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The Haul Out

There is a knot in my stomach as the lifting straps groan with the strain of Idyll Time’s 65,000 pounds of bulk as she is hoisted out of the water.  All eyes are fixed on the boat as she is lifted high in the air and onto hard pavement.  Although we have had this done […]

The Black Warrior River to Mobile, AL: Spring 2014

Idyll Time has spent the past two weeks in the small town of Demopolis waiting for the rivers to calm down from all of the heavy rains.  Demopolis sits at the junction of the Tenn-Tom Waterway and the mouth of the Black Warrior River.  It is a major hub for tow boat activity.  Barge fleets […]

Tennessee River and Tenn-Tom: Spring 2014

Spring is finally here!  With warmer weather and the river levels rising, it is time to go cruising.  Idyll Time has patiently awaited our return.  A turn of the key and she starts up just as if she was run yesterday.    Our destination is Mobile, Alabama.  Our route will take us 262 miles along with […]

Sebastian’s Story Part 7: Getting Ready to Cruise

  CAPTAINS NOTE: At least once a year every crew member aboard IT writes a blog update.  The subject matter is entirely of their choosing.  Sebastian has been our most prolific and enthusiastic writer, which is not surprising given his personality. To view his and other crew blogs written over the years, please go to […]

Cruising the Tennessee River

Cruising the Tennessee River: Sorry we haven’t updated our log before now, but there really hasn’t been much to write about. Other than a few day cruises, we haven’t done much boating. I wish we could report that we have been off on some exciting adventure, but unfortunately Susie has some major back problems and […]

Springtime With Sebastian

Wow!  Admiral Mom and Captain Dad said that we would all relax and enjoy a beautiful spring at home this year.  Boy, they were wrong.  It has been anything but relaxing.  Let me explain.   As the Cruise Director, my job is to make sure things are ready for future trips.  We have been busy with […]

Exploring The Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez: As it is too cold at home to do much boating, we were searching for a new adventure when we received an email from Marty and Suzanne, fellow Krogen owners and good friends. The magazine Cruising World is sponsoring a trip to the Sea of Cortez in Baja,Mexico.  Suzanne and Marty […]

The Great Rivers Part 3: Heading Home

Day 1: Green Turtle to Panther Bay: We have enjoyed our three days here at Green Turtle Bay. It is a great marina with wonderful facilities and restaurants. This morning we say goodbye to the multitude of looper boats still here. Most will also be heading south in the next few days. Today is a […]

The Great Rivers Part 2: The Mighty Mississippi River

For this leg of our River journey, we will be traveling the Upper Mississippi River for 200 miles. At mile 0 we will turn north and head up the Ohio River for a short distance to the Cumberland River. The Cumberland will then join us with the Tennessee River. The mighty Mississippi River is the […]

The Great Rivers Part 1: Great Lakes to The Mississippi

Our river journey will take us from the Great Lakes to our home port of Chattanooga, TN.  We will be traveling down the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee River systems for the next 1100 miles.  We did this trip two years ago in a little 18’ boat (see our 2010 log “The Great Little Boat […]