Eclipse 2017

Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa

Aug. 16 – Lick Brook Falls

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” —Natalie Babbitt.

Stan has been doing a little work on our teak this week. He’s been repairing a few worn spots, a few coats of Cetol and we’ll look like new. Each coat goes on quickly and it leaves us plenty of time to play. Today we decided to hike the Lick Brook Falls Trail. 


[KensBlog 2017-07] Tribune Bay

It’s funny how you can be surprised on a boat. We were looking for a place to drop anchor while running south to Nanaimo and noticed a horseshoe shaped island (Hornby Island) that seemed like it had a nice big anchorage in the middle. At first we ruled it out because it was wide open to the south and the cruising guides said the anchorage could be dangerous in a south wind. The forecast was for wind from the Northwest only, which meant the wind shouldn’t be a problem. That said, we’ve been foo…
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Tides In Our favor

After a nice couple of days in Georgetown, the weather settled and we continued our trip north.Leaving Georgetown, SC was a trip. Inside the little harbor things were calm, a bit of current, but as soon as we made it into Winyah Bay the tidal surge gra…

Just Puttering Around

The weather’s too nice, it hasn’t rained in 36 hrs so I got to work on some minor tasks.Frames H and IThe two after most frames needed glass on one side. I did the other side last year.Turned out pretty nicePulled some offcuts out of the bin and trimme…

Aug. 13 – Cayuga Lake, NY

Crowbar Point – Anchorage

“Advise from a LAKE – Be Clear, Make Positive Ripples, Look Beneath the Surface, Stay Calm, Shore Up Friendships, Take Time to Reflex, Be Full of Life” – Ilan Shamir

We haven’t spent the night at anchor since May 9…that’s a long time, a very long time. There aren’t a lot of places shallow enough along the shore of Cayuga Lake to anchor and even fewer that offer protection from the wind, but we did find a spot close to Crowbar Point. We don’t usually like being out on the water on a Sunday, but the weather was perfect and we hated to pass up the chance to spend the night on the hook and Stan was itchin’ to fish for lake salmon. The lake was busy, but it was fun to watch all the sailboats and by the time we were ready to anchor most people were heading home.

Finger Lakes Wineries and Breweries (Part II)

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“Take your pleasure seriously.” —Charles Eames
Three Brothers Wineries has 3 wineries (Stony Lonesome Wine Cellars, Passion Feet Wine Barn & Bagg Dare Wine Co.) and a microbrewery (War Horse Brewing Co.) all on site. Each with a uniquely themed tasting room. They have an expansive selection of hand-crafted wine, microbrews, hard cider and sodas…so there’s something for everyone who visits.
War Horse Brewing Company brews hard cider, custom ales, lagers, seasonal beers and house-made sodas. The decor of this tasting room honors those who’ve served and fought for our freedom. We felt like we were on the set of MASH.


Low Country

Well, that didn’t take long. Our intentions were to push out of Charleston with a heavy load of fuel and water and run all the way up to Beaufort Inlet. All the weather sites showed doable seas until Tuesday afternoon or later.But, weather is as weathe…

Running The Rapids

Campbell River to Octopus Marine Park Altech Marine has our windless repaired and finish re-installing it by 1 pm. A few minutes later we are away from the docks and on our way. We are leaving Desolation Sound and heading north towards the Broughtons. One could spend months in Desolation Sound with its multitude of […]

Aug. 12 – Great Gully Falls, Union Springs, NY

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park

“And then I learned adventures are the best way to learn.” —Unknown

Stan needed, wait, make that wanted, some different fishing supplies so we took a road trip up the lake to Bass Pro Shop outside of Auburn. We could have taken a shorter, more direct route, but what the fun in that? We drove up the west side of the lake so we could have lunch at O’Malley’s.