End of Season

It is hard to believe the end of our 2018 cruising season is already here. Idyll Time took good care of us this year on our 3200 mile trek to Alaska and Back. It is now time to give her some attention. We settled on Anacortes, Washington and North Harbor diesel for our winter location. […]

Stavanger Arrival

The oil-rich city of Stavanger is the fourth-largest in Norway, and is a wonderful combination of working port, historic districts, modern street art, and excellent restaurants. We were excited to arrive, even if it did mark the end of our five-month Norwegian cruise. As is normally our habit, we spent our first day there on…

Grid and Bear It: The Joys of Drying Out

Before there were Travelifts, before there were marine railways, and even before drydocks, mariners concerned with performance used tidal grids …Read More

Summer’s Over

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” –William Cullent Bryant

Our last three days on Cayuga Lake were beautiful…the last warm days of Indian Summer. On Tuesday (10/9) Stan had a perfect day to move The Pearl up the lake to her winter home and he enjoyed the time on the water. While he moved the boat, I moved our car, stopping at two of my favorite parks along the lake and doing a little shopping in Aurora. Our relaxing day turn to a busy evening as we started winterizing the boat and packing the car.



The Red Head crew decided to hunker down at AYB in Chesapeake, VA to let Hurricane Michael pass through. It was a tropical storm when it came through in the middle of the night. There was lots of noise and rain but little damage.

Dora now has a real storm under her belt. She slept through it…

Unfortunately, the crew’s home from last winter, Panama City Beach, did not fair so well. Everyone watched the news and saw pictures of the destruction of familiar places. The kids worried most about their friends from the dog park.

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora are sending their warmest wishes to all the dogs and their humans at the Frank Brown Dog Park. We hope you weathered the storm and will recover quickly.


Lysefjord, in southwest Norway, is one of the country’s major tourist draws. Waterfalls plunge down cliffs that extend over a thousand feet above and below the water surface. The walls are so sheer in both directions that you can bring a boat within touching distance of shore without getting a depth sounder reading, and in…

FPB 70-1: Splashed & Trialing

We know readers have been eager for some FPB 70 news. With FPB 70-1 now splashed and undergoing sea trials, …Read More


We only planned to make a quick pit stop outside Haugesund for gasoline before continuing south through the main channel. But as we left the fuel dock, we made a last-minute decision to take the waterway through town and another last-minute decision to stop for the night. We ended up staying for three. That kind…

A Change of Scenery

With a favorable forecast for the Strait of Georgia, we reluctantly say goodbye to Rekindle and Navigator and depart Van Donnop anchorage at first light for a 62 mile run down the strait to our anchorage in Tribune Bay on Hornby Island. Seeing several whale spouts, we make a stop to see what is going […]


Langfossen gushes into the Akrafjorden from 2,008ft (612m) above, with a vertical drop of 400ft (122m). The waterfall was rated the best in Norway in the World Waterfall Database (and the best in the world using an earlier rating system). After a 60-mile run from Bergen to the Romsa Islands, the following day we made…