Lessons learned building a semi-custom trawler

The seminar
schedule for Trawler Fest in Anacortes,
WA has been posted. This year we’ll be presenting on Thursday May 20th at
10:30am on our experience in purchasing, configuring and building a Nordhavn

We attended our first Trawler Fes…

The Potomac River

Cruising the 100 miles of the Potomac River from the mouth at the Chesapeake Bay to Washington, DC at our cruising speed of 6.5 knots takes a couple of days. The river is very wide almost to DC and the channel meanders from one shore to the other as y…

"These waves are getting annoying"

said first mate Justin huggins as I took over the helm for my 2am-6am watch. he was’t wrong. We do four hour watches, and there are four of us, so it ends up beig fair. My next one therefore will be 6-10 pm. It’s 2.30am now and Dave has just joined me….

April 23, 2010 – On the way into La Paz

On the 17th, we anchored outside of Loreto and Earl and I took a quick run to Pescador, the local grocery store. Since Earl was involved, it was quick- a sprint through the store. The man really does not understand the concept of shopping. We did ma…

There have been eight days to go for the past three days.

Dave caught a seagull with a fishing rodI saw a whaleIt’s getting hotterOur turnips rottedWe can make only 6.7 knots, conserving fuel, with weather on the nose.I still have some mangoes left.We saw another ship. they talked to us on the radio…

Point Clear Marriott

The pool water was not to cold for these guys.Or Grandsons Hayden and HarrisonWe spent the day at the hotel I did some work on the boat then dinner in town.

Yes, We’re Still Here

Whew – busy month. Headed down to California a few weeks ago for Brock’s birthday. Redwoods, Palm Springs, San Diego. We came back up through Sonora, Angels Camp & Calaveras County ~ absolutely gorgeous places neither of us had been before. It was…

Happy Earth Day

Most every year on Earth Day when I was teaching Pre-school we would make this cake, I think that anything with cream cheese is great.  Jordan always liked this treat. Hope you enjoy. DIRT CAKE □   2 (20 oz.) pkgs. Oreo cookies □   1/2 stick butter □   1 (8 oz.) cream cheese □   1 c. powdered sugar □   3 1/2 […]

Life’s2Short 2010-04-22 05:16:00

Boot Key Harbor to Manatee PocketWe returned from Key West on Friday, April 9th, and spent the next two days on the boat in Boot Key Harbor, recovering! On Saturday Todd got in the water and cleaned the side of the boat at the waterline. That afternoon…

Feel like a good grumble!

3am, 22/04/10.We are now exactly halfway. The hydraulic alternator has made my cabin sound like a factory that tests chainsaws.We have entered the ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone), and there there are squalls that make the rada…