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Heading to Alaska

The fridge and freezer are filled, and the dry goods and spares are stowed. Tonight
we set off for Alaska.




Most summers we spend a bit of time between the northern tip of Vancouver island and
the Alaska bord…

Galley storage

has plenty
of storage space—we’ve not yet come close to filling all the lockers despite living
aboard. But it is a boat, and storage space is at a premium. So we’re always…


We spent the July
4th Independence Day weekend anchored at the head of the Hood Canal (route
map). We went mainly because we’d not anchored there before, and were planning
to stay only fo…

A freshwater cruise

The week before last, our home was up in the air next to Emerald
Harbor Marine's shop at Canal Boatyard in Ballard.
Although we're happy to be back at Bell Harbor, we had a good w…

Cruising with cats

We’ve cruised with two different cats: Gremlin was 10 years old before we introduced
him to boating and Spitfire was a kitten when brought him aboard several years later.
Both have enjoyed being on the boat and have seemed as content afloat as …

Lessons Learned Buildling a Semi-Custom Trawler Slide Deck

Last weekend we presented our
experiences in going through the design and build process for Nordhavn
5263. The slides are at  Hamilton_TF10_BuildingTrawlerWebPost.pdf

In discuss…

The right choice for just the Pacific Northwest?

Last week we answered this blog comment:

Given you have all these changes taking into consideration the PNW waters, I am wondering
if you feel you have had to compromise at all on design given you are introducing…

Night-running monitor covers

We have three Lenovo
ThinkVison L1900ps for navigation monitors. They have a low-profile bezel and
controls in the front, so can readily be flush-mounted into the pilot-house dash.
The display is crisp and clear, and we&#039…

Lessons learned building a semi-custom trawler

The seminar
schedule for Trawler Fest in Anacortes,
WA has been posted. This year we’ll be presenting on Thursday May 20th at
10:30am on our experience in purchasing, configuring and building a Nordhavn

We attended our first Trawler Fes…

Unusual Puget Sound Anchorages: Lynwood Center, Rich Passage

Center, tucked into the corner at the west end of Rich Passage, has become
one of our close-to-home favorites. It's nearn…