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We’re Back

It’s been a stressful time for Dylan and Dee Dee. Their dad had to have some shoulder surgery late last week. That meant they were back to relying on only Mom, who decided taking them to the dog park might be too much. It turned out that the weekend wa…

A Private Dog Park

Dad had to leave for a couple of days to check on the progress of Red Head. At the last minute it was decided that he would drive himself the hour and a half to the airport. Turned out to be a smart move when his return flight was delayed by over 9 hou…


Dylan and Dee Dee have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.They have their two servants, um, they mean, their Mom and Dad, to ensure they are warm and safe and well fed. “Well fed” being the operative term.Dee Dee did her best to convinc…

A Day In The Life

Dylan and Dee Dee have settled nicely into their new winter home. The best part is they now have a real routine, unlike the constant change of the boat. If you’ve had the pleasure of sharing your life with a dog, then you know how they adhere to routine.

What does their typical day look like?

Up between 6 and 6:30 and out the door for a walk. It’s a nice neighborhood so there are lots is choices.

Sometime we go left, sometimes we go right, and sometimes we go straight.

Then it’s one of the two best times of the day – breakfast.

After all that excitement, it’s time for a nap.

The days are usually quiet with Mom and Dad working. Occasionally there is a UPS delivery. One time Dad had to sign for a package.  That was great.

Mom and Dad often go for a walk on the beach after lunch – sans kids. No pets on the beach but Mom and Dad also appreciate some alone time. It’s fine because Mom always gives a treat before they leave. They’re always so well behaved when there’s a treat.

In the late afternoon comes the big highlight of the day. The dog park!!!! It’s a short ride to one of the best dog parks the kids have seen.

They romp and play for an hour or so.

Then back home for dinner! The second favorite time of the day. And, of course, another nap. Who could blame them after all that excitement.

Some snuggle time in the evening and then bed for the final treat of the day. After such a busy day they sleep soundly until it’s morning and they get to do it all over again. It’s a tough live but someone has to do it.

Panama City Beach

The crew has finally made it to their winter home in Panama City Beach. They had a brief stop to be spoiled by their grandma and then arrived on Friday. It was a lot of time in their new car but Dylan and Dee Dee handled it with their usual aplomb.Yes,…

You’re Making the Crew Blush

Dylan and Dee Dee are blushing from all the attention their recent hiatus from their blog has created. And the kids are certainly not new to lots of attention. Many have written concerned that they are no longer doing their blog but they want to assure…

It’s Time To Go

After 5+ weeks here in our beloved Castine, it is time to go. We have monitored the storms, checked the weather, and Red Head is prepped for passage. We’ll safely eke our way south, moving whenever we can.Goodbye Castine. Goodbye dear friends. We love …

Castine, Maine

Our planned month long stay in our old hometown of Castine, Maine flew by. The crew apologizes for being remiss in their blog postings but it has been a busy time.  Of course, there has been swimming.There was swimming at Indian Bar.And Fort Madis…

Why Is It Always Dee Dee?

We all knew kids growing up who seemed to always have issues – broken bones, stitches, head stuck between the banisters… (OK, that last one was my twin brother, actually, all of them were – sorry Joel). On Red Head, it’s Dee Dee. Today she did it aga…

Dylan and Dee Dee’s Ride

Dylan and Dee Dee love dinghy rides. It is the perfect example of both the journey and the destination being the reward. While a dinghy ride means they’re going someplace fun – beach for a swim, to shore for a walk, or just a visit on the dock – they a…