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Petersburg to Takatz

All is quiet in Petersburg Harbor as we ease out of our stall at 5:30 am.  We are eager to get an early start today as the forecast calls for gale force winds this evening and tomorrow.  Hopefully we will  be safely tucked into our anchorage before the front arrives.  At  4 am we have sufficient light but the strong […]

Fishing in Frederick Sound

At 7 am we cast off our lines from our stall in Petersburg. We are waiting on a part to arrive for our water maker,  so we are heading out to some of our lucky fishing spots while waiting on the part. It is another beautiful day in Alaska to be out on the water. So […]

Still Searching for Kings

After leaving Labouchere, we make a quick pit stop in Wrangell to take care of some business, get internet, and wait out a pesky low pressure weather system lurking in the Gulf of Alaska.  We hike Mt. Dewy to get a great view of the Marina and Zimovia Strait.   While in Wrangell  we learn that there is […]

Wrangell Narrows

Petersburg is located at the north end of the Wrangell Narrows. This 21 mile narrow passage connects Sumner Strait on the south end to Frederick Sound on the north end. It is a busy waterway with almost all South East Alaska traffic passing thru these narrows. We have spent most of our cruising time exploring […]

First Trip of the Season

After eight days of work getting the boat ready for another season of cruising, we are finally pushing away from the dock for the first cruise of the season. It feels good to be back out on the water. As we head out Fredrick Sound, we soon spot the familiar site of the sea lions […]

Glad to be back aboard

A beautifully day with cloudless blue skies made for a spectacular view of the PNW mountains as we flew up the coast from Seattle to Juneau. It was fun to look down and see many of the anchorages that we have cruised to from thousands of feet above. We were very relieved to find Idyll […]

End of Season 2020

With the end of another great cruising season in SE Alaska, it’s now time to give Idyll Time some tender loving care. Our first task is a haul out on Piston and Rudder’s marine railway. Having hauled out on this last year, we weren’t near as nervous this time around. Piston and Rudder had the […]

The Whales

Fall is in the air. The day light hours are getting shorter and shorter and the end of our cruising season is rapidly approaching. Our last week of cruising is spent enjoying the whales of Frederick Sound. This nutrient rich ecosystem is a popular hangout for the humpback whales. Whale researchers from around the world […]

More Fishing

After a brief trip to Petersburg, we are back out in Frederick Sound for more exploration and fishing. Saginaw Bay and Kuiu Island is our destination. The bay is filled with numerous small rocky islets. Halibut fishing has been reported to be good here. Several days are spent in an anchorage known as Halleck Harbor. […]

Fords Terror

There are knots in my stomach as we pull anchor at Tracy Arm Cove. Last year we took a left and cruised up the Tracy Arm to North and South Saywer Glaciers. Today we are taking a right and heading to Fords Terror 22 miles up the Endicott Arm of Holcomb Bay. This fiord is […]