The View from Our Deck

“Life” is a gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to those who come after. Make it a fantastic one.”

The view from the back deck of Texas Pearl is pretty nice…lots of boats, bait houses, a lighthouse and an ever changing sky. We have the same view from the potholes in the stateroom. It’s fun to slide open the curtains and take in this view in the morning. Although this year we’ve seen a lot more fog than we’d like…we take what we get and enjoy it as much as we can.

Update, Testing Blogger from Android

So we have not been active for quite some time. Reason, this app would not work for us. Hoping it has been fixed.

Getting Braver?

Dora still isn’t convinced about this swimming stuff. She really prefers to have her paws firmly on the terra firma.

But Dora also likes fighting with Dee Dee for the bumper.

How far will she go?

She still doesn’t want four paws off the ground.

However, Dora is getting braver, pushing a bit further into the surf. She may end up a swimmer after all.

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February in Amsterdam

In February we took advantage of unseasonably warm, calm and sunny weather for Amsterdam to make day trips to NDSM Wharf, Zaanse Schans, and Rotterdam. We also started stocking up for the summer trip to the Baltic; completed several boat maintance items and projects, such as replacing our unsatisfactory Jabsco 34600-0010 bilge pump; and did…

The Ultimate Prize

Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora vie for the bumper.


I flew home  on February 19th, just in time for another 8 inches of snow and our record breaking snowiest February in Minnesotas history – 30.4 inches of snow.  The next day, my sister suffered a stroke and 6 days later lost her battle with c…

What a Brat

Dee Dee swims the distance to retrieve the bumper.Dora waits to waylay Dee Dee.Then Dora makes the steal.What a little brat…

Sisters on the Beach

Hot Spots

Years ago I was working in the lazarette on a hot day when I glanced up and saw a red LED illuminated on the DC panel. Normally, the Mastervolt DC distribution units have only green LEDs. I could still see the green LEDs on as usual but we also had a red light. I stopped…