FPB 97 Iceberg: Surfing Off Before A Wicked New Zealand Gale

  Come aboard FPB 97-1 Iceberg for a quick ride from Waiheke Island to Whangarei. This is our first taste of her steering characteristics downwind in short steep seas. The waves are off the stern quarter.

Christmas in Cocoa

We’ll be spending Christmas on the boat this year as family disperses around the country. After that, we’re going to visit Dylan and Dee Dee’s grandma for her birthday and for New Year’s.Cocoa, Florida is a great place to spend the holiday season.The k…

Day 342…Christmas – Octagon House

Welcome to day 342 of  365 photos…Christmas – Octagon House. Christmas is in the air at the Octagon House. Yesterday, I mentioned that a local photography group got together at the Octagon House in Cedar Point for a photo shoot. I photographed the Octagon House for my Day 202 post WAY back in July. If you would […]

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I’m Back!

OMG, I dropped off the planet while visiting Olympia this past week!I’m on my way to work, but just wanted to let you know that I will be posting some tidbits – and pictures – from that fantastic trip.  I wore myself (and my helpers) out, but ever…

Day 341…Christmas Ornament

Welcome to day 341 of  365 photos…Sometimes just one Christmas ornament grabs your interest. I was at a photo shoot with a local photography group this evening where there was a beautiful Christmas tree. I took photos of the tree but I took this photo of just the single Christmas ornament. Since it is my blog photo […]

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12/16/2014 – Tuesday – Taylor Outfall Anchorage to Home

At 6:30 AM we started pulling up anchor.  I get anchor duty and the bottom of Taylor Outfall is muddy! Our trip line tangled in the anchor and even with hosing off the anchor chain as it came up, along with wrestling with the trip lie, I had mud a…

12/15/2014 – Monday – Lake Charles to Taylor Outfall Anchorage

We got up and looked out to see what the weather was doing.  The winds were light so we said “let’s go” so we were on our way about 7:00 AM.  The winds did pick up and at one point and we had one rain downpour.  After lunch and just east…

Day 340…Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Welcome to day 340 of  365 photos…I took this yellow-rumped warbler photo a couple of weeks ago and never posted it. Todays photo turned out terrible so I decided to post this one instead. I took this from my window. It was the first time that I had ever seen one here.  So far, it is […]

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Apalachicola, FL, City dock

Monday, December 15, 2014: Another beautiful, calm, day on the water. It was 50 degrees and sunny when we started out at 07:30; the sun was so bright it was hard to see the buoys. We went 20 miles on East Bay and it was very smooth with barely a ripp…

Day 339…No Meteor Photo

Welcome to day 339 of  365 photos…there was a meteor shower that peaked at 2AM on Sunday morning. I wasn’t awake when that happened but I decided that I would go out for a while last night to see if I could see any meteors to photograph. I set the camera on the tripod and added […]

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