been disturbing to others. We love Rich and Sue!!!

     Back in Wildwood, we had lunch at one of our faves and after lunch Bill spent the afternoon at an International Harvester Tractor Museum in Leesburg. Andy recommended it and he devoured every second. He closed them down. How many more museums of old mechanical things could there be that he’s not yet seen??? Prolly not too many.

     Another lecture was available so we heard a couple recount their recent experience touring Cambodia and Taiwan. They had 3000 photos from their trip and shared 300 with us. Fascinating!

     Still attempting organization. Shorts and short sleeve weather here although we hear it gets pretty cold. If so, we’re ready for it!

Bill and Laura
Wildwood, FL

Cromarty Firth

Following an early-morning departure from the Orkney Islands, we rode the current south to Cromary Firth and found ourselves in an oil rig graveyard. With oil prices declining over the past few years, many North Sea oil companies have reduced production and towed some rigs to the protected harbor at Cromarty Firth. Some have a…

A Day In The Life

Dylan and Dee Dee have settled nicely into their new winter home. The best part is they now have a real routine, unlike the constant change of the boat. If you’ve had the pleasure of sharing your life with a dog, then you know how they adhere to routine.

What does their typical day look like?

Up between 6 and 6:30 and out the door for a walk. It’s a nice neighborhood so there are lots is choices.

Sometime we go left, sometimes we go right, and sometimes we go straight.

Then it’s one of the two best times of the day – breakfast.

After all that excitement, it’s time for a nap.

The days are usually quiet with Mom and Dad working. Occasionally there is a UPS delivery. One time Dad had to sign for a package.  That was great.

Mom and Dad often go for a walk on the beach after lunch – sans kids. No pets on the beach but Mom and Dad also appreciate some alone time. It’s fine because Mom always gives a treat before they leave. They’re always so well behaved when there’s a treat.

In the late afternoon comes the big highlight of the day. The dog park!!!! It’s a short ride to one of the best dog parks the kids have seen.

They romp and play for an hour or so.

Then back home for dinner! The second favorite time of the day. And, of course, another nap. Who could blame them after all that excitement.

Some snuggle time in the evening and then bed for the final treat of the day. After such a busy day they sleep soundly until it’s morning and they get to do it all over again. It’s a tough live but someone has to do it.

St. Margaret’s Hope

St. Margaret’s Hope is the terminus for the fast ferry Pentalina between mainland Scotland and the Orkney Islands. The bay also is an excellent anchorage, with plenty of swing room, good wind protection and convenient bus access to the towns of Kirkwall and Stromness. We very much enjoyed the anchorage, especially after the ordeal of…

All You Need is Love

As most know my motto, and one I have strived to live by, is Make Your Dream Your Story.  My life is a testament to the metamorphosis from dream to reality. I also preach that we should not be ruled by our fears. Ah but my life experience created a significant and justifiable fear of being married. Frankly it has been the single worst experience of my life, so why on earth would I want to do it again?  Ergo the conflict I have been dueling for the last year. To understand the conflict, one mus…
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Stromness, on Mainland in the Orkney Islands, was once a major provisioning stop for Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) ships heading to and from Canada, and a major source of labour for the company. By the late eighteenth century, three quarters of the HBC’s Canadian workforce were from the Orkney Islands. The town has real character,…

Neolithic Orkney

The Heart of Neolithic Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of four prehistoric monuments dating to some 5,000 years ago. They include the ancient settlement of Skara Brae, the Maeshowe chambered tomb, and two ceremonial stone circles: the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar. After freeing our ensnarled anchor at Widewall Bay,…

2017-23 Turtle Bay to Magdelena Bay

Sunday, November 12, 2017:Last evening the fleet enjoyed beers, margaritas and enchiladas at a Tortuga Bay restaurant.  The event started early so that the “CUBARistas” could find their boats at anchor in the dark, and then sober-up for today’s ea…

New Plan for the Books

I communicated with a publisher about this Drift Away blog transferred to Drift Away books.  First, I was told that publishers aren’t interested in a series of books, which this would have to be.  At least two, perhaps three books worth.&nbsp…