Day 322…Tis The Season

Welcome to day 322 of  365 photos…Tis the season and holiday decorations are everywhere. No, it wasn’t raining today. I took this photo the other day in Swansboro and saved it to use today for the start of the Christmas season – that would be the start of the Christmas season in my mind. Retailers […]

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Thanks Dr Brown,  Mark, Mary. Off the dock, ICW to WPB, Lake Worth. All looking good, offshore in the am, sea trial on the new systems. Short run, Ft. Lauderdale next.

Day 321…Columned Stinkhorn

Welcome to day 321 of  365 photos…this mushroom is growing among the wood chips in the garden. We have had a lot of rain lately and they pop up quite quickly. After doing some research, I found they are a Columned Stinkhorn (Clathrus columnatus). Well, the pretty mushroom has a gross name and the smell is even […]

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Thanksgiving, Boater Style

About the only negative of our lifestyle, living on our boat and the freedom to travel wherever we want, is that occasionally we’re away from our family on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Such was the case this Thanksgiving. We have been sitting at the dock in Apalachicola, Florida for almost two weeks waiting for the right weather window to cross the Gulf of Mexico and the Big Bend region of Florida. We had hoped to be farther along and be able to spend this holiday with family. It was not to be, but just because we aren’t able to spend the time with our first family, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the holiday with our boating family. For this Thanksgiving, the traditional dinner turned out to be a rather large gathering.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve heard about the St Marys’ Boaters Thanksgiving in Georgia for years but it has never worked into our plans. So this year we decided to make an effort to be there. If you are not familiar with the event, residents of the town of St Marys cook turk…

Day 320…Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to day 320 of  365 photos…Happy Thanksgiving to all. First things first. I did not take this photo today. I took it WAY back in 2006 when I lived in Maine. I took it through the window as these two Tom’s walked by, seemingly having a conversation.Give ThanksFor each new morning with its light, […]

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OK, been a few busy weeks here at Sunset Bay, Stuart. Thank You’s huge to all who helped get us get “ready”.Kudos: Scotty, Philip, George, Angel, Bill & Ann, Bill & Ann, did I mention Bill who spent a day on our boat with Scotty and I??  T…

For every season, there’s change….

In this time of great changes in my life, I decided to begin a new Thanksgiving tradition – paying it forward.A friend of mine from my bereavement group and I will be going to a homeless shelter on Long Island tomorrow to serve Thanksgiving dinner to t…

Skirting the Weather

One of the nice things about our anchorage in Clearwater was that there is dinghy access to a Publix Supermarket which we took advantage of. Pam was nearly out of half & half so all things stopped until the supply could be replenished!The dinghy do…

George Town Exumas

The short day run from Staniel Cay to George Town was calm and beautiful. Anna Mae has been anchored in front of The Monument on Stocking Island. A hike we decided not to take due to the mosquitos…Our days have been full and relaxing in the warm…