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Sunset in Foggy Bay

The view off our bow. (View Post…)

Our boats rafted up at Foggy Bay.

Rafted in Foggy Bay (View Post…)

Dungeness Crab!

Oh my! (View Post…)

Heading to Bellingham

We are off!! I am flying to SeaTac from Orlando and Katie is coming in from Las Vegas. We meet at 1:30 at the airport, pick up our rental car, and head north to Bellingham. We hope to arrive at 4, do a quick trip to the grocery store to provision an…

Disney World

I am spending the day in Orlando Florida at my annual International Reading Association Conference. I did not spend it, as the title suggest, at Disney World. Instead, I spent it in my room reading a wonderful draft of a dissertation by one of my stu…

Counting the Days

I can hardly wait. In just a few days, Katie and I will be onboard Change of Latitude for a 5-day cruise in the San Juan Islands. I depart today for Orlando and my annual International Reading Association Conference. Then, I fly to Seattle on Tuesday…

Dinner at Dotie's

We had an excellent Thai dinner from Busara’s at Dotie’s house. (View Post…)

Figuring out the auto feature on Debbie's camera

Don made a few errors. We had a number of laughs. (View Post…)

Wrapping Things Up – The End of a Wonderful Winter Sojourn