Rough Seas

The water was pretty rough at the beach this morning.Dad kept the bumper tosses close. The crew still had a good time.Even Dora, who continued her quest to dig to China…

The Hague

James has long had an interest in the famous Dutch graphics artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, whose work features mathematical objects and optical illusions. As a teenager he had a poster of Escher’s Dragon on his wall and as an adult very much enjoyed reading Douglas Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach that explores the common themes between…

Just Walking

Dylan is getting some dry patches from the saltwater, despite a good fresh water rinse and weekly bath with medicated shampoo. Today, we took a break from the beach and just had a long walk. Bad news, no beach time. Good news, no rinse off or ear drops…

Beach Fun

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora love the beach – each in their own way.

Dee Dee only wants to swim to retrieve the bumper.
Dora loves to dig in the sand, don’t know why…
Just give Dylan a good stick or a coconut and he’s happy. Not a bad life for the Red Head crew.

Beach Treasure

Trips to the beach always include several toys for retrieving. But nothing beats found treasure. Dee Dee and Dora found a hunk of plastic floating in the water. Dora even swam out to retrieve it – alas, Mom had her camera in her pocket. A hunk of found…

Lucky Dogs

The Red Head crew woke to rain but no wind. By 9:00 am the rain had stopped and Mom and Dad decided to take the crew to the beach.Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora sure are lucky dogs!


A few days ago, the Red Head crew started watching an approaching storm. It was looking like lots of rain and some high winds. Yesterday boats started pouring into the marina as every bit of dock space was filled with people looking for safe harbor.

By late morning the storm clouds gathered off the marina. By lunch the wind and rains had come. Alas, it was not to be a beach day today. Probably not tomorrow either… ☹️

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora are hunkered down until the storm passes.


Although the sale of Envoy was finalised late last year, the new Brisbane-based owners don’t plan to use her until they retire and part of our sales agreement was that we are able to still use Envoy this year.At the time we left Envoy we were inclined …

Catching up on Season 2018/2019

Just days before leaving for Florida in November 2018, we welcomed Baby girl, Elin into the world.  Congratulations to my niece Ali and her husband JoshNovember 2018 Broulee back in the water at River Forest Yachting Center.  Its always a goo…

Beach Queen

While the entire Red Head crew loves the beach, Dee Dee is the beach queen.

No one plays as hard or takes the job of swimming for the bumper as seriously as her.

No one has as much fun.

Dora would like to follow in Dee Dee’s footsteps, if only it weren’t for that swimming part…