Water Tower – Atlantic Beach, NC

I took this water tower while standing on the beach, looking past the lifeguard station toward the street. The beaches around here are pretty quiet at this time of year. I think I mentioned that there are lots of water towers here. This one is pretty decorated and I like how it looked against the blue […]

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Day 288…Dirty Camera Sensor

Welcome to day 288 of  365 photos…I knew that I had a dirty camera sensor but many of yesterday’s photos showed me just how dirty it was. *sigh* This is a long post but perhaps it may help someone else. For the last 287 days, I have taken my camera with me every time I […]

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Great Bridge Virginia

Great weather, looking like a whole week of light winds 10-15kts, seas are forecast to be 3 feet or less, mostly 1-2′. I usually double the forecast, shoreline effects, currents and local winds all impact. so we are expecting 2-4′, in the ocean the int…

Y Tube

Thanks to those who suggested Y Tube, that was super easy.  You just might have to put up with their ads, guess somebody has to pay for it. Hope y’all enjoyed the clip.Cheers,K&S

A Taste of Cuba

It’s So Unfair

The longer we cruise the shorter our days become. A 30-40 mile day is typical. 60 miles is considered a long day.We left Morehead City, NC for a 72 mile offshore hop to Masonboro Inlet where we planned to anchor. Unfortunately, for reasons too sensitiv…

The Best of Nature Photography Show Opens Today!

I checked in with Facebook this morning and found this post – I’m so excited that the 2014 Best of Nature Photography Show is now open at the San Diego Natural History Museum. You can read all about it by following the link – but … Continue reading

Oct. 24 – Gulfport, MS

Gulfport Small Craft Harbor

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” ― Leon J. Suenes
Wow…what a night. Our nice little anchorage turned into a carnival ride that lasted all night long. Wind predictions on all our weather apps called for light winds…I guess they forgot to tell the wind. Our evening was very nice, but by the time we went to bed the waves were slapping the haul and we were bouncing. The only place we could find an accurate reading was a weather station located at Fort Morgan…15 knots. It was a VERY long night. By this morning we were both ready to get moving…even if Mobile Bay was rough. It turned out to be more comfortable then the anchorage and by the time we got to the Mississippi Sound it was a very smooth ride. Another wonderful day to be on the water.


Day 287…Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Welcome to day 287 of  365 photos…this was taken today at Atlantic Beach, NC. When I lived in Maine and Pennsylvania, we called this snow fence but here it is sand fence. I love how the grasses in the dunes look against the fence. It was a beautiful day with very little wind and temps around […]

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Cruising Friend Come and Go but Never Leave Your Heart

As we travel the world and join other cruisers great bonds developed, friendships grow and attachments attach. Since i left the good ol USA, i have been surrounded by fellow cruisers and many have kept in touch. As the paths varied we left many friend…