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Whales in Stephens Passage

Patrick & Miriam in front of Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

Pictures from Petersburg to Juneau Part 3

Lonely looking kayakers in Endicott Arm Dawes Glacier from 1/2 mile away Typical Waterfalls

Pictures from Petersburg to Juneau Part 2

The mother bear is totally ignoring us!

Pictures From Petersburg to Juneau Part 1

Five Finger Islands Lighthouse, Stephens Passage Porpoise escorting us up Stephens PassageBrown Bear on the beach, Tracy Arm Cove A mother and four yearlingsThe group finally gets curious

Wrangell to Juneau via Tracy and Endicott Arm

Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm Waterfall near Fors Terror, Endicott ArmMay 21, 2011This is the long day we knew was coming, getting to Tracy Arm Cove via Frederick Sound and Stephens Passage. We left Petersburg at 0820 and were swept out Wrangell Narrows…

Ketchikan Photos

Longhouse at Totem Bight A Halibut Totem at Totem Bight Skunk Cabbage at Lunch Falls Lunch Falls at Settler’s Cove, Ketchikan Saxman Village Totems and Longhouse

Ketchikan to Petersburg (rain, rain and more rain)

May 16, 2011Monday morning the good weather had departed, and the rain was falling, heavy most of the time. We had arranged to share a car rental with Jim and Cheryl so we could not only see both ends of the road, but also the scenic spots too far to …

Lowe Inlet to Foggy Bay and Ketchikan

A peaceful evening in Foggy Bay Raindancer and Sea Jay in Foggy Bay A view of Bottleneck Inlet Entrance in the rainMay 13, 2011Underway in rain seems to be the norm these days, and today was no exception. We left Lowe Inlet at 0750 in rain and 44 degr…

Bottleneck Inlet to Khutze and Lowe Inlet

Waterfall Point, Finlayson Channel Rainbow in Khutze Inlet It is still Winter hereOrca swimming alongside Spirit Another view of Waterfall Point5/11/2011If the sun was shining this morning we had arranged for Sea Jay to take photos of Spirit at Waterf…

Shearwater to Bottleneck Inlet

We awoke this morning to wind and rain, with wind gusts to 30 knots, and wondered whether we were going to be able to leave the dock. However, the weather forecast predicted the winds would calm to 10 knots or so by noon, so about 1017 we and Sea Jay d…