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Ayurvedic sciatica treatment

Hi All,
  One must be open to new experiences………
My sciatica started in again and I couldn’t walk very far or even stand up long by evening time. At the Crabtree’s Sunday lunch Louisa recommended the Kottakkal Arya V…

Kerela Kaleidoscope dance medley

7:26 local time
Hi Everyone,
  Yesterday our friend Nasir picked us up from our dock and took us across Kochi Bay to the Bolghatty Marina to see about relocating there.  We will move Friday morning.  Afterwards, Randal and I first had to…

Lunch with Friends

9:35 Local time
Hi All,
  Yesterday, Tuesday, we went to visit the marina on Bolgatty Island and we will move there tomorrow, Thursday morning at high tide.  Randal really misses the interaction with other cruisers.  I miss our friends w…

Cochin Synagogue and Sarah Cohen

Hi All,
  I visited Sarah Cohen yesterday and the Cochin Synagogue today.  Randal stayed on the boat and supervised some men who were washing the pounds of salt from DoraMac. 
Cochin Synagogue Jew Town

The Synagogue is locat…

Musings from Randal

Although India seems vast the land here in Cochin, or at least the street we are on, is precious. Very little is allotted for human traffic much less passage of automobiles, motorcycles, tuk tuks, trucks, and everything else you can imagine. This area …

Mas lodo

Fay in the mud. (View Post…)

Diesel Duck

PLEASE read this first!

A speech from the throne: (just kidding) In June of this year I started this blog and the first entry was our arrival in Curacao from the outer islands of Venezuela. I’ll try to stay current with my entries, but Benno and I have since recaptured the …

Mud Baths

The mud baths were incredible. You walk up to an old volcano crater, step down into the mud and the experience begins. (View Post…)

More mud

John even enjoyed it! (View Post…)

Winter Dream’in – Part 2

I’ve been fussing further with the track data I extracted from the navigation computer and have uploaded all our anchorages up to both the Microsoft and Google mapping sites.  These can be opened up as a separate browser windows and don’t requ…