And Away We Go!

Yesterday was the kids’ final trip to the dog park at Stock Island Marina Village.

Today the Red Head crew left Key West to anchor at Rodriguez Key.

Tomorrow we take off for the Bahamas. Stay tuned for Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora’s next big adventure – Twelve Sandy Paws.

Will the spoiling never end?

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora hope not. Kristen and Wayne paid the crew a visit last weekend.Of course, Mom and Dad loved spending time with them but really it was all about spoiling the kids.And they did a terrific job! We all miss you guys and hope to see…

Haarlem, NL

Teyler’s Museum of Wonder in Haarlem, opened in 1784, is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. It was funded to foster an interest in arts and sciences both through research and sharing discoveries with the public. Much of the museum has been preserved intact and entering feels a bit like stepping back into the 18th…

February 2019 Update on Us

Our big news is that we have moved back to San Diego! The San Francisco Bay Area was nice, and we did enjoy the boating up there, but we are deeply rooted in San Diego. Eric has returned to work at DivX, and he is excited by the new opportunities there. Keith is back at … Continue reading February 2019 Update on Us

We apologize for the gap year(s)

After almost two years of not touching the blog, I decided today to check out where and what the other blogs we used to follow are doing now.  Was surprised to see our friends on M/V Tourist are going thru similar situations.We have not sold our b…

Amsterdam Tigers

The Amsterdam Tigers are a semi-professional ice hockey team that play in Jaap Edenhal arena, a short train ride southeast of the city center. The complex is named after the famous Dutch speed skater Jaap Eden and includes the largest skating rink in the Netherlands, with a 1312ft (400m) lane. We hadn’t seen a live…


Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora often watch out the window to keep tabs on the happenings on the dock. Today Dora took it a step further by climbing up on the back of the settee.

Dora just wanted to get a better look. She really doesn’t understand why Mom doesn’t want her there…

Making Friends

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora had a friend come calling this week.Dylan and Dee Dee immediately recognized their buddy. After all, Dylan was once known as the manatee whisperer.Dora quickly followed their lead and said hello, too.

No Good Choices: A Study In Ice

Iron Lady and Grey Wolf have been cruising together in Antarctica, what the few truly experienced high latitude sailors will tell you is …Read More

Collision at Sea: USS Fitzgerald

At 1:30:34 AM on Jun 17, 2017 the USS Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal came together just south of Yokosuka Japan. The ACX Crystal is a 730’ modern containership built in 2008 and capable of carrying 2,858 TEU of containers at a 23-knot service speed. The Fitzgerald is a $1.8B US Navy Arleigh Burke-Class…