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The day we left Huahine for Raiatea was not the "best" weather day. It was rainy and windy and there were very large waves/swells in the small 20 mile channel that separates the two islands. It is comforting to know that this boat thinks noth…

Keystone to Yellowstone

Wednesday, May 11 — Day 19: Keystone, South Dakota to Buffalo, Wyoming (continuing on the Passage Across America) Even though it was still snowing, we went back to Mt. Rushmore in hopes that visibility may be better. This first picture is at the entrance to the park. If you look at the trees in this […]

Mackay to Airlie Beach

The weekend had arrived again and for promoters of the ‘drag races for powerboats ‘http://www.mackay-revealed.com.au/story/2010/06/26/marina-hosts-ocean-drags/ all their hopes and wishes must have come true as the wind that had blown it’s guts out…


1st July 2010 – Gibraltar
We had been away from Mad Sunday for 2½ months, during which time we made brief visits back to the Isle of Man and to Maidenhead and an extended visit of 5 weeks on the Gold Coast in Australia.
Waiting for us on our return …

GSSR 2010 – Quick update on position)

The three GSSR boats (two N62s and an N68) are currently underway between Japan and Taiwan, headed to Nordhavn’s Ta Shing factory in Tainan, Taiwan.

As I type this we are about 12 hours into a 48 hour passage.

We’re excited about see…

Market ? What Market?

So we are all pumped up to go to Fare on Huahine for market day. According to the guide books and the girl in the scooter rental place – Yes, there is a market on Saturday. All day! Down by the cargo dock. Well, long story short, we bought a few suppli…

Plain to Keystone

Monday, May 10 – Day 17: Plain, Wisconsin to Worthington, Ohio (continuing on the Passage Across America) Visit to Taliesin, famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal estate, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The second photo is his school, one of his earliest designs that he constantly revised over the years. The first is the only restaurant […]

Eliana 76

Captain Change

You may recall our February announcement naming Capt. Stuart Sheppard as our teaching captain on Eliana.  Everything seemed to be on track until recently when we received a call from Stuart letting us know he couldn’t do it because of a change in …


Papeete is a mere 200 miles from the tuamotus which is pretty short to get our new batteries and other things that were supposed to be waiting for us.  We anchored for the first night and then went into Marina Taina the next morning.  We …

A freshwater cruise

The week before last, our home was up in the air next to Emerald
Harbor Marine's shop at Canal Boatyard in Ballard.
Although we're happy to be back at Bell Harbor, we had a good w…