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A bit about the boat

A friend suggested that I describe the history of the boat, its design, original equipment and intended use.  I think that’s an excellent idea.  Today’s entry will be it’s design and construction.  The boat is a 1980 Cheoy Lee Long R…


Cold means condensation, and condensation means wet stuff.

This is our first year living aboard.  The spring was cool but nice, the summer was hot but wonderful, and the fall beautiful but cool, again.  Winter is a whole ‘nother matter.Drift Away has  three levels.  The upper level is the f…


Beginning of the blog of Drift Away, our 1980 46′ Cheoy Lee trawler.

We (Pam and Dave) purchased our boat in April of 2010.   Drift Away was pushed by a small runabout from Bridgeport to Westport where it stayed on a private dock for the summer.We named the boat Drift Away because, quite honestly, we didn’t kn…