Let The Good Times Roll: The Maine Event and Unstructured Cruising

Some of our cruising buddies, and most of our land-based friends and relatives, lead structured lives where they have a …Read More

Tromsø Arrival

A couple of years after first planning it, we finally arrived in Tromsø, Norway. At 69°39′ N, Tromsø is the most northerly destination we would bring Dirona this year. With a population of 67,000, the city is the largest in northern Norway, with the highest number of pubs per capita than any other in the…

[kensblog] Victoria BC to Montague Harbor

After five days at the dock in Victoria Canada we decided to run a short distance north to an anchorage we enjoyed last year, called Montague Harbor.   In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) one must pay close attention to the currents. There are narrow passages that can only be traversed at certain times and strong currents that can push you or slow you down. As I studied our run I could see that we had a choice of leaving early in the morning and traveling against the current for seven hours, or le…
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Tenakee Springs to Sitka

Day 34: Tenakee Springs to Appleton Cove: Our departure is delayed today as we can’t pick up our half dozen cinnamon rolls from the Part Time bakery until 8:30 AM. Hot and fresh out of the oven, they are the best cinnamon rolls we have had in a long time. They were well worth waiting […]

It’s All about Family & Friends!

Alert Bay July 16,  Meet Stevie and Stella Beans:  The best Grease Maker and Fisherman on the BC Coast We left Goose Island, north of Queen Charlotte Sound at 0430 to ride an ebb tide down coast, and then caught a flood tide of 3-4 kts pushing us into Queen Charlotte Sound for a 1630 arrival in Alert Bay.  We wanted to get to Alert Bay before Stevie Beans left the next morning to go Prince Rupert to fish for salmon on his 58ft seine boat Ocean Predator.  Stevie is a high chief of the Namgis (AK…
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Continental Shelf

The continental shelf runs within five miles of the Norwegian coast off the island of Andøya, 25 miles north of Stø. As we crossed, the sea bottom plummeted from 350 feet to 1034 feet in a short distance and continued down to over 3,000 ft (900 m). The deep cold water at the continental shelf…

July 12 to 18 – Frankford to Machigan City

July 12th – FrankfortSeveral of the marinas provide grills so we decided to try the cherry barbecue sauce that Kay purchased to cook some BBQ chicken.  Why make a mess in our grill when you can use a better grill to burn off the sauce mess?  …


Dronningruta is a strenuous (for us) 9-mile (15km) mountain loop walk between Stø and Nyksund with exceptional scenery. Dronnigruta means “The Queen’s Route”—the trail was named in honour of Queen Sonja of Norway who walked the trail in 1994. The pictures we’ve seen of the trail in the summer look beautiful, but the previous night’s…

Oh, the misery…

Red Head pulled into the well at Scarano on Sunday ensuring she would be hauled Monday morning. After a few snafus, she was blocked on the hard and being inspected. Some tapping, some scraping, and a hole the size of a dime was revealed. Today the repair begins.

Mom was tasked with managing the dogs. It was hot, really hot, and humid. She found an old picnic table in the shade of the building.

The crew made the best of it.

However, by noon it was in the full sun, so Mom decided to get the rental car and crank up the A/C. Much better.

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora finally made it to their new digs just in time for supper. It’s a studio apartment located on a farm. There are lamas…

and donkeys. And even some chickens.

The crew has a little fenced in yard where they are making their own private dog park. And when they become bored with each other, there’s plenty of other things to bark at.

Everyone is hoping for a quick repair but for now the crew is resting in the A/C while they wait for Dad to return from the boatyard.

July 14 – Finger Lake International Dragon Boat Festival

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.”―Ilchi Lee

Today we went to the Finger Lake International Dragon Boat Festival, held at Taughannock Falls Park. Dragon boat races are one of the most typical traditions of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival which was traditional held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. They began in the Guangdong Province of China more than 2000 years ago. For more than 20 centuries the competition took place as a part of religious ceremonies and folk customs, but beginning in the 1970s dragon boat racing emerged as an international sport. But the history of dragon boats in competition reaches as far back as the same era as the original games of Olympia in ancient Greece.