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Sumter Park Anchorage

(Thursday, Nov. 4 – Dist:37.5 mi; Avg Speed: 7.9 mph; TTT: 5:13 hrs; Locks: 1)

This is the marina office and shower rooms at Pirate’s Marina Cove.  The porch looks and was very tempting.  All 5 transient boats had a wonderful Happy Hour ther…

Pirate’s Marina Cove, Pickensville, AL

(Wednesday, Nov. 3 – Dist: 28.8 mi; Avg Speed: 8.7 mph; TTT: 3:40 hrs; Locks: 1)

´╗┐Despite the rain, hard at times, we decided to go to the next marina down the line.  The Stannis Lock just around the corner was open for us when the 6 of us arri…

Columbus, Mississppi

(Monday, Nov. 1 – Dist: 42.2 mi; Avg Speed: 8.2 mph; TTT: 6:40 hrs; Locks: 3)

Monday, November 1 was another beautiful day down here in the south.  We even had a chance to linger and enjoy our coffee this morning because by the time we were …