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Port McNeil

Sullivan Bay to Port McNeil: Saying goodby to Sullivan Bay, we took advantage of a good weather window to cross Queen Charlotte Strait. We were just entering the Strait when my heart about jumped out of my body. As I glanced to the starboard side, I was looking at a large humpback whale no more […]

Nate and Primo

Several folks have asked what the birds do all day long. We thought an explanation about our companionable and ever entertaining pets would give you a better understanding. Nate and Primo are Yellow Naped Amazon Parrots. Their day starts around 7 AM, about the time the Admiral rises. They will have preened themselves completely by […]

Sylken Sea Update

Been awhile, no excuse. Home projects, family, golf…….you understand I’m sure.  We were hauled in Antigua, doing some really neat upgrades, will post details, stand by.


It is painful to watch the destruction this storm has inflicted and we fear that many of our friends will be affected.  These are wonderful islands, warm friendly people many of whom do not have the resources that we take for granted. Many of the …

Sullivan Bay

Sullivan Bay is our stop for today. When calling in on the VHF to get docking instructions, their last comment is “ Welcome to Sullivan Bay”. What a wonderful comment to hear upon arrival. I have to say we have experienced this welcome throughout Canada. Sullivan Bay is another one of those unique marinas of […]

Broughtons Part Three

Pierre’s to Turnbull Cove: Saying goodby to Pierre’s, we continue our exploration deeper into the Broughton Islands. It is a grey cold day on the water. Puff continues to preform flawlessly and we stay nice and toasty in the pilot house. This was a great addition to Idyll Time. While traveling west around Broughton Island, […]

Broughtons Part Two

Kwatsi Bay to Cullen Harbor: From Kwatsi Bay we continued our exploration of the Broughton Islands spending two nights in Cullen Harbor. We are the only boat in this beautiful anchorage. At the east end of Cullen Bay is a narrow passage leading to Booker Lagoon. A dinghy ride through the rapids to the inner […]

Kwatsi Bay

Lagoon Cove to kwatsi Bay: We say goodby to Wendy and Leigh as they are going to stay at Lagoon Cove one more day in hopes of another salmon catch. We travel up Knight Inlet for only a few miles before turning onto Tribune Channel. Knight Inlet continues for almost 70 miles and is the […]

The Broughtons

Forward Harbor to Cracroft Inlet: It is an early morning departure as we have another 15 miles of Johnstone Strait ahead of us. Strong wind warnings are in effect for this afternoon of 20-25 knots. This is a typical forecast for Johnstone Strait. On most days, you need to be off the Strait by early […]

Running The Rapids

Campbell River to Octopus Marine Park Altech Marine has our windless repaired and finish re-installing it by 1 pm. A few minutes later we are away from the docks and on our way. We are leaving Desolation Sound and heading north towards the Broughtons. One could spend months in Desolation Sound with its multitude of […]