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Emotions Abound

Emotions Abound (Continued…)

Last Minute Jobs

Today we are working on last minute detailing. The last being making net coverings for the door, main hatch and two head ports. We are indeed ready to bust outta here Tuesday morning. The weather is promising to be great this week. Tomorrow we will…

March Birthdays

Last Monday at Happy hour we celebrated the March birthdays. Pete, Meg Ron and Daphne all get to be one year younger this month. (View Post…)

Happy Anniversary To Us

Four years ago today marks the first day Al and I laid eyes on each other. We had met and communicated on line for 3-4 weeks then agreed to meet in person when he returned to Canada after living on his 53′ sailboat in Trinidad. He agreed to meet m…

Commander Radford

Commander Radford (Continued…)

Grampa FUZZY turns 65

Grampa FUZZY turns 65 (Continued…)

Another Project

I did these baby snUGG boots modelled by Miss Bridget. Next time I’ll be more careful with my seaming. They were afun knit and I think they are WAY CUTE. Any felted project is a hoot since the before felted state is ridiculously huge. I’m working o…

Play Date

Play Day (Continued…)

What did I Knit in Two Weeks?

What did I Knit in Two Weeks? (Continued…)