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Shakedown Cruise Spring 2018

You can sense a wave of calm envelop Idyll Time and her crew as we exit Tsehum Harbor and transition from work mode to cruise mode. It is so nice to finally be away from the boat yard. We will spend the next week testing our systems and exploring some of the Gulf Islands before […]

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

So…here we are still rafted up along Philbrooks work dock. After successfully launching Idyll Time into the water, Philbrooks needed a few more days of good weather to finish our varnish and gelcoat repairs. Rain each day prevented the work during our first week on the dock. Spring finally arrived and we had beautiful clear […]

Getting ready for another year of cruising:spring 2018

We are happy to be writing this blog back aboard Idyll Time. It was a good three week 3200 mile trip across the U.S. in the RV. A few days were spent in Colorado near Grand Junction exploring some of the smaller towns and wineries. The only snow we saw was atop Monarch Pass in […]

Buccoo Bay, Tobago.

Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

Sylken Sea, Kadey Krogen 48-44 2018-03-16 20:46:00

In T&T $100 TT is approx $20 CDN, you need lots of them but the ATM will only give you $3K TT at a time. The machine must recognize we are using a NA card, must think we are American, charges $4.75 USD for the transaction (plus you will be charged …


In Trini cash is King!

Martinique, heading next to Trinidad

It was not the most comfortable crossing from Antigua to Martinique, but we are here. Love this Island, Baugettes, formage, boudin creole, fois gras! We did visit R&R on Calipso, missed Pam & James. Then after clearing out we find Marina & …

Renovation Update

Well we are back on board, a late launch this after a wonderful month with grandkids in South Africa. We launched January 18th, now at anchor.The renovations went very well, dealing with Michael at Ultra Yacht Refit was a pleasure.

Five Island Harbour

At anchor, beautiful spot. Only a 15 minute dingy ride into Jolly Harbour for supplies.