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Waterway Guide Is Moving To A New Home

And that means, so are we. Boat projects have been out of the question this last week or so. With a staff of three and a half people, we have been packing the entire Waterway Guide operation in Annapolis for our move to new facilities in Deltaville, Vi…

What Do You Do With The Swim Platform?

We have been considering what to do with the swim platform since we bought the boat. It is all teak and the previous owner had treated it with a hardware brand of deck stain, the type you would use around the house. They had coated all of the teak on t…

First Round of Funds Distributed to McCotter Marina Boat Owners

First Round of Funds Distributed to McCotter Marina Boat Owners

I just returned from Washington, NC and with Claiborne Young from Salty Southeast Cruisers Net, We distributed the first round of funds to the boaters that lost there boats and pretty much everything during the recent disastrous fire. We are still taking donations, so see the previous posting for how you can help. We thank all of you that have sent in whatever they could to help our fellow boaters. You can read additional information on our distribution of the funds here. Chuck

12 Small Boat Projects That Made Large Improvements

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference. Most of the posts here cover our projects and improvements and while many are serious undertakings, some are simple, quick and easy, but once finished, solve a problem or shortcoming we …