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I thought it would be interesting to show you our route thru Fiji to date. The stick pins are hourly log points stored automatically by MaxSea, our charting program. You can see our route in from Tonga to the lower … Continue reading →

Blue Lagoon

Next stop up the road after Soma Soma was the Blue Lagoon of Brooke Shields and the movie fame. The booze barges from Denerau/Nadi run tourists in here by the boatload everyday. Not exactly my gig, but what the hay … Continue reading →

Soma Soma

After departing Waya, we headed north along the Yasawa group and anchored of a beautiful beach owned by the folks in the village of Soma Soma. They had told us that this beach had some of the best coral in … Continue reading →

Flopper Stoppers

Flopper stoppers are an integral part of the gear on the FPB64. While we typically use them less then 50% of the time, they are a lifesaver in a rolly anchorage. When we do deploy, we typically have just had … Continue reading →

Iron Lady’s Helm Station

As part of a continuing series, this post is devoted to Iron Lady’s helm station. The base boat comes with a very significant array of electronics and instrumentation. Each owner, however, has modified the base to suit there individual preference…

Waya Yasawa – Part 2

After a short trip, we anchored up in the north bay off the village of Nalauwaki. As we proceeded ashore, we were greeted by Tom who encouraged us to visit the village which sounded like fun. As is customary, we … Continue reading →

Off the Beaten Track

With years of cruising the Bahamas and the US, I have become accustomed to believing what the electronic charts say ( with a grain of salt). When we started cruising with Steve, he was quite insistent that we not only … Continue reading →

Subsistence Boat

In New Zealand, we loaded our freezers with meat and chicken and our basement storage area with all manner of dry stores – we could have done without most of it. We in fact have turned in to a subsistence … Continue reading →