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Blind Chanel to Vancouver:

Homemade cinnamon rolls are baked each morning at the Blind Channel store.  They are so popular that the marina limits boaters to two per boat.  We secure our pair of tasty pastries as soon as the store opens as they sell out quickly.   We have a short travel day of 31 miles to our next anchorage of […]

Fiordland to Blind Channel:

After several amazing days anchored in Fiordland, it’s time to continue south.  We could stay much longer here, but we still have many miles to travel.  We will definitely be sure to stop here again in the future. After a quick overnight stop in Wigham Cove, we work our way into Fisher Channel to our next anchorage […]

Inside Passage South: Fiordland

We are always looking for new areas to explore.  Several boating friends have highly recommend a cruise to Fiordland.  Our Waggoner cruising guide states: “ The Fiordland Conservancy was established in 1987, and is some of the most striking country on the coast. The mountains are sheer and beautiful and the wildlife is abundant, but anchorages are […]

Prince Rupert to Khutze Inlet

Canadian Customs now require boaters to physically come to a customs dock to clear into the country.  Before Covid with our NEXUS clearance,  we could just check in by phone.  Once we tie up at Cow Bay Marina in Prince Rupert, we call customs and  are on hold for almost an hour!!  I guess Customs is struggling just like all […]

Anan Bear Preserve

Anan Bear Preserve is located 30 miles south of Wrangell on Earnest Sound.  You must apply for a permit with the U.S. Forrest Service to access this area.  We could come here by our own boat but the anchorage in front of the preserve is not recommended by most of the cruising guides due to its depth […]

Inside Passage South: Petersburg to Prince Rupert

All of our dock mates are still fast asleep as we ease away from our stall in Petersburg to begin our journey South on the Inside Passage.  We have a slow slog down Wrangell Narrows with a 4 knot current against us for the first hour.  We timed our passage this way so as to catch the […]

July 4th in Petersburg

    With our freezer full of halibut and king salmon, we head back to Petersburg on the slack tide. Currents in Wrangell Narrows are fierce and we always try to time docking with slack current at our slip.  Once our fish is processed, we take it to Community Cold Storage.  We will have it shipped to TN this […]

The Three Harpoon Halibut

After one last soak in the hots springs, Ptarmigan and Idyll Time say goodbye to  Baranof Warm Springs and head south on  Chatham Strait.  Point Gardner is calm today but we do have limited visibility due to thick fog. After the  appearance of several kayakers transversing Chatham Strait, we are on a sharp lookout.  Ptarmigan is headed back to Petersburg […]

Baranof Warm Springs

After a fun time of King Salmon fishing, Idyll Time and Ptarmigan head south on Chatham Strait  to Takatz anchorage on Baranof Island. Chatham Strait is again calm and we have another amazing day in Alaska. After anchoring in this beautiful wilderness, we put down the kayaks.  It’s high tide so we are able to paddle up […]

King Salmon

It is another beautiful sunny day out on the water as we head north on Chatham Strait.  We certainly can’t complain about the SE Alaska weather this year!! The King Salmon season just opened on the inside waters  for recreational boats.  Two of our Krogen friends have reported good success in catching these greatly desired fish so we […]