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Glacier Bay Part One

Day 50: Hoonah to North Sandy Cove: The Hoonah Harbor is still asleep as we slip away from the docks this early morning. Our dear friends, Jack and Barbara, are with us for this special trip into Glacier Bay. Cruising into Glacier Bay on our own boat has been on our bucket list for some […]


It is a short fourteen mile run up Port Fredrick Sound to the small village of Hoonah. Robin and Jim from the Defever “Adventures” are on the docks to catch our lines. They have been very gracious with providing us Alaska cruising information over the past several years and are partly responsible for us being […]

Pavlov to Neka Bay

Day 43 &44: Pavlov to Neka Bay: As we exit Freshwater Bay on this grey morning, the tall peaks on Admiralty Island welcome us into Chatham Sound. Just another 15 Miles brings us to Icy Strait where we are happy to find conditions calm with hardly a ripple on the water. We soon spot a […]

Sitka to Pavlov

Day 40 & 41: Sitka to Baby Bear Anchorage: Saying goodby to Sitka, we retrace our route through Olga and Neva Strait into Salisbury Sound. There are quite a few commercial fishing boats in the sound today which we must navigate around. These guys are called Trollers. They have numerous led weights hanging down from […]

Tenakee Springs to Sitka

Day 34: Tenakee Springs to Appleton Cove: Our departure is delayed today as we can’t pick up our half dozen cinnamon rolls from the Part Time bakery until 8:30 AM. Hot and fresh out of the oven, they are the best cinnamon rolls we have had in a long time. They were well worth waiting […]

Juneau to Tenakee Springs

Day 32: Juneau to Futner Bay: We have fog and rain this early morning as we say goodbye to Juneau and enter Gastineau Channel. With the crazy extreme tides we are leaving on a high tide at five AM so to be sure we can get out of the marina with plenty of water under […]

Cannery Cove to Juneau

Day 28: Cannery Cove to Snug Cove: We have another twelve crabs to cook and pick from our two days of crabbing here in Cannery Cove. We may not be catching many fish yet but we sure are getting our fair share of crabs. We decide to travel only a short distance today to another […]

Petersburg to Cannery Cove

Day 25: Petersburg to Ideal Cove: Idyll Time is working hard this morning bucking a three knot flood current in Wrangell Narrows as we pull away from the Petersburg fuel dock. We have enjoyed our time in Petersburg and look forward to stopping here again on our return trip south from Glacier Bay. The sea […]

Wrangell to Petersburg

Day 22,23,24: Wrangell to Petersburg: Our destination today is Petersburg, located on the north end of Mitkof Island. We must transit the 21 mile long Wrangell Narrows which is one of the more challenging passages. This is a narrow channel and contains over 60 navigational aids and five sets of range markers. All traffic including […]

Ketchikan to Wrangell

Day 18: Ketchikan to Santa Anna Anchorage: We can’t seem to get away from the cruise ships. We barely have time to sneak out of the marina at 5:30 this morning just in front of a Celeberty ship as she is coming into port. We meet a Carnival ship just a mile north as we […]