Liverpool Marina

Liverpool Marina was a great base for exploring the city and surrounding area—it’s an easy easy walk from the marina to the waterfront attractions at Royal Albert Dock and downtown. We spent nearly two weeks there, enjoying beautiful Liverpool and particularly the spectacular Bonfire Night fireworks display. Liverpool also is the home of KVH Media…

8 Year Report, the Captain

This is the report I save until last, and it has the least real information, but it is my favorite to do, and the hardest. I look back at the last year and go wow! The things I have learned and experienced in this life changing year.   We have centered our cruising range down quite a  bit, the central part of the Philippines has become our home, marina bound half the year and cruising the other half. This has brought back some missing grounding.  Now I have friends I see often and regularly, no…
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What’s That!

Be honest. Aren’t you just a bit curious what they are smelling? It is so intense. Doesn’t it have to be something amazing? Ever had the urge to get down there and take a sniff? Go on, the kids won’t tell.


York Minster, built mainly between 1220 and 1480, is one of the largest medieval cathedrals in Northern Europe and among the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the world. While it is a real highlight of a visit to York, the city has a number of other attractions, including the superb National Railway Museum, the largest…

Sony A7RIII Full Frame Mirrorless Camera – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

There has been a lot of hype about the new Sony A7RIII body. Some folks are going so far as …Read More

Diesel Engine Load Profile

Electronic diesel engines track usage data to help engine manufacturers and service personal understand causes of different fault conditions and evaluate how well the engine is performing in that specific application. Generally this data isn’t available to end users but, if a service technician is on your boat, it’s worth asking for the engine load…

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is the largest church in Britain, and the fifth largest in the world. Construction began in 1904, funded largely through private donations from wealthy Liverpool residents during the height of the city’s commercial shipping success. Everything about it is on a massive scale: the central aisle height is 166ft (35m) and the internal…

Westminster Dog Show

Dylan and Dee Dee are getting ready to watch the final night of the Westminster Dog Show.Dee Dee is pretty sure she’s going to be Best in Show!

Costa Rican Sodas

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” —James Michener

When you visit Costa Rica and want a taste of good local food, you have to eat at a soda. Sodas are what Costa Ricans call restaurants that are usually small, family owned places that serve typical Costa Rican food at a very good price. Every town has a soda; you can find them everywhere, even on roads that seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Most of them hang a Pepsi or Imperial sign outside and are called something like “Soda Tipica”. It’s where the locals eat.


2018-03 Los Osos Water Boys Fish Baja

Saturday, February 3, 2018:  LAX to La PazWe started out about 1AM on Saturday morning.  It was a 3-hour ride to LAX from the San Luis Obispo area.  Ken Bruton drove his big diesel truck while Gerard Ages, AJ Jennings and Captain Alex we…