March 25-28, 2011 Hilton Head, SC


We have some company enjoying our first Hilton Head sunset.

At 8am we left the docks of Savannah when the current was still with us.  This river has a very strong current (at 3+ knots) and even though we don’t have very far to go, we left early to utilize the tide/current.  –    We enjoyed our stay in Savannah with all its history and beautiful buildings not to mention great restaurants (Hueys and Dockside were our favorites).  But we won’t miss trying to sleep on the boat here.  There is so much waterway traffic going in and out of Savannah’s port that we have been rocking and rolling all night (and we  ain’t talking about Elvis).  –  We almost left Kyle here.  The door to his bedroom was closed this morning, so I figured we would let him sleep since last night was especially “rockin’ n roll’n” but Artie said no.  Get him up to help us ready the boat.  When I knocked on the door and opened it, Kyle was not there!!!  My first thought that he went into the hotel and checked in so he could get some sleep, but alas, he was in the gym working out and taking a shower.  –  Wouldn’t it have been funny if we left the dock without  Kyle (thinking that he was sleeping in the bedroom on the boat).   Only kidding Kyle :-) .

At 9:15 we crossed into South Carolina (yeaahhh!! — only one state away from home). Arrived at Hilton Head Harbor Yacht Basin at noon.

First night sunset Hilton Island, SC

South Beach, Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is often referred to as the second largest barrier island on the eastern seaboard after Long Island and is shaped like a shoe.  Its total area is 55.5 square miles.  The beginning of Hilton Head as a resort started in 1956.  The year-round population is 47,821, but during the peak of summer vacation the population swells to 275,000.  So, I think that visiting this island in March was absolutely perfect with a comfortable amount of people.  – What’s interesting about such a small island is the unusual number of cultural opportunities it offers (Broadway-quality plays, symphony orchestra, the largesst annual outdoor tented wine tasting even on the east coast and other annual community festivals).   —  Hilton Head is known for its commitment to the our eco system and an environmentalist (Charles Fraser) changed the configuration of the marina at Harbour Town to save an ancient live oak (we could see this tree from where we docked).  This oak is known as the Liberty Oak.  Generations of children have watched singer/song writer Gregg Russell perform under the tree for over 25 years.

Setting the toddler style wearing some groovy sunglasses w/Taco looking on.

Enjoying lunch "Isabel style" as mommy looks on

Looks like a "hairy" fun time!!

At 5:30 Steph, Isabel and Cassie arrived to spend the weekend with us before taking Kyle back “to the real world”.  –  We had a great visit and wonderful just to be together again (it has been a long trip).  Isabel enjoyed the huge playground and also had her own “chariot” to bike ride with us.  It was an enjoyable family outing on bikes and ended at the South Beach area of Hilton Head where we had a yummy lunch.  –  Kyle, Steph and Isabel stayed at the Harbor Town Inn where Cassie, Artie and Sandra joined them.  We all ordered room service.  Ahhhh, the bonuses of “civilization”.
This is one of the nicest stops of the trip (maybe it could have something to do with the company :-) ).
Sunday noon we said our good-byes; “bye bye”.  It sure was quiet when our babies (young and old) left us by ourselves on Magoo.  Just you and me and Magoo again………………

Monday (rainy day) we did chores on the boat, got some provisions, laundry, and the blog (of course).  We are readying ourselves to start moving again tomorrow.  Rain has settled in and we’ll be making our way through the raindrops.  It’s all good though, cause we’re almost home.


The "Magoo Crew" at Hilton Head


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