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Fish Cleaning – 1 Euro

FOOD: Made a very nice fish soup with the head and tail of the Carangue (we think it is a jack of some sort) with a roasted red pepper rouille (garlic-y mayonnaise) served in the soup on a toasted baguette slice.  (View Post…)

Les Saintes Harbor

CUSTOMS: You can always tell a French island, they are so relaxed about Customs/Immigration. Typically the French have computer set up in a marine store, a marina office or in Les Saintes, upstairs in an Internet Cafe, no one official around anywhere…

Sea Urchin City

FOOD: Douglas wanted to get more Clement high end rum (no NOT the vintage 1250Euro!!/bottle), so we rented a car. In addition to a Super U shopping spree (French groceries!), we drove around the peninsula national park where friends had anchored in a…

Cue the Cows

Food: Since it is cause for celebration when we find fresh milk in the Caribbean…I have NO idea what these cows are doing here. (View Post…)

Tobago Cays

Just north of Union Island there are several small islands inside of a huge horseshoe reef that breaks the Atlantic waves — Tobago Cays one of favorite anchorages in the Caribbean. It also is a national park with resident green turtles. (Continu…

Agouti, etc.

In Trinidad there are more than 400 species of birds, 600 species of butterflies, 50 kinds of reptiles and 100 types of mammals including red howler monkeys, anteaters, agouti and armadillos. Douglas was VERY taken by the Agouti we saw scavenging for …

UN Intl Women's Year 1975 Patch

You know how you refuse to give up on a favorite pair of pants when they get damaged? I’d patched these Burmuda shorts a couple of times already by hand. Then realized I could really get serious by asking fellow-cruiser Sharon on Allegro if I could u…

To Lime

New vocabulary. Going to Lime. Liming. aka hanging out, relaxing with friends. (View Post…)

Market Day

FOOD: Ugh! 6 am! That is the time the mini-bus taxi that Ingrid on Maraday organized for cruisers in the area to get to the market. Besides, I was told, if you want shrimp you have to get there early. I had already decided to make gumbo — Paul Pr…

Goodbye Grenada

Took the tender over to St Georges Harbor for a water-level view…15 miles round trip. We had south for Trinidad on the 27th: out of hurricane paths, and many highly qualified boat services/workers. (View Post…)