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Sandborn Canal

We delay our exit from Portage Bay for several hours to let the thick fog lift. Traveling up Stephens Passage,  we make a turn into the extensive bay of Port Houghton. Today we  are heading to Sandborn Canal.  We made a brief visit here earlier this year but the bugs were so bad we left without getting a […]

Too Big to Keep

Change in plans….during one of our engine room checks, Jeff discovers a leak on our generator circulation pump. It’s nothing serious but   Piston and Rudder, the local marine dealer in Petersburg,  has a pump in stock so that is our new destination. Mike, the owner, is gracious enough to work us in to his busy schedule to […]

Krogen Rendezvous Part two: Bear Mama Drama

Our adventure begins shortly after launching the dinghies and  leaving the protected anchorage of Windfall Harbor for our three mile trip to the Pack Creek Bear Preserve. It’s flat calm in our anchorage but as we continue north, the seas and wind build dramatically. We spot several brown bears along the shoreline but dare not stop […]

2nd Annual Krogen Rendezvous at Pack Creek

Entering Seymour Canal, we see Pacific Sapphire on our AIS eight miles ahead.  Spirit Journey is  heading north up Stevens Passage 10 miles away.  We are all bound for Windfall Harbor for the 2nd annual Krogen Mini  Rendezvous. Last year there were three of us.  Our number has grown this year to five Krogens.  Voyager and Ptarmigan arrive the second day.  Windfall Harbor is […]

Just For the Halibut

Leaving Glacier Bay in route to Hoonah, we have a group of about twelve humpback whales out feeding in Icy Strait.  They are all cooperatively feeding and we are hoping to see a bubble net show.  They continually dive in synchronization but never bubble net. It’s always amazing to see them all working together. The cruise ships […]

Glacier Bay Part Three

After spending an hour floating around the ice of John Hopkins Glacier,  we point the bow south and retrace our path “down bay” in search of more wildlife.  As we round the backside of Russell Island, we see a brown bear cruising the beach in search of food.  We spend an hour watching him tip over 100 […]

Going to the Glacier

With the fog beginning to lift, we weigh anchor at 10 am and ease out of Geike Inlet.  We keep a sharp lookout for the Orcas that were in the anchorage earlier today but they seem to have disappeared.  The weather improves as we work our way “up bay”. Reaching Reid Glacier we find a small 12 […]

Glacier Bay Part One

We have an exciting week ahead of us.  Our nephew, Storm, is joining us for a week of exploration in Glacier Bay.   This will be our third trip into the National Park.  Only 25 private vessels  and two cruise ships are allowed in the bay each day. You can apply for permits 60 days in advance.  We applied at […]

The King Quest Continues

We are heading north today on Chatham Strait to Hood Bay.  Last year we caught our one and only King Salmon here.  We have struggled over the past few years with salmon fishing.  Jeff says we are like a one year old bear in a salmon stream just flopping around without catching anything.  To fish for salmon, you need to use […]

Yes Bears Do Swim

We had just finished processing our big halibut that we had caught this morning as we  hear a strange splashing noise. We soon see a wet brown bear hauling himself up the rocky incline of the small islet a  hundred yards from the boat.  He must have swam from shore.   His nose is up in the air.  Jeff thinks […]