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January 31 – February 22, 2011 Fort Myers and Southwest Florida

  What tree takes up almost an acre of ground and has more trunks than a herd of elephants? — It’s the banyan tree that Thomas Edison planted in Fort Myers, FL (1925) at his estate on McGregor Blvd.  This tree (a gift from Harvey Firestone) is the first banyan tree planted in the US. […]

January 20-30, 2011, Delray Beach, FL

Jan 20 – 30.  Joining Carole and Sonny on their winter vacation in the Delray Beach area.   .                     BUTTERFLY WORLD, Coconut River, FL.  The first and largest Butterfly House in the United States. Pirate Festival, Gasparilla Invasion, a celebration in Tampa, FL.    It’s […]

Fort Myers, FL and Vicinity, January 6 – 19, 2011

                    Fort Myers and Vicinity January 6 –  13.  Back to Florida and on the boat again.  –  Wow, glad to be here in Florida.  The second week in January Florida was the ONLY state that did not have any snow!!  –  Yes, we are still […]

December 15, 2010-January 5, 2011 — Christmas and New Years Break — Raleigh, NC

  December 15.  We flew out of Fort Myers homeward bound to Raleigh, NC  in time for Elaine’s retirement  at EC (surprise Elaine, she wasn’t expecting Art–after all, he’s doing the “Loop”).  Congratulations to you Elaine!!  We hit to ground running trying to get ready for Christmas.  We did okay, but a bit abbreviated.  –  Christmas Eve […]

December 8-15, 2010 Fort Myers, Florida 26.6476,-081.8685

REMINDER:  If you would like to enlarge any of these picture, place your mouse on the picture and click.  –  An especially interesting picture to enlarge may be  the Banyan tree , i.e. Strangler Fig.,  enveloping a statue. December 8-9.  Left Gulfport at 8am and said our good-byes to “Tony M”.  We hope to see […]

November 30-December 8. Gulfport, Florida 27.740,-082.6969

November 30-December 2.  We left Tarpon Springs and headed to Dunedin to visit the Yacht Registry, where our boat (Heritage East) is assembled. After that visit we headed to Caladesi State Park, which is an island across from Dunedin and north of Clearwater. So far, this beach on this small island has made it to […]

November 24-29, 2010 Completed Crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Springs, Florida 28.1581,-082.7575

We left Carrabelle, Florida November 24 (Wednesday) for the Gulf Crossing at 1pm.  It may seem like a late start, but the rational is with a 22-hour crossing we wanted to arrive in Tarpon Springs mid-day.  This way we could see the crab pots without the sun blinding us.  And yes, indeed, it was a […]

November 21-23, 2010 — Crossing the Gulf of Mexico from Carrabelle, Florida 29.8524,-084.6695

“Crossing The Gulf of Mexico”  – November 23, 2010 November 21-23.  We spent one more day in Apalachicola then left November 22 heading for Carrabelle.  Looking at the weather window and conferring with different sources, we decided to move to Carrabelle today and leave from there  tomorrow, November 23rd, for a ‘direct’ crossing to Tarpon […]

November 11-20, 2010 Apalachicola, Florida 29.7320,-084.9880

November 11.  Left Fort Walton Beach and cruised 50 miles to an anchorage at Burnt Mill Creek.   November 12-14.  Pulled up anchor and heading for Port St. Joe, arriving at 4pm.  We are staying here a few days because our next stop will be Apalachicola where we plan to begin the Gulf Crossing.  According […]

November 7-10, 2010 Fort Walton Beach, Florida 30.4018,-086.6066

November 7.  We left Dog River Marina at the crack of dawn and started down the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  By lunch time, we were passing  ”Lulu’s” restaurant.  This popular restaurant is owned by one of Jimmy Buffett’s sisters (Lucy).  I understand brother Jimmy shows up from time to time.    And guess what was on […]