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Hakuna Matata



There is some beauty to living on the 9th floor of an accessible apartment building. We woke to a very pretty looking neighborhood this morning. I guess its only really pretty if you gt to look at it and not have to drive in it.  (Continued…)

One Step Forward, Two Back


Family Day in Ontario

Family Day in Ontario (Continued…)

Happy Valentines Day Y'all

Last year I was delivered coffee in bed and two cards. So far this morning I have delivered Al coffee, a card and a heart shaped box of turtles. The sun is shining and if the weather holds I will take us off the compound for a lunch date. Al’s first …

White Out



We have had a cold snap here. I have missed being south and the warmth.  (Continued…)

New Week

We are into a new week. Al is doing very well with his reconditioning. It is possible he may come home Friday, at the very least he will get a weekend pass and we can do a trial run of him at home. It will be nice to cook a meal and eat together. &…

Pancakes for One