Cruising Plans: Final Preparations & Weather

Departure is planned for 6:00 AM on Tuesday, November 4 and, weather permitting, we still plan a six day non-stop 1217 NM run to Stewart.  Below is the plan that I published in the October 15 article “Cruising Plans: South to Sarasota.”  I’ll…

Trick or Treat!

Dylan has been lucky enough to experience a real Trick or Treat a few years back when we were in Maine for the holiday. He loved seeing the scores of children that came to the front door. Alas, Dee Dee’s first trick or treat was spent last year at anch…

Not Boat Related – Plinkin’ Season

Been going pretty much stir crazy since I finished up work on the boat this year. My ATT finally arrived yesterday so I got to take the pistol out to the range for a lil’ plinkin’!It’s probably been 7 months since I had the pistol out to the range. I w…

Day 294…Happy Halloween

Welcome to day 294 of  365 photos… Happy Halloween Be sure to click on photo to see full size. I take a lot of abandoned house photos but this one was one of the spookiest looking so I decided to use it. I took this up in Maine. Anyone from up there recognize it?? No, […]

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Oct. 30 – Galveston, TX

Offatts Bayou – Anchorage

Miles to Rockport, TX – 164

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” –Steve Jobs

The ICW from Port Arthur to Port Bolivar is in a man made canal…wide, plenty deep and very busy. Barge traffic was heavy again today…if this is any indication, the economy is doing well. Once we passed Bolivar we were in Galveston Bay and crossed the Houston Ship Channel. It’s also a busy place, but after dealing with New York Harbor this seemed mild.


Heavy Water

Go full screen — it’s beautiful.

Nordhavn Exumas Abacos Bahamas trawler Caribbean Pickwick Boat dogs
Memphis Downtown

Virginia to Florida

After a comfortable night at Great Bridge, Virginia we woke up the bridge tender at 5:50 am declaring we were here for the 6 am opening. He sleepily replied “Good morning capt, stand by we are opening in a few minutes”. Down the canal we go, love the b…

Day 293…Post Office Murals

Welcome to day 293 of 365 photos…these post office murals are located in the Beaufort, NC.  They were commissioned by the United States government under Roosevelt’s New Deal Federal Arts Program which gave work to American artists during the Depression years from 1933-1943. You can also click that link to see where any of the art is […]

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Our military, civil rights and ebola

The military: Sacrificing personal freedoms for I am a huge fan of Sarah Smiley’s writing. This particular article first appeared in the BDN on October 19, 2014.  Ms. Smiley writes and says what many of us have been thinking. Thanks, Sarah for this well written article. The article begins like this: “— A school district in Washington state […]

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Oct. 29 – Port Arthur, TX

Taylor Bayou – Anchorage

Miles to Rockport, TX – 231

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ―Albert Einstein

We’re home…well almost. Just being back in Texas feels like home. We could be in Rockport by Saturday, but may take an extra day depending on the wind coming in with another cold front. We have quite a few large bays to cross before docking in Rockport.