Olympia’s Last Reported Location

This was Olympia’ noon position on September 18th (we only get a position update every other day).  Torture!  I’m reporting verbatim what we receive, so please don’t ask me to explain anything.  The numbers and letters are meaningless. &…


We’ve had several days on the Chesapeake to do a shakedown of the boat and crew. Both are functioning well.There was a beautiful day cruise to Salt Pond Marina where the crew performed a perfect docking going in and behind the fuel dock. It was even ca…

9/19/2014 – Friday – Houma to BoomTown

Last night was interesting!  A huge boat was going under the Houma bridge around 11 PM and there was a big boom and a flash of light.  This boat was so close to the top of the bridge we were not sure what hit or what they hit.  We think …

Let the Sandinsanity begin

and the dust fly (again). Moved inside the boat to start cleaning up the seams etc. They all have to be sanded smooth to get them ready for fillets & tape. I used pretty much every sander in my repertoire and my electric hand planer as well! :-)Did…

Sept. 19 – Hatteras Stats

Lamb’s Yacht Center

I know there are some of our readers who might like to have the stats on our new Hatteras…so here is what was on the yacht listing and a few engine room pictures.

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9/18/2014 – Thursday – Houma Play Day

We are traveling with morning people!  I got up around 7:30, made the coffee, put my clothes on and took the dog out.  Ron was already looking for people to go to breakfast with, Al was cleaning his boat, Kay was doing laundry in her quaint l…

Day 251…Found a trail

Welcome to day 251 of  365 photos…I found a trail today that I didn’t know was there. I was in search of a photo for today and I went to Emerald Isle. I started down Coast Guard road and I wanted to turn towards the ocean. To make a long story longer, I missed the […]

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Sept. 18 – Introducing the Texas Pearl

Lamb’s Yacht Center

“Finding your way doesn’t mean you always know where you’re going. It’s knowing how to find your way back home that’s important.”  ―Clare Vanderpool, Navigating Early

It’s official…papers have been signed and money exchanged, we’re the new owners of a 1981 48’ Hatteras to be know as Texas Pearl. I can finally just be excited! Here’s are a few pictures of how she looks right now. She’s in wonderful condition…all she really needs is a little cleaning, but I look forward to redecorating a little and making her feel like our home.

Floor Plan to the 48′ Hatteras


Aft deck and stairs to the flybridge

Aft deck

Salon looking towards the bow at the galley and dinette 

The Salon looking towards the aft of the boat


Galley with new Corian counters

Looking aft at the main stateroom

Hall stateroom

V-birth stateroom of the galley

9/17/2014 – Wednesday – Berwick / Morgan City to Houma

Castoff time was 8:00 AM and leaving was a lot better than our arrival yesterday.  This is not a great stopping area but there are no other options.  I really hope they eventually make it more boater friendly as they have told us they will!&n…

Thai Government Clamps Down on Yachts – Posted By Sarah

Our SetSail spies in Thailand have just made us aware of some interesting regulatory changes for those cruising in Thai waters. According to the Phuket News, all foreign-flagged vessels must now be equipped with AIS tracking devices. There is no vessel size limit on the requirement–all boats small and large have to comply. Additionally, all […]