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Bahia de Los Angeles Village to Puerto Refugio on Isla Angel de la Guarda

Blog Q: It’s kind of like a never ending party—with some boat repairs and a hurricane thrown in! How you figure out which boats have cool people to visit and which have the solitary pirate to avoid?   A: We think … Continue reading

Ensenada el Pescador to La Village de Bahia de Los Angeles

On Saturday (September 17), when we awoke, we were relieved to see that most of the bugs were gone. Instead of a sunrise picture, here is a video of a bird catching a fish. The rest had vacated by the … Continue reading

Ensenada el Pescador Days 2 – 3

Thursday, September 15: Here is a sunrise photo of the island that protects this bay.  And a photo of the other boats in the anchorage as the sun was rising. Yesterday, shortly after we arrived, Kosmos was surrounded by a … Continue reading

Ensenada el Quemado to Ensenada el Pescador

Sunrise with the moon on Wednesday, September 14  When we woke up, it was rolly in the anchorage. The rolling made us so lethargic, so we had a hard time getting moving in the morning. Chris let us know that … Continue reading

La Gringa to The Village de Bahia de Los Angeles to Ensenada el Quemado

Here is a shot of the almost full moon still shining brightly well after sunrise on Tuesday, September 13. Christi thinks that on Tuesday, our friend, Chris, had an angel watching over him and protecting him. Eric thinks that Chris … Continue reading

La Gringa Anchorage, Bahia de Los Angeles, Day 2

Sunrise on Monday, September 12 We spent most of the day doing chores. Christi was cleaning the waterline when she got an especially painful jellyfish sting on her ankle. It hurt so much that she had to get out of the … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on the Various Bay of LA Anchorages/Le point de vue de Keith sur les différents mouillages de la baie de Los Angeles

I liked La Mona the second time. We went to another party, this time on a cruiser’s beach, and did D&D with Basik and Gen M. J’ai aimé La Mona la deuxième fois. Nous sommes allés à une autre fête … Continue reading

La Mona Anchorage to La Gringa Anchorage, Both in Bahia de Los Angeles

When Eric woke up, on Sunday (September 11), a few of his toes were bruised and it was a bit hard for him to walk. Not a fun way to start the day. He is glad he did not fall farther … Continue reading

The Aftermath of Hurricane Kay

On Friday morning (September 9), we were surprised to wake up to no wind and no rain. The storm had cleared much earlier than expected. What a relief! It did start to drizzle not long after we woke up, but … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on La Mona, The Village at Bahia de Los Angeles and Hurricane Kay/Le point de vue de Keith sur La Mona, le village de Bahia de Los Angeles et l’ouragan Kay

I liked the La Mona anchorage. Mostly, we played at the beach. I had fun with with the kids on Gen M and Double Deuce. We went to a costume party.  I liked the party at first, but toward the … Continue reading