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April 3 & 4 We cleared Beville & Stennis Locks and docked at Columbus Marina

More limestone cliffs on the Tennesse-Tombigbee river, south of Columbus, MS.  We stayed two nights at Columbus Marina because a severe thunderstorm was predicted.  The marina was kind enough to put us under cover the second night.  Good…

April 2 We departed Demopolis, cleared Heflin lock, and anchored at Sumter Landing

And here’s Butch.  The weather has finally cleared up and we are passing the White Cliffs of Eppe. Cocktail time at Sumter LandingFishing at Sumter Landing

April fools day, We had the boat pulled to replace a damaged prop

Between Chickasaw Bogue and Demopolis, we hit a submerged object and damaged the port propeller.  It caused a rather severe vibration, so it had to be replaced.  Actually, we replaced both props with our spares because they come as matched se…

March 31 We cleared Demopolis Lock and docked at Demopolis Yacht Basin

Another mostly rainy day.  We thought we would make good time and be in Demopolis about noon, but they held us up for almost 4 hours while they cleared 4 large tows thru the lock.The lockmaster finally felt sorry for us and put us in the lock with…

March 30 We continued north in the rain to Chickasaw Bogue

 Navigating the Tenn-Tombigbee was a nerve wracking experience, especially during an all-day rain that made visibility very poor.  These logs can wipe out a prop easily.Entering Chickasaw Bogue….more trashIn the morning, our anchor chain wa…

March 29 Next anchorage north was at Bashi Creek.

Bashi Creek affords a very narrow anchorage.  There were already two boats anchored upstream and they wanted to leave very early in the morning, so we had to anchor clear over against the bank.  During the night we had a severe thunderstorm v…

March 28 We continued north and anchored at Old Lock #1

It was still raining and the river was close to minor flood stage and, in places, full of trash.  No chance to relax while piloting the boat….don’t want to hit any of these logs.

March 27 We departed Dog River Marina and anchored at Tensaw River

Heading north from Dog River toward downtown Mobile.  Mobile is a very busy seaport.  Weather was getting nasty.One of several dry dock facilities in downtown Mobile.

March 23, 24, 25 and 26 We crossed Mobile Bay and stopped at Dog River Marina

Mobile bay was unbelievably rough.  One can see from a map that it is a huge bay and the wind was blowing from the south at over 30 knots, gusting over 40.  When we turned west into the channel going to Dog River, it rolled the boat unmercile…

March 21 & 23 Docked at Holiday Harbor Marina, Pensacola

We stopped at Holiday Harbor to visit with our friends, Larry and Theresa Valentine, who live on a 42′ boat similar to ours.  We hope that they will come up our way this summer to visit us at our marina and home.