Arrived Chattanooga for some shore leave

We arrived Chattanooga  on the 20th and tied up to the Bluff View docks for the next three days. After walking ten blocks uptown we ate at the Tupelo Honey cafe our first night then took the electric shuttle back down to the waterfront.  We r…

Day 285…Ragweed

Welcome to day 285 of  365 photos…Ragweed is kind of pretty when you look at it in this setting. Did you know that most cases of hay fever are caused by an allergy to fall pollen from plants belonging to the genus Ambrosia — more commonly known as ragweed? Source: WebMD  Ahhhhh-Choooo!! Enough said. Camera: Nikon […]

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Oct. 21 – Panama City, FL

Panama City Marina

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown.” —Denis Whitley

We moved further west today and made good time through a rural part of Florida. We had a push from the tide and we changed time zones so our day was shorter than we expected. Fuel prices are considerable lower here than anywhere else we’ve been, so it made an ideal stop for the day. After fueling up and getting docked we had time to get the boat cleaned up. After 13 days of travel is was covered in salt. Stan cleaned the outside and I did the inside…we look much better now.


Hingham Adventures: Bear Cove Park

Situated just south of the Hingham Shipyard Marina is a gem called is Bear Cover Park.  Looking at the map below you can see the marina in the center.  Immediately to the west (left) is a dog park called Stodders Neck.  Follow the Weymou…

Day 284…Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Welcome to day 284 of  365 photos…This is a Gulf Fritillary or passion butterfly. Nope, I didn’t know that – I had to look it up. Hopefully I am right on my ID. I found the following on Wikipedia: “The Gulf fritillary is a medium to large butterfly, with a wingspan of 6–9.5 cm (2.4–3.7 in). […]

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Oct. 20 – Apalachicola, FL

Apalachicola City Wharf

“We who adventure upon the sea, however humbly, cannot but feel that we are more fortunate than ordinary people, for we have something which we cannot tell, nor they understand” -Claud Worth

We’ve been on the move for 12 days straight…the last three have been very long days, so today we slept in, had coffee on the aft deck and only traveled 26 miles. After yesterday we really needed a day to relax. We are docked at the to city wharf in Apalachicola, right in the middle of all the shops, restaurants and shrimp boats. As soon as we docked we walked over to Boss Oyster for lunch. We each had a Poor Boy…the best shrimp and oysters we’ve had in a long time. We spent the afternoon wandering around town looking in the little shops and visiting with people.


Day 283…Contrails

Welcome to day 283 of  365 photos…as I looked skyward at about 8:30 this morning, the sky was covered with contrails. The white trails on the blue sky caught my eye so I grabbed the camera for a photo. Check out that lower left corner. The jets must have been busy this morning. From Wikipedia: “Contrails; […]

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He’s Back!

Nordhavn Exumas Abacos Bahamas trawler Caribbean Pickwick Boat dogs
Memphis Downtown

Shady Grove Harbor Marina

Pulled into Shady Grove on Sunday night the 19th after exploring Possum creek that day. Stayed the night and met a few of the boaters there who live on houseboats. Nice people and one of them winters in Pahokee . lolI was born in Pahokee, but that was …

Oct. 18-19 – Crossing the Gulf

Dog Island, FL

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.”  —English Proverb

To get the Texas Pearl home we have to cut across the Gulf from the Tarpon Springs area to Carrebelle or Apalachicola. We decided to make the crossing in two days since we aren’t as familiar with this boat. We wanted to stay closer to shore, just in case there were any issues. Although we did loose cell serve both days, we were in radio contact the whole way. We pulled out of Dunedin before dawn on Saturday and docked in Steinhatchee just after sunset. It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool, but a little breezy and we felt like we had ridden a bucking horse all day. We docked at River Haven Marina…where we stayed in 2011 on The Pearl.