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Monday, 1/31/11

Boca Chica NAS Navy Marina, Key West, FL… Matthew our nephew visited us this week.  Here are some highlights: NAS Fitness Center, Bike Rides, The Bus, Hemingway House, Babalous, Margueritaville, Art Galleries, Key Lime Pie, Duval Street, Icecream Cones, Touring on Scooters Sunset Pier, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Mile Zero, The Craperie, The Most Southern Point, Six […]

Sunday, 1/23/11

Boca Chica, Key West Florida …We had a very interesting week as we took the bus in to town in between boat chores and Boca Chica life to view some more of Key West.  This week we visited the Key West Lighthouse which was built in 1847 to aid ships navigating dangerous reefs.  Even though […]

Sunday, 1/16/11

Boca Chica Key, KW, Florida Kaely flew back to Connecticut last Sunday to enjoy the blizzard this week!?  Blaine, Elise & Zoe flew back to Phoenix last Sunday.  We made many new memories and enjoyed our time together.   Now just the two of us again missing the babysitting and playing with Zoe at the beach and reading […]

Sunday, 1/9/11

Zoe, Merrygoround Boca Chica, Key West, FL…This has been the best week on our trip because we got to see three of our five kids and our only granddaughter, Zoe. Michelle and Kaely, Sunset Pier Grandpa reads to Zoe

Sunday, 1/2/11

Boca Chica, Key West, FL … This week was a week to accomplish much needed work on LESSER LIGHT, like change the oil, polish fiberglass and stainless steel and repair our dinghy which we learned had some damage after all after when we hit a piling while departing from a marina in VA.  The lower grungeon […]

Sunday, 12/26/10

Boca Chica USN Marina, Key West.  This was a very busy week.  One night we rode another trolley around KW and saw all the Christmas decorated houses that won the contest for decorations.  Went with 1st Bapt. Church group where we’re worshipping and enjoying Bible Study.  Many kids aboard which made it extra fun.  Went […]

Sunday, 12/19/10

USN, Boca Chica Marina, Key West.  We have had an interesting week.  Transportation is still an issue but we are getting more creative in our attempts to find post office, get provisions and to check out sites and restaurants we can take our kids or friends (hint, hint, hint) when they come down for a visit.  This week, […]

Sunday, 12/12/10

Boca Chica Marina, Key West.  Becoming acquainted with other retired boaters in marina,  One evening we went over to “C” dock (we’re on “A” dock to witness the blowing of the conch shells to celebrate the setting of the sun.  All the sail and power boats are aglow with Christmas lighting.  It helps one get […]

Sunday, 12/5/10

Key West U.S. Navy Marina Boca Chica.  We have been here for five days.  This is our lst weekly blog entry.  The weather is gorgeous here with cool nights and sunny white clouds and blue sky days with temps in the 70′s.  We are about 7-8 miles north of downtown Key West and very quiet […]