End of Summer Cruise

With the summer cruising season drawing to a close, its time to start working our way back to Petersburg. We are still having some beautiful cruising days, but the weather fronts are now starting to push through on a regular basis. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Working our way […]

Outta Here

The Red Head crew woke yesterday to quiet winds and calm seas. We pulled anchor and headed to Morehead City.It was a great day. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora even spied some dolphins.


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the Red Head crew. First, they were at Atlantic Yacht Basin for a week or so, with few options for fun, waiting for a window to move to River Dunes. Then severe weather offshore created high winds causing Red Head to tuck into an anchorage a couple hours away from River Dunes. After days stuck on onboard, Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora are going a bit stir-crazy. So are their mom and dad. There’s a chance the crew could leave tomorrow as the winds are settling. Everyone has their fingers crossed.

Skagen Arrival

Skagen, at the northern tip of Denmark, is the largest fishing port in the country and lands one quarter of the total Danish catch by value. It is the home port for the Ceton, the pelagic trawler that we toured in Donso, and one of the reasons we wanted to visit was to see some…

Return to Smogen

On our final day in Sweden, we returned to Smogen, this time anchoring off the east shore. With the North Sea directly to our west, and after watching the waves crashing into the shore there during the big westerly winds a couple of weeks earlier, it felt a little crazy to be anchored there. But…

Kosterhavet Trails

The Koster Islands are known for their extensive and beautiful trail network. On our fourth day in Kosterhavet National Park, we took care of a few boat projects, then ran the tender to North Koster Island to walk the trails and stop for a drink on the patio of eclectic waterfront restaurant Strandkanten. Below are…


The lighthouse station on Ursholmen, in Sweden’s Kosterhavet National Park, was opened in 1891. Twin towers were used to distinguish this station from others. The second light was disabled in the 1930s, when technology had advanced to produce characteristic flashing patterns with a single light, but the tower still remains. Ursholmen also is known for…

Koster Swimrun

We’d received many, many recommendations to visit Kosterhavet National Park, just south of the Swedish border with Norway. We finally arrived on a sunny September Saturday in time for the annual Koster Swimrun. The event, held annually in September, is a roughly 19-mile (30 km) race around the Koster Islands 3 miles (5 km) of…

Glacier Bay

After a four day wait in Hoonah, the winds have finally calmed down and it looks like a great day for crossing Icy Strait. Our wait in Hoonah paid off and we have flat seas for the entire crossing. Other than a solo sea otter doing the backstroke, we are all alone. The magnificent Mt. […]


The picturesque town of Fjallbacka is a popular and crowded summer destination. It is famous as being the summer home for Swedish film star Ingrid Bergman and also the setting for Swedish crime writer Camilla Lackberg’s “Fjallbackamorden” series of murder-mysteries. Strung along the water below steep cliffs, Fjallbacka is also known for its natural beauty,…