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Dora’s First Voyage

Today we took Red Head out for a sea trial to check the new bow thruster, shaft changes, and other miscellaneous work. It was pretty exciting to be underway, even if it was just a short jaunt up and down the river. Things went very well with the most e…

The Final Forever Home

The whole Red Head crew is excited to be back onboard. It may be a little dusty and disorganized but it’s definitely home sweet home.The kids have been making the best of it as Mom and Dad clean, uncover cushions, and try to put things to rights.Dora h…

Rainy Days

On rainy days the crew misses going to the dog park. They use the time to catch up on their naps. It could be Dylan nuzzling with Dora.Or Dylan snuggled with Dee Dee.Or the trifecta with all three cuddled together. Now that’s some kinda sweet.

Good Morning!

Mornings are a special time with the Red Head crew. There’s the morning walk and breakfast. That’s often followed by a morning nap.That is until Miss Dora decides she wants to play.This morning she picked Miss Dee Dee as her partner.It took a little co…

Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!

Our little Miss Dee Dee is five years old today. She spent her day with Dylan and Dora. It was pretty much a typical day – morning walk, breakfast, dog park. But Dad made a stop on the way home from the dog park. After all, we needed to celebrate our l…

It’s Been a Whirlwind

It has been a wild time since leaving Panama City Beach. Mom caught the flu from Grandma so we are a bit behind on the pics. There have been Dora firsts and, of course, more dog parks.A dog park was found not too far from Grandma’s house. On the first …

Goodbye, Panama City Beach


Dylan and Dee Dee arrived in Panama City Beach a little over five months ago and discovered the dog park. 11:15 am quickly became an important time of the day.

The Red Head crew leaves PCB with an extra crew member. Now that’s one heck of a souvenir.

The crew has finally departed Panama City Beach, on its way to Grandma’s house and then on to Red Head. It was a long 9+ hour drive not including stops. Probably the longest car ride Dora has ever had. No big deal for Dylan and Dee Dee though.

The backseat was a little tight but the crew settled in pretty well.

 A stop was made at a dog park about half way there.

The crew enjoyed romping with the other dogs. Mom and Dad enjoyed a quiet backseat for the remainder of the trip.

Of course, it couldn’t compare with the PCB dog park. The crew said their final good-byes on Monday. It was a little sad for both dogs and people. Cindy is mom to the two German Shepherds.

Wendy tried to arrange a group picture. She’s the Golden’s mom.

And tried.

And, well, figured that’s good enough. It’s our time at the dog park that everyone will miss the most. Love you guys!

After an exhausting drive, the crew finally made it to Grandma’s house. Dora is learning a whole new set of “No’s” but, with the help of Dylan and Dee Dee, she is settling in pretty well. It should be an exciting week with lots of new adventures for the littlest crew member, culminating with Dora arriving at her forever home. Here’s hoping she likes the water…

Definitely BFF’s

Dora and Dee Dee have come to be best buddies. Who would have guessed our little diva would yield to another princess? They love their morning and afternoon play sessions. They cuddle up for their naps. Mom even caught Dee Dee scratching to get Dora ou…

Safety First

The Red Head crew always observes safety first whether we’re cruising the waterways or the highways. Dylan and Dee Dee are always secured to the car seat belt through their safety harnesses when they go for a ride in the car. Mom went to get one for Do…


Our little diva, aka Miss Dee Dee, is finding that having a little sister around can have it’s advantages. For one thing, she doesn’t have that frantic Lab food obsession. That means she is prone to leaving crumbs around after her treats. Dora has even…