Cruising in the Olden Days: Crossing the Indian Ocean – The Easy Part

The southern part of the Indian Ocean is one of the few places we have found where the trades blow as advertised… and then some. Intermezzo is shown here departing Christmas Island for Cocos Keeling at the start of a long haul across this boisterous bit of ocean. This photo was taken by Jimmy Schmidt […]

PDX, DEN, SJO and then finally back to Golfito Costa Rica

We made a quick trip home to tie up a few loose ends and make the tax man happy…We have enjoyed catching up with family and friends over the past few weeks. Abby watched each bag being loaded into the car and pouted on the garage floor… She is in g…

Plan View of New PH Access Stairway

I hope I can upload this important plan view of the newly designed steps leading to the pilot house.  KKY 55-005 will be the first Expedition model to feature this new access.  One of the reasons I’m here sharing my excitement about this spec…

Day 103 – 365 Project…332 Jones ST

Welcome to day 103 of  365 photos…332 Jones ST is in Trenton, North Carolina. Not much to look at these days but I am fascinated by old houses. This must have been charming back in the day with those porches. Now, not so much.  I have to say that as much as I like old… Continue Reading

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Are You Waiting Before Cruising?

You’re sitting in your cubicle, bustin’ your butt, working working working.  You’re thinking that you can’t wait until you can retire and go cruising.  You can retire at 62, but 65 would be better.  Your social security check will be a f…

April 22 – Blue Spring State Park

St. John’s River – Anchorage

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”—Heinrich Zimmer

One of the things I have been looking forward to on this cruise is getting to explore some of the beautiful clear springs along the St. John’s River. Today we had the chance to visit our first one. We cruised up river to a beautiful anchorage just past the entrance to the Blue Spring park. It’s in an oxbow in the river and ranks as one of the top five anchorages we’ve stayed in since we started cruising…it’s amazingly pretty and remote. No river traffic, no lights, no sounds except the sounds of nature, surrounded by beautiful trees draped in Spanish moss.

After enjoying a nice lunch on the flybridge we took the dinghy to Blue Spring StatePark. The spring is a designated Manatee Refuge and is the winter home of the West Indian Manatees that live in the St. John’s River. A park ranger told us that they counted over 400 manatees in the spring this past winter. The springs are closed to water activities from November to March to keep the manatees safe, but visitors can view them from the boardwalks and overlooks along the spring run. During warmer months the springs crystal clear, 73 degree water offer swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing and kayaking. There is also a limited underwater cave system that can be explored by divers. We were lucky today to see one manatee in the spring run…it was fun seeing him in the clear water. I can only imagine how it would be to see the river full of them in the winter. What a sight!

I brought my snorkeling gear with me, because I knew I couldn’t pass up swimming in this crystal clear water. After walking the length of the spring run and doing a little exploring I had the change to swim into the spring pool and then down part of the spring run. After I had gotten out of the water we spotted a small alligator…poor thing was probably scared to death when the tuber saw it and started screaming…kind of glad I was sitting on the over look by then.

This evening we took the dinghy into the Snake River…a small, very small, tributary to the St. John’s River. Like it’s name, it snaked its way around part of Hontoon Island. We had a chance to see a lot of birds, turtles and a few alligators. It was a wonderful day…blue skies, great temperature and amazing scenery. 

Blue Spring State Park

The manatee we saw

Part of the boardwalk along the spring run

Getting ready to take the dive into the cool water. My new rash guide kept me very warm

The Blue Spring pool

Tuber on the spring run…the little spot in the center of the picture is the alligator.

Exploring the swamp on the Snake River

Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!

Today is Dee Dee’s first birthday. Keeping with her nautical heritage, she met this important milestone off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina as she embarked on her second offshore overnight passage. We are all very proud of our little girl and l…

Tourist Office, Ancient House and Basso Cafe : a big email with lots of photos

     Singkey was just here for a long weekend and also new friends Peter and Cathy for a night and lovely day, so I’m pleasantly tired.  But I’m getting so far behind on my Ipswich emails that I’m sending this out as is and hopefully most of it makes sense!

Singkey taking her turn in the [...]

We Have Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this Mac laptop is fantastic, but the operator, not so much.  I had Tom B. re-send me the pictures I seem to have messed up yesterday.  I had to tell him that a lot of folks might be really unhappy with me if I didn’t get these pics …

Have a Furthur Adventure and help captive Orcas

Great Musicians come together to help Free the Orca’s

One by one the rock bands that had booked to play at Sea World learned of the horrors of the place and refused to play. Our own Seattle band Heart, Joan Jett, and many others told Sea World they could not support the captivity of Orca Whales.

KISS THE SKY! The Orca Freedom Concert


Many of those groups got together today in Seattle to do the Kiss the Sky concert with all proceeds going to anti captivity groups. Some of my favorite performers were there, Grahan Nash, Heart, Joan Jett, Country Joe MacDonald. Many of my old whale hugger friends too; Ken Balcomb, his son Kelly, Paul Sponge, Michael Harris and others. the group of which i hold a board position, Orca Conservancy was a prime organizer. i have never wanted to be back in Seattle as much as today, getting video clips sent to me during the show. Graham Nash backed by Heart doing CSN songs, wow!!!

Not being there i did the next best thing, i donated a 3 night cruise on Furthur in beautiful Thailand. The bidding is already going well. So friends here is your chance to spend time with the Furthur crew, enjoy some of the best cruising in the world and help whales all at the same time, Please send in your bid today!

i hope one to see you on Furthur, and so do the whales in captivity.

Capt. Brian,

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