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Smooth Ride on Furthur

We equipped Further with Wesmar active fin stabilizers installed at JTM when new. They worked flawlessly for many years and many miles. We crossed the Pacific Ocean in comfort and made it halfway around the world. As with any equipment they grew tired…


Cruise in Paradise and save big bucks! How would you like to save $200 to $400 thousand dollars on your Selene over US or European prices and cruise in the most beautiful areas of the world? Selene is long known to be a world class ocean voyaging ya…

So Gay La 2019

There are those times when I ponder in wonderment, just how did I get here? I seem to fall into the strangest of rabbit holes. This one is a repeat as it is my second time of being given the great honor being on the judges’ panel at the San Ignacio Mis…

Smile Smile Smile

Smile Smile Smile, So the Grateful Dead song goes and so we did. One of the few things I really miss, even yearn for in the States would be attending the Dead shows. I download the newest ones, watch the videos, and smile at all the pictures my friends post of the shows. So, when I saw there was a real Grateful Dead music festival in nearby Japan, I started the wheels turning.   We like to take go out of the country every year and now enjoy taking Priam, fortunately his school also sees the …
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Meet Hartmut Scholl

As we moved north after our week in Georgetown, we thought a stopover at Lee Stocking Island, the site of the abandoned Marine Research Center, would be interesting since it had been a few years since our last visit. Not much has changed, there are new, larger “No Trespassing- Keep Off” signs that are largely […]

Norman’s Cay

Norman’s is still under construction, we took a dinghy ride into the basin, it’s HUGE! It appears that there are piers planned all around the perimeter, there are three or four piers completed with pedestals, a few center console boats tied up, all fixed piers. The remnants of the Lehder years have all been demolished, […]

Crossing & Arrival in Bimini

We crossed on Tuesday, March 12. We’ll start watching weather predictions a week ahead of our anticipated crossing, and forecasts showed favorable conditions for Monday, better conditions for Tuesday, although the dreaded northern component was present. The winds were out of the NNW as we departed, but were light and variable. Seas predicted one foot. […]

University Cove

We spent the weekend at University Cove, just inside Baker’s Haulover inlet. It’s a good staging area for crossing to the Bahamas. The state park is delightful, lots of trails to walk. The weekend was very busy, the Baker’s sand bar as well as the cove are a popular weekend destination, LOTS of boats! No […]

9 Year Report, The Crew

For nine years I have been sharing the Furthur Adventure with a long and diverse list of crew members. Opening the boat up to young travelers gave me experiences that most cruisers do not get. I learned about countries I will not see, cultures and trad…

9 Year Report, the boat

As Furthur enters her tenth year of travels in exotic places, let us see how the old gal is doing. The relatively trouble-free Cummins engine is still purring along happily. To date I have only replaced one non-maintenance part, the pre injector fuel pump. I did have some problems with the injectors on the generator leaking but replacing a tiny copper ring solved that one.   The only real angst came from the digital read out systems of the engine, the Smartcraft screens simply became unreadabl…
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