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November 8, 2014, Dog River Marina

A bit chilly but a beautiful morning. Two of us left at the same time this morning, about 06:00 and we pretty much had the river to ourselves. We had a pretty sun rise but then it really clouded up and it was over cast all the way to Mobile. We…

Friday, November 7, 2014

Anchorage at Tensas River North, Mile 39.3:  We got up too early this morning; 04:30. We were ready to go by 05:15 and it was still too dark. Called the Coffeeville Lock by 05:45 and there was a tow in the lock and he said it would be about an hour. We were 6 miles from the lock and pulled anchor by 06:10. I was driving and Keith brought the anchor up. This system has been working really well for us. We got to the lock by 06:40. The tow was out but we had to wait on the Lock Master to open the doors; we finally got into the lock by 07:05 and we were out by 07:30. There were 4 boats in the lock, 2 MV and 2 SV. Sage was the other MV and he is going to Fort Myers also. We went down 34 feet and this will be our last lock now until we return in the spring. W got to our anchorage by 15:00 and anchored in 9′ of water and put 55′ feet of chain out. We had a lots of Tows today, a total of 11. It was a beautiful sunny day and it got to 67 degrees. After 2 days on the water it feels like we never left, a good feeling.

CO’s comments. Another great day on the water.  I was down below checking the engines when the XO slowed abruptly, I dam near broke my bad hip trying to get up to the bridge.  She just slowed down for a fisherman.  She said, not to worry, if it is an emergency I would hear her verbally besides slowing down.


 11-7-204: At 0 dark 30, then moon on it’s was down

 11-7-2014: Sun rise on the Lower Black Warrior River

 11-7-2014:Sage; locked through the Coffeeville Lock with us

11-7-2014:Our anchorage for the night; Tensas River North, Mile 39.3

Hello, long time no post!

It has been a while since we last posted anything to our blog.  We were busy doing stuff on the boat, etc. but really didn’t have much to say.  But, now we are back on the water cruising again so I will try to keep the blog up.

Thursday, November 6, 2014:
Started out raining and 64 degrees but the river was very calm. We left our slip by 05:45 and had to wait in the Demopolis Lock for 2 other boats. We were in the lock by 06:23 and out by 06:40. At about Mile 205.0, I was driving and Keith was down in the engine room checking things out. There were 2 Red buoys in the middle of the river so I kept them to my left as we were going down river. It started to get really shallow and I was getting nervous but kept going. When it got to just 2 feet below the props I eased up on the throttles to get Keith’s attention and ended up stopping completely because it was so shallow and then I heard a noise. Keith was up on the bridge by then and took over. I was really flustered. After Keith checked every thing out he thought everything was OK. We did not have a vibration which was good. He thinks a rudder hit something. We will keep our fingers crossed that nothing bad happened. Keith thought that the river was low and maybe the 2 red buoys were out of place or maybe both and that was why we hit something.

By late morning it had cleared up nicely and in the low 70’s and it got to a high of 76 by evening. We anchored in Akatuppa Creek Alternative on the left descending bank across from Akatuppa Creek in about 15 feet of water. We called the Lock Master at Coffeeville Lock to let them know we were along side the river so he could alert any tows coming up or down river. Had a nice, quiet evening and in bed early as the alarm was set for 04:30 again. It was good to be back on the water.


CO’s comments.  It is great to be moving again.  A bit of darkness, a bit of rain, and a bit of sun; a wonderful day to be on the water.

11-6-2014:  Cruising down the Tenn-Tombigbee River

11-6-2014:  Skipper Keith; on the move at last after about 5 month layover.


11-6-2014: Anchor Alert on Keith’s IPad; works real good. Apps lets us know if our anchor is dragging.

11-6-2014:  Akatuppa Creek Alternative anchorage; down stream

11-6-2014:  Akatuppa Creek Alternative anchorage; up stream

11-6-2014:  Akatuppa Creek Alternative anchorage; close to LDB

June 2 through 28, King Fisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, AL

June 2 through 28-2014, Demopolis, AL, Kingfisher Bay Marina:

On Monday, the 2nd , slept in and just rested up from all our travel days.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3rd and 4th, we picked up our car in New Johnsonville, TN.  Roy and Elvie drove down to Demopolis and picked us up and we drove back to their boat in Nashville.  The next morning we drove over to Pebble Isle, had lunch, and Roy and Elvie left for Nashville.  We visited with Barry for a short while and then we headed back to our boat in Demopolis.

On Thursday the 5th through Tuesday the 10th, we worked at finally getting things done around the boat.  We both have long lists and we are still working on them.  Keith repainted the anchor chain, greased the windless, and oiled the propeller shafts and I helped with taking the chain out and then back in again; it is very heavy.

On Wednesday, the 11th, we drove over to Meridian, MS, and did some shopping at Lowe’s and Walmart and checked out a few other places.  We replaced all of our smoke/fire alarms since they hadn’t been done since 2000.

Thursday the 12th; Happy 17th Birthday Derek. 

Lazy day but did a few things on our list.  Friday the  13th,  I finished all the wood inside the boat; used Murphy’s Oil soap and it looks good.  Keith did half the bright work outside. 

Saturday the 14th; Happy 11th Birthday Austin. 

Did a few things on our list and went into town and did some grocery shopping, etc.  Keith still working on the bright work.  Keith did a pump-out.  We can only go two weeks when using the heads on a regular basis.  It is nice having the pump-out right here at our slip.

6-14-2014:. Flag Day and also Austin’s Birthday.

Sunday the 15th through Wednesday the 20th,  still working on our lists. Tried to do some sewing projects but my thread keeps knotting up. I don’t know if it’s the machine, the material, or me. Now the whole bobbin case fell out so I guess it will be a while before I can cross sewing off my list.   I was planning on going to town again on the Tuesday the17th to pick up a few things but when I started the car there was a loud noise coming from under the hood.  Keith checked it out and he thinks it was the fan for the air conditioning so I did not go to town.  On Wednesday the 18th, Keith picked up all our supplies for an oil change from Napa in the morning and then I drove into town before it got too hot since we could not use the air.  Thursday the 19th, we got going early because of the heat and no air and drove to Meridian, MS (about 1 hour away) to the Lincoln dealer to get our air conditioning fixed and to replace spark plug coil assembly #5.  This is the 4th coil that has gone out on us; only 4 more to go!  In checking, they decided to change all 8 spark plugs as well as the coil.  After checking the air conditioning unit they found we had a bad compressor and it had to be replaced.  It would take a whole day to replace it so they got us a rental car and we drove back to the boat in Demopolis.  Our car and all it’s repairs will be done by 17:00 on Friday. 

6-15-2014: Huge yacht came in for the night.

Friday the 20th; Keith went to the range with two of the guys from our dock and they did some practice shooting for the match tomorrow.  I stayed at the boat and got our wash done.  After Keith got back from the range, we drove over to Meridian to pick up our car.  It was done by 16:45 and it wasn’t cheap but we now have much needed air conditioning (or so we thought); the temps have been in the mid to high 90’s all week long.  We stopped and got a few things at Lowe’s and had dinner at Red Lobster before heading back to Demopolis.  We only got half way back and our air conditioning was blowing hot air only.  It had worked up to that point.  It was 19:00 by this time and still 95 degrees.  It was too late to go back to the Lincoln dealer so we kept on driving back to the boat.  The dealership is not open on weekends so we left several messages letting them know we were not happy with the situation and we would be there first thing Monday morning and expect them to fix the problem.

Saturday the 21st, Happy Birthday Ronn! 

Keith went to the shooting match for most of the day.  By mid afternoon we had a terrible thunder and lightening storm and then it just rained for a few hours.
Sunday the 22nd, Happy Birthday Sharon! 

We didn’t do much of anything but get ready for our trip back to Wisconsin and Montana.

Monday the 23rd through Saturday the 28th: Got going early on Monday the 23rd and got to the Lincoln dealership by 07:30. We sat there all morning and by 12:00 they had fixed the problem; they said it was a defective part and they replace it with a new compressor. Hopefully we are good for our trip next week. The rest of the week we spent getting ready.  It also rained some every day the rest of the week.

CO’s comments:  Al is a marine from about the same time I was in.  I was walking by his boat and he was cleaning a rifle with a great big scope.  He is just getting into bench rest shooting.  We talked and I said it looks like fun so I went with them last weekend and had a great time.  We shot on a private range and as long as you believe they way I believe you would get along with all the good old boys.  Al has a 45 with some very special ivory grips.  On one side is a carving of a purple heart and the US flag at half mast and the other side he has the names of the 22 marines that were lost under his command in Viet Nam.  The Purple Heart is his.  After the Corp he retired from the FBI.  I intend to get into shooting the rest of the summer when we get back from Montana.  One of the shooters at the range was in the Air Born and he finally admitted that marines are some of the toughest SOB’s he has ever met.

Ramp going down to slips

Ramp to Shower and Laundry rooms

If you look real close you can see Kim Jo IV with Keith (in white) 
on the back of the boat and Al (in red) walking on the dock

Laundry and Showers with a gathering place on top for picnics, etc.

Grill provided by marina

More views of slips

Sea Food restaurant on the premises

Laundry room


Transient dock

 Swimming pool

6-24-2014:  King Fisher Bay Marina and Demopolis Yacht Basin, Demopolis, AL

May 31 through June 2, 2014

Saturday the 31st of May, Dog River Marina to Old Lock No. 1 at Mile 100.0 on the Tenn-Tom Waterway:

We left Mobile, AL along with a sailboat and another power boat at 06:20. It was a beautiful morning and Mobile Bay was pretty smooth with just a light chop. The sail boater was a marine and hollered Semper Fi to Keith as we passed him. It took us 35 minutes to get out to the Shipping Channel and then another hour and 20 minutes to take the Shipping Channel into Mobile, Mile 0 on the Tenn-Tombigbee/Mobile River. All the way through the City of Mobile is a No Wake Zone so it was slow going. We saw 14 Tows today with half of them in the Mobile area. I always wave at the Tow Captains and the Captain from “Stephanie” blew his horn for me. It rained on and off for part of the morning and almost steady from about 14:00 to 18:00. At Mile Marker 80 about 14:25 we were shot at by 2 fishermen. Apparently they were mad because we waked them. It was raining quite heavily, they were in camouflage and also in a camouflage boat, and tucked in by the shoreline and we did not see them; if we had seen them we would have slowed down. As it was, we were not even going 9 mph but I guess they were upset. Can’t believe they shot at us!  We averaged about 9 mph all day due to the strong current. Surprisingly there was not much debris in the water at all; we were expecting much more. We got to our anchorage by 18:50 and put 50 feet of anchor rode out in 9 feet of water. Last time we were in this anchorage we had 12 feet of water under us. The tide here is about 1.6 feet. We had a quick supper and an early to bed as we have another long day ahead of us tomorrow.


5-31-2014:  Old Lock #1, Mile 100.0 on the Tenn-Tom. 

5-31-2014:k  Leaving anchorage at Old Lock #1, Mile 100.0 on the Tenn-Tom. 

Sunday the 1st of June, Old Lock #1 to King Fisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, AL, Mile 216.7 on the Tenn-Tom Waterway:

We were on our way at day break; 05:20. It was clear all night and sun shine with just a few clouds this morning and the temp was 72 degrees. We got to the Coffeeville Dam by 07:10 and had to wait ½ hour for a tow and another boat locking down. We locked up 34 feet. From now on we no longer have to worry about tides. It turned into a beautiful day with just 2 short rain showers in the afternoon. We encountered 6 tows throughout the day and averaged between 9 and 10 mph. We traveled 116 miles in 13.25 hours with 2 locks and got to Kingfisher Bay Marina in Demopolis, AL, by 18:45. We were both very tired but glad to finally get here. We had a quick dinner, watched a little TV, and early to bed. I did not get up until 09:00 on Monday.


CO’s comments  The forecast for Sunday all the way to Demopolis was dume and glume.  This was another day that the forecasters got it all wrong.  We only had 45 drops of rain on the boat all day.  Thank goodness for our hard top on the bridge and no isinglass because Saturday it rained.   We talked with another boater that was ahead of us on Saturday and he had canvas and isenglass and he spend the whole day mopping up water and looking through a crack in his isinglass just to see where he was going.  We came up behind a tow that was close to a bend in the river and asked to pass at  his convenience.  He came back and said he would stop so we could pass him before the bend because it would take him a long time to maneuver the bend and he would completely utilize the whole river.  In all our years in traveling the river system, this is only about the 3rd time a tow captain has been so courteous.  The XO called him back and thanked him very much.

6-1-2014:  Heron on the side of the river.

6-1-2014:  Demopolis Lock and Dam.

May 26 through 29, 2014

Monday the 26th:

After a day of rest we were on our way by 06:30 Eastern Time Zone.  We traveled 106 miles today in 10 hours.  It was a long day but beautiful day on the water.  Very warm and hazy with a little breeze in the mid 90’s.  We must have seen 50 dolphins following our boat today.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast they can swim; 10 mph jumping the boats wake.  Even the young ones can keep up but they do not jump as high as the older ones.  East Bay and West Bay by Panama City both were calm and Choctawatchee Bay had a light chop.  We got to our anchorage by 15:40 Central Time.  We anchored in about 8 feet of water and  put out 50 feet of anchor rode out.


5-25-2014: Abandon sail boat by Port St. Joe, one of many we have seen on our trip.

5-25-2014: Restaurant at Port St. Joe Marina.

5-25-2014: Kim Jo IV on face dock at Port St. Joe Marina.

5-25-2014: Sun Set at Port St. Joe Marina.

5-26-2014: Shrimp boat on the canal to Port St. Joe Marina

5-26-2014: Sun Rise while starting up the 5 miles of canal to the GIWW from Port St. Joe..

Tuesday the 27th:

Our anchorage last night was nice after sun down but before that it was a very busy bayou with a lot of boaters and jet skier.  Everyone stayed as long as they could to make the most of the last day of the holiday weekend.  We got going again by 06:30 and had a beautiful day on the water with partly sunny skies and a nice breeze.  The rest of Choctawatchee Bay was very calm and so were the Narrows.  Santa Rosa Sound just had a light ripple and Pensacola Bay, the Big Lagoon, and Perdido Bay all had a light chop and this all made for a very pleasant day.  We got to our anchorage at Ingram Bayou by Orange Beach, AL, by 13:30 and had a quiet afternoon and evening.  While driving through the Pensacola area we got to watch the Blue Angles practice.  I got some pictures but they do not do them justice; they were awesome.  This is one of our favorite anchorages; always so peaceful and beautiful sun sets and sun rises.


5-27-2014: Blue Angles practicing by Pensacola, FL.

Wednesday and Thursday the 28th and 29th:

There was rain and thunder storms in the forecast for about 10:00 this morning so we were on our way by 05:50 to try and beat the storm.  To cut a little time off our day we changed our way point to R50 on the Mobile Shipping Channel which is just south of Gaillard Island.  We usually set way points just west of Mullet Point and then another one on R60 just north of Gaillard Island on the shipping channel.  It would have cut off ½ hour or so from our trip.  As we got closer to our point Keith noticed a lot of Tow traffic in the shipping channel in the area where we would have entered so we reset our point back to R60.  This route we had less time in the actual channel.  It took us 2 ½ hours to travel from the GIWW, R120, at about 10 mph to the fuel dock at Dog River Marina.  Mobile Bay started out with 2 foot waves with some white caps and about 2/3’s the way through we ended up with 3 to 4 foot waves on our port side and we got rocked some.  It seems that has been our MO this whole season; we rocked and rolled across the Gulf of Mexico twice and the Gulf Stream twice.  This should be the end of rough water.  From now on we will be on the river system and it should go much smoother.  When we got to Dog River Marina we got fuel and a pump-out.  They have flooding here from the east wind blowing the water into the bay at high tide.  The parking lot is full of water.  The area to the laundry and shower building,  West Marine, and the marina offices all have a good 6 inches of water in the parking lots and you have to walk through to get inside.  Usually when we are here, all I need is a small single step, if anything, to get on or off the boat but today we have the 5 step ladder out.  The good news is, we made it here before the storm.  It did not start raining until 14:00.  We will be here for a few days and have some work done on the boat before heading north to Demopolis, AL


CO’s comments:  Again, the weather forecast was incorrect as far as when the bad weather was going to arrive.  After looking at the forecast and radar we determined we could make it to Dog River Marina and we did.  I think the weather forecasters should open their doors and look outside and communicate with each other across the country like the use to. 

May 23 through 25, 2014

5-23 and 24, Friday and Saturday, Gulf of Mexico crossing:

We got going about 11:00 from Clearwater, FL.  All the wind and wave reports were for calm seas with 1 foot waves but right away the seas were 3 to 4 feet with 10 to 15 knot winds with occasional 5′ footer and only 3 seconds between waves.  This kept up until about 03:00 on Saturday morning; it was a long day and night.  We are kind of getting used to high seas as we have had them so much lately.  Anyway, we made it safe and sound.

Early on, about 13:00, we kept hearing transmission on Channel 16 from the Coast Guard and Tow Boat US.  First we heard that a boat had capsized and sunk and there was one person in the water with only a hand held radio and he didn’t know his GPS location.  Then we heard the person had been attacked by a Bull Shark and he was bleeding; and then we heard he had lost his right leg from the knee down.  There were several boats involved in the search and a helicopter but they couldn’t find him.  About an hour or so later they called the search off after finding out it was a hoax!  Unbelievable someone would do such a thing.  It was a busy day and the start to the holiday weekend.  We heard several more calls for the Coast Guard and all we think were legitimate.  One 51 year old woman was missing after kayaking and they were still looking for her late into the night; we don’t know if she was found or not.  Another person was in the water after their jet ski sunk but the person was saved, and the last one we heard was on Saturday morning and their boat was taking on water and that was all we heard.  These were just the ones we heard; I am sure there were more.  Crazy things happen on the water especially on a holiday weekend and the Coast Guard and Tow Boat US are kept very busy. 

We got across the Gulf as far as Dog Island, just outside of Carrabelle, FL, by 06:30.  We were traveling about 10 mph most of the time but had to slow down some so we had day light by the time we got to Carrabelle.  From there we picked up the GIWW and kept going as far as Port St. Joe Marina on the Gulf, just 5 miles off the GIWW at about Mile 330.0.  We arrived at the Marina by 13:00 after putting 26 hours on the engines and traveling 245 miles.  We were both very tired and got about 3 hours of sleep before going out to eat at Dockside Restaurant here at the marina. We asked our waiter if we were in Central Time Zone yet and he said the Marina is still in Eastern Time Zone but where he lives is right on the border between both zones. He can actually hold his cell phone in one hand and get one zone and hold it in the other and get the second time zone. He said when he first started working at the restaurant he was an hour early because he evidently had his phone in the wrong hand!  After dinner it was an early to bed for a good nights sleep. We will stay at Port St. Joe until Monday AM before traveling on.


CO’s comments:  After we docked at Port St. Joe I talked to a couple of sport fishermen and they said that the wind and wave forecasts have been way off for the last month.  He also said he never knew what to expect.  I think weather men today rely too much on technology and not enough on the old fashion art of weather forecasting.  As a professional pilot, they got it right more times in the 70’s and 80’s than they did in the 90’s plus when all the new technology came out. 

5-23-2014: Sun Set on the Gulf of Mexico

5-24-2014: Sun Rise on the Gulf of Mexico.

5-24-2014: Good morning. Nice to see day light after a very long, dark, night.

May 14 throuh 22, 2014, Fort Myers to Clearwater, FL

Wednesday the 14th:  Moore Haven Town Dock, FL to Nick and Aline’s in Fort Myers, FL:
It was a beautiful morning that started with a great view of the moon going down.  It was 75 degrees when we got up at 05:30.  We saw 4 more alligators this morning; tried to get a picture but they didn’t turn out.  We went through 2 more locks today; the Ortona Lock and the Franklin Lock.  We made real good time with a bit of a tail wind and averaged 9 knots.  Went 45 miles in 5.5 hours with both the locks and 3 bridge openings. Just visited the rest of the day with Nick and Aline after getting here about 11:45.  It was good to see them again.


5-14-2014:  Beautiful view of the moon just before day break.

5-14-2014:  Husky on floats on the Okeechobee Waterway.

May 15 through 18-2014, Thursday through Sunday at Nick and Aline’s:
It is nice to just relax and not have to travel. We got caught up on a few things. We took Nick’s car to West Marine, Ace Hardware, and the grocery store to stock up on just about everything. After paying the high prices for groceries in the Abaco I will never complain about prices here in the states again. Went out for some nice dinners and got caught up on visiting.


5-15-2014:  I got to help Nick tag this Monarch butterfly from Nick and Aline’s butterfly garden.
Butterfly blog:

5-16-2014: Sun set on the Caloosahatchee River

May 19, 2014; Monday, Fort Myers Yacht Basin: A short 10 mile trip down to the marina. Stopped at the fuel dock and got 300 gallons of diesel and a pump-out.  Had a busy afternoon with a list of things to get done; wash boat, wash clothes, walk to Publix, dispose of old oil and get ready for an early morning.  I wanted to get a hair cut but ran out of time.


May 20, 2014,  Tuesday,  Got going by 06:15.  There was a 70 foot boat that came in late last night that left at the same time this morning as we did.  It was from the British Virgin Islands.  The captain drove it totally with remote control; he was standing on the stern and driving backwards.  It took us 2 hours to get to Mile 0 on the Okeechobee Waterway; the turn off to Fort Myers Beach.  We then headed north up Pine Island Sound to Charlotte Harbor and then on the Sarasota Bay.  It was a beautiful morning and day and we made good time.  The first anchorage we had picked turned out to be way too shallow so we went another 8 miles and anchored by the Ringling Causeway Bridge in Sarasota.  For just spending the night, it is a nice little anchorage.  We went 90 miles today in 10 hours and 20 minutes.

5-20-2014: On the “Miserable Mile” at Fort Myers Beach; last time we were here he sold bait out of his boat and now he has a house on a barge anchored there.

5-20-2014:: Lots of dolphins following our boat again


May 21, 2014, Wednesday, Clearwater Municipal Marina:  Got going by 06:15 again.   Another beautiful day.  Sarasota Bay was smooth with just a little ripple.  Tampa Bay was a little rougher with a light chop.  We had a lot of “No Wake” zones again today.  We got to Clearwater by 13:30, got 200 gallons of diesel and were in our slip by 14:30.  We got settled in and went for a walk over to Cooter Restaurant for drinks and “Grouper Cheeks”.  We went 63.5 miles today in 7 hours and 15 minutes.  I finally got my hair cut on Thursday.  We plan on staying here for another day before crossing the Gulf of Mexico on Friday.


5-21-2014: Sun rise on Sarasota Bay

5-21-2014: Our boat on the face dock at Clearwater

CO’s comments:  The guy that was backing up his 70 foot boat by remote control had to have spent at least $25,000 for that system.  The boat was easier to back up and go side ways than it was for him to manually drive it forward.  It takes all the fun out of docking.  I bet if the system quit he would have trouble getting it in by himself manually. 

Back in the USA

5-9-2014, Marsh Harbour Marina to Crab Cay anchorage in the Bahamas:

Friday: Basil could not finish yesterday so he was back before 08:00 this morning. He said he would do his best to get us going by noon.  He finished up our boat repairs  by 10:00.   After paying Basil and the marina we were on our way by 11:00.  We are so glad we are finally on our way back to the US.  We made it through the Whale without any problem with only 3 to 4 foot waves on our starboard side and the wind was on our stern.  We made real good time and got to Spanish Cay Customs by 15:20 to pick up our package and then went another 4 miles or so to our anchorage at Crab Cay by 16:15.  We anchored in about 4 feet of water with 70 feet of anchor rode out because the wind was really blowing hard..  There were 2 other boats in the anchorage with us.

05-09-2014: 60 Foot Trumpy in slip next to us at Marsh Harbour Marina, beautiful old, wood, boat.

05-09-2014: Whale very calm compared to our trip over here.

05-09-2014: Dolphins jumping in front of the boat

05-09-2014: Crab Cay anchorage.

05-09-2014: Sunset at Crab Cay, our last one in the Bahamas


5-10-2014, Crab Cay anchorage to Great Sale Cay anchorage in the Bahamas:

Saturday;  We brought the anchor up by 09:05.  I had been driving and Keith has been taking the anchor up but it was very windy this morning and almost low tide with less than 3 feet of water under the keel so I brought the anchor up this morning and Keith drove.  It was full of sand and grass, huge clumps of grass.  When we started we had 2 foot waves on our Port beam at a 45 degree angle and by the time we got to Great Sale Cay anchorage we had 3 foot waves at the same angle.  It was a very windy day.  We went through Girl Jane Cut again but this time it was just after low tide.  It had started to rise but we hit some depths of 1′ below our keel where last March we went through at high tide and had nothing less than 4′ below our keel.  Note to self: Never go through Girl Jane Cut at low tide again.  There was about a 36 foot cabin cruiser in our anchorage when we got here and he had been here for a few days waiting for the winds to calm down.  I don’t think he understands that the winds never calm down in the Bahamas.  Keith advised him to get going in the morning and at least go as far as Spanish Cay as the weather is only going to get worse after Sunday.  Had a quiet night and an early to bed as we are planning on leaving here by very early tomorrow and make it all the way to Lake Worth, FL.

5-10-2014: Centre of the World Rock 

5-10-2014: Great Sale Cay anchorage


5-11-2014, Great Sale Cay anchorage in the Bahamas to North Palm Beach-North Lake Worth anchorage:

Sunday: We are back in the States!  We had a big day ahead of us so we went to bed early last night.  I had a hard time sleeping knowing what was ahead and I was up by 03:00.  I got coffee made and got dressed and ready before waking Keith at 03:30.  We had our anchor up and were on our way by 04:30.  We broke another one of our rules; never travel at night.  We made good time and got to Memory Rock in 5 hours and from there we headed out into the Atlantic.  This was one of the roughest trips we have had so far.  We had 4 to 6 foot waves and following seas.  We got shook up pretty good but we made it in one piece.  We went 120 miles in just under 13 hours and our engines ran perfect.  We had a great time in the Bahamas but it was so good to finally get back to the US.


5-11-2014: Crossing the Gulf Stream, all you see is a whole lot of sky and water and waves. 

5-12-2014; Lake Worth anchorage to Pendarvis Cove anchorage in Stuart, FL:


Slept in this morning and didn’t get going until 09:30.  Had trouble getting the anchor up again.  We think it is because of a few reasons; a little too heavy,especially when it is packed with mud,and not the correct rollers. We decided we will live with it.  Only had a short day of 36 miles and we anchored out in Pendarvis Cove in Stuart, FL.  Had a quiet night and got caught up on a few things.


5-13-2014;  Pendarvis Cove anchorage in Stuart, FL to Town Dock in Moore Haven, FL:

Tuesday: Got an early start as we had a long day planned and wanted to get  to our destination and tied up before it started to rain.  Had trouble with the anchor again this morning.  It keeps slipping and Keith had to tighten it again.  It also came up full of black mud.  We went through 3 locks today;  St. Lucie Lock, Port Mayaca Lock, and Moore Haven Lock.  At both St. Lucie and Port Mayaca we saw alligators.  It took us 2 hours and 41 minutes to cross Okeechobee Lake which had a moderate chop and was a piece of cake after the Gulf Stream.  We stayed at the Town Dock in the City of Moore Haven.  This was the first time we were on ground since last Friday morning. It is very warm here and we were both exhausted after the long day.  Keith rinsed off the boat and I did paper work.


CO’s comments:  I really like this anchor.  All I have to do is figure out how to adjust the anchor rollers so that I am not pulling at a 90 degree angle for the last 10 feet of rode.  We had a wonderful time in the Bahamas, met some great people, and found an excellent mechanic.

Marsh Harbour Marina

 May 6, 7, and 8-2014, Tuesday through Thursday: Our part arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon about 15:00. When Basil, our mechanic, went to pick up the part on Tuesday morning, Customs said we still owed $1500 duty for the part. Basil was i…