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Labor Day Weekend

Boating plans are subject to change…when the weather changes, plans change.  The forecast for Labor Day weekend sounded great…in reality it was wet and windy.We had family staying at Magnolia Beach so we planned on taking the boat down, spendi…

Table Project

The table in the saloon was rectangular causing problems when sliding around the settee and making movement in the cabin limited when it was open all the way. The last few months we haven’t used the table…it was just more trouble than it was worth….

The Birth of a Dinghy

Our boat came with a dinghy, a cute dinghy, but it was not a very usable dinghy. So Stan did a little research and decided the size, shape and type he wanted to use on The Pearl. We needed a roomy stable dinghy we could use to explore, fish and travel …

Friends Onboard

Saturday evening we finally had the chance to get our friends Stanley and Judy Marek out on the boat. They have been onboard several times, but we hadn’t gotten out on the water. Sorry it took so long to take you for a ride. We had a great time and I…

Still Boating

We have been out on the boat every weekend, but nothing too note worthy. Kelley and her kids come for a visit Friday…only got to visit on the boat (no ride). The bay was a little choppy and we thought it might be a little rough for them.Kelley, Hayde…

July 4th Weekend

Hurricane Alex made a visit to Northern Mexico June 30; bringing us around 10 inches of rain, high tides and a little wind. We thought the storm might completely ruin our 4th of July activities, but a lot of the fun went on.Larry Joe Taylor…“Doin

New Interior

We have made a few changes to the interior. New paint in the heads, pictures on the walls, bedspreads, and personal touches. We still would like to replace the vinyl in the shower area (maybe when the weather cools off) and replace a few fixtures in bo…


June 20 – Father’s Day Cruise