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The Haul Out

It’s time to close this years chapter on cruising. We have had an amazing year and are sorry to see it end. After much deliberation, we have decide to leave Idyll Time in Sidney, B.C. over the winter. She will stay out of water in Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Park. It is always an anxious […]

San Juan Islands

Crossing Boundary Pass, we say goodbye to Canada’s Gulf Islands and enter US waters. We call Customs for our clearance back into the U.S.A. With our NEXUS card this is incredibly easy. In order to get this card, we underwent a background check and a face to face interview with both Canada and U.S. Customs […]

Cruising 2018

Well we have decided that going south this season might be a good option so we are planning on Trinidad for Carnival! Seamantha are game and it sounds like Alizann is seriously considering. A Krogen Rendezvous!

Galiano Island

Montague Harbor: Our trip across the Strait of Georgia was smooth and uneventful (always a good thing). We made an overnight stop in Nanaimo to drop off the two parrots at a pet sitter. We are heading to the U.S. for a Krogen Rendezvous in a few days and our government makes it very difficult […]

Desolation Sound Part Three

Toba to Prideaux Haven: We are up early this morning for some fishing before pushing away from Toba Wilderness Resort. Within thirty minutes we have one nice salmon in the box and another one on the hook. The second one is small so we let him go. Hauling our prawn trap we find 20 nice […]

Phone Blogging

I had some challenges blogging and using Sylken Sea email from my previous phone. Seems now there were account conflicts with Google Apps and accounts running on my older Samsung (Android 4.4). Now using an unlocked international Google Pixel and Andro…


Gut wrenching is the only way I can describe the feeling as images and information slowly emerge from Dominica. I don’t know how they will rebuild.

Desolation Sound Part two

Drew Harbor to Von Donop: We are heading back to Desolation Sound today for another week of exploring. Traveling up Sutil Channel we are soon rewarded with stunning views. When we were here last month the smoke from the Forrest fires had obscured our view of these high mountain peaks. We are a little nervous […]

Port McNeil

Sullivan Bay to Port McNeil: Saying goodby to Sullivan Bay, we took advantage of a good weather window to cross Queen Charlotte Strait. We were just entering the Strait when my heart about jumped out of my body. As I glanced to the starboard side, I was looking at a large humpback whale no more […]

Nate and Primo

Several folks have asked what the birds do all day long. We thought an explanation about our companionable and ever entertaining pets would give you a better understanding. Nate and Primo are Yellow Naped Amazon Parrots. Their day starts around 7 AM, about the time the Admiral rises. They will have preened themselves completely by […]