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Pack Creek: A Krogen Mini Rendezvous

Our one and only schedule for this summer is a mini rendezvous with three other Krogen owners at Pack Creek, a spectacular bear preserve. We have visited Pack Creek several times and it is an amazing place. Pack Creek has been a popular bear viewing area since the 1930’s. It’s location is on Admiralty Island […]

Funter Bay to Hoonah

Leaving Skagway, we have another beautiful trip down the Lynn Canal. Several Pacific White-Sided Dolphins soon join us and zig zag on our bow. The U. S. Coast Guard and several gill net fishing boats are out but we have no sightings of any other pleasure boats. The cruising in Alaska has been so strange […]

Haines and Skagway

The Lynn Canal heads north from Juneau for 86 miles to the small towns of Haines and Skagway. Both towns are palaces we have wanted to visit and with no cruise ships this year it seems the perfect opportunity. This can be a very treacherous body of water. With its north- south orientation, winds funnel […]

North on Chatham Strait

Leaving Little Port Walter, we motor north on Chatham Strait. We detour briefly to explore the narrow fiord of Patterson Bay. There is very little information about the inlet in our guide books but it looks to have deep water all the way up to its head. It is a beautiful six mile cruise to […]

Red Bluff

As we work our way out Pybus Bay, a large group of sea otters are lazily bobbing up and down on the surface. Every year we see the sea otter population increasing in this area. They are very cute but the commercial fishermen despise them. They will eventually wipe out the crab population here as […]

Little Port Walter

After four nights on the hook in Red Bluff Bay, it feels good to be cruising once again. Our weather forecast predicts seas building this afternoon in Chatham Strait so we have an early departure of 6 am. It is a beautiful 30 mile cruise south along the eastern shore of Baranof Island. The snow […]

What Did We Do Wrong Officer?

While anchored in Cannery Cove, we spot a 100 foot boat heading towards the anchorage. We have seen this boat before. It’s The Enforcer, the Alaska State Trooper Boat. They deploy their small skiff and three agents are soon motoring through the harbor. We are the only boat here so are sure they will come […]

Cannery Cove

Cannery Cove It’s another cloudy cold day as we fight the last of the flood current pouring into the narrow but well marked channel of Thomas Bay. We make our exit and head west down Frederick Sound. The currents are now with us and give Idyll Time a good one knot push. Several lone humpbacks […]


May 22nd, a very exciting day – I was finally able to score toilet paper and paper towels.  Rick has a virtual doctor visit on the 26th of May as a follow up to his gallbladder removal.  If he gets the sign of approval we are scheduled to fly…

Ideal Cove

After spending 10 days getting Idyll Time up and running for the season, it is time to push away from the docks. Working down our departure procedures, we double check each step. Being away for six months, we are a little rusty. As we ease out into Frederick Sound, we soon see the familiar Stellar […]