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Small Victories Deserve Large Rewards

Today was boat project day. First, though, I emailed my colleague Chuck Kinzer to let him know I was ready for our book writing day tomorrow. Chuck is a professor at Columbia and he and Rita have a home on Birch Bay. We have a book that needs to be…

Beginning Our Boat Projects

Deb was still aching when we got up but she went up to the main cabin and I fixed a bit of light breakfast for us both. While Deb rested, I worked on blog entries for previous days on our trip to get caught up. I also did a bit of email and universit…

An Eventful Day

This morning we had breakfast at Old Town Café. A guitar player was playing really interesting Spanish guitar. When we returned to the boat, the mechanic was there ready to complete the work on the engines. He worked for a bit and then left for a part.

Work on our Boat

Today we met with our good friends at Northwest Explorations about some of the issues that we had on our boat this trip. We developed a good plan for resolving things. They are great work with. (Continued…)

Roche and Friday Harbor

We got up and it was drizzling a bit. It stopped, though, by the time we walked up to breakfast at the breakfast/lunch place at Roche where we had a great breakfast. Then we went over to the grocery store and picked up a few things. I found a pair o…

Chemainus Wall Painting 2

 (View Post…)

Chemainus wall painting 1

Wall paintings memorialize people and events from the town’s history. (View Post…)

Another Great Photo of Our Boat by Alan Aboard Aquila

Thanks, Alan! (View Post…)

Change of Latitude: A Beaut of a Boat!

This is a photo of our boat, taken on the way in to Egmont by Alan from Aquila. Great shot, Alan! Thank you!!! (View Post…)

Mountains in Princess Louisa Inlet

The views are spectacular inside this inlet, some of the prettiest we have seen. (View Post…)