Day 314…Northern Flicker

Welcome to day 314 of  365 photos…thought that this Northern Flicker would make a good photo for today since it has been so long since I did a bird photo. I am starting to get a few back birds back though. Hopefully, before long the feeders will be filled again. Click on photo to see larger […]

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A Chilly Florida

Whoda thunkit. Here we sit in Apalachicola, Florida, waking up to temps in the 30s and overnight freeze warnings. The winds have been howling out on the Gulf of Mexico and the seas have been way up, keeping us sitting at the dock for over a week. It only seems like a few days since we left Demopolis, Alabama and retraced our steps back to the Gulf Coast. The reality is that it has been 18 days and we have only covered 465 miles. Under normal circumstances, we could easily do twice that many miles in the same amount of time. To get where we are today required us to transit two locks, visit nine anchorages and free town docks, spend three nights at a marina in Alabama, one night at a friend’s dock in Panama City, three nights waiting for weather at the docks at White City and spending a week here in Apalachicola. And it looks like we may be here for another week.


Chilly with a chance of Sandinsanity

I know, I know, I said I was done working on the boat for the season but due to the insistence of my pal, Peter, we went back into the shed for some Sandinsanity fun. Now, Peter had a boat shed. He misses his boat shed. He loves my boat shed and I’m wi…

St. Charles, MO to St. Petersburg, FL (Sept. 25 to Nov. 11, 2014)

  Before we got back to Port Charles, we had noticed that the bow thruster sounded kind of sick and the batteries were showing low voltage.  Joe was concerned that the battery charger and the batteries for it had gone kaput.  The charger…

11/19/2014 – Wednesday – The Wharf Marina

This morning the temperature was reading 30 degrees when we got up.  This is nuts!!!!!!  When I took Teak out the docks had a light frost on them and the marina had all the slip faucets running so the pipes would not freeze.  Teak and I …

FPB 97-1 Floating Free

FPB 97-1 Iceberg is floating free.
We will have lots more photos over the next few weeks. Of particular interest will be the sea trial data next week. Stay tuned.

Day 313…Beaufort Pano & Time-lapse

Welcome to day 313 of  365 photos…I’ve had a busy day today and a meeting tonight so I didn’t have a chance to take a daily photo. Both the Beaufort pano,  done with my d7100, and the Beaufort time-lapse that was done with my iPhone, were done yesterday at sunset. They, like yesterday’s photos, were taken from the docks at […]

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11/16/2014 – 11/18/2014 – The Wharf Marina

On Sunday the weather was to start turning “yucky” in the afternoon so Al, Kay, Josh and I rode our bikes (needed some exercise!) to West Marine and then we toured the other side of The Wharf where the big amphitheater and water park was.  Not muc…

So you want to be an Innkeeper

 Dreaming of being an Innkeeper? I have met many people who have said to me, “It is my dream to someday own a Bed and Breakfast”. In order to have your dream come true, you need to have a plan … Continue reading

Day 312…Sailing Into The Sunset

Welcome to day 312 of  365 photos…I caught this sailboat sailing into the sunset in Beaufort, NC. The sunset was spectacular tonight. Don’t you think the sailboat added even more interest to the sunset?Camera: Nikon D7100 – Lens: Tokina 12-28mmFocal Length: 12mm – Aperture: f/8 – Shutter Speed: 1/250  second – ISO:200Glad that you stopped by my […]

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