Better Pictures

Ole’ Mummy found my shed camera so we have some better pictures today.Overview midships looking forwardTaped the upper part of Frame B to the sides. This will be setup tomorrow then I’ll align and tape in Frame D.Frame B tabbed to the hullFrame D forms…

Good Morning!

The crew on Red Head keeps pushing the envelop on wake up time in the morning. They don’t care ’bout no clock. They says it’s morning whenever they see the sun. While that’s becoming a little problematic as we head further north into earlier sunrises, …

Old Head of Kinsale

The Old Head of Kinsale was a welcome sight for us at the completion of our 2,800nm passage from Newport, RI to Kinsale, Ireland. With a sunny weather forecast, we took the opportunity to make the 8-mile bike ride to get a closer look and take in the sweeping view from the restored signal tower….

On The Hard Again: Getting it Straight – The Fix

Reader Note: This article deals with the resolution of the port running gear alignment problem. To fully appreciate the story you should read “Getting It Straight – Background” to understand the scope and complexity of resolving this problem….

June 21 – First Day of Summer

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” —Mark Black

The first day of summer in Ithaca was perfect…sunshine, low humidity and 75º. We started our morning with breakfast on the flybridge, just the way I like it…with a view of the peaceful harbor, the park and the beautiful green hills that surround Ithaca. Our marina is very quiet during the week since most people who have their boats here for the season live in the area and are only here on the weekends…although there are a few exceptions like us. 



Just like the old saying: ‘Suck it up buttercup’! Well that’s what I’m gonna have to do. The consult with the neurosurgeon yesterday went well. He explained all the issues. Apparently what I have is a ‘Tethered Nerve’ likely caused by scar tissue, whic…

Two Laps Around Fastnet Rock

Fastnet Rock is the most southern point in Ireland and the light on it is known world-wide, partly because it is the turn-around point of the classic ocean sailing race of the same name. We’ve now had Dirona at the location of several notable offshore races, including Vic-Maui, Transpac (San Pedro to Diamond Head), Sydney…

Pacific Rim National Park

The diesel heater install aboard Idyll Time is progressing smoothly, so we decide to head out in the RV to explore areas of Vancouver Island that we won’t be visiting by boat. We have had numerous friends suggest Tofino and Uculet located on the west coast side of Vancouver Island as “must see” places. The […]

June 20 – Lucifer Falls

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“The only value we have as human beings is the risks we’re willing to take.” ―Earnest Hemingway
We woke to a beautiful day, so after breakfast on the flybridge, we decided to pack a lunch and head to Robert H.Terman State Park. We parked in the lower section of the park and took the Gorge Trail 2.25 miles up to Lucifer Falls and the old grits mill. Along the way we passed 12 waterfalls, including the magnificent Lucifer Falls that cascades beside a stone staircase and down 115 feet of rock face. The paved trail and stonewalls along the Gorge Trail were built between 1933 and 1942 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).


2017-05 Fish On in Sitka

Thursday-Friday, June 15-16, 2017: Craig to SitkaThis summer the Wild Blue is cruising San Francisco Bay and the California Delta, but when asked to crew in Alaska, how can we say no?  The past several days Alex has been on Miss Micky, a new North…