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Turning around

We are using a makeshift gantry from a cut off of 4×4 beam to hang up the generator from the cabin engine hatch in order to turn it sideways soon, but first we have to remove a couple wooden blocks to lower the cradle to the level of the generator bed….

The gen set has arrived!

At last our new generator made it to the Shelter Bay Marina and is sitting now on Diesel Duck’s aft deck.  (Continued…)

SSCA flags were spotted on power boats

Diesel Duck arrived at the Shelter Bay Marina by the Panama Canal on April 24th. I noticed two other power boats tied to the docks that were flying their SSCA flags and we went to say hello. The “Two by Sea” from Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the

Having fun while waiting

What is happening on Diesel Duck? (Continued…)

Diesel Duck

Oh No!!

Trolling for fish is fun and quite often we are successful in hauling in a good catch. A week ago, while coming back to the San Blas islands from a shopping trip at the El Rey supermarket in Sabanitas, Benno lost our lure, a “Blue Bomber” and the …

Diesel Duck

Filming in the San Blas Islands

Toward the end of February our friends, Sheryl and Paul Shard, the film makers of the well known television series “Distant Shores” arrived for a visit onboard Diesel Duck here in the San Blas Islands. We were looking forward to seeing them again….

Diesel Duck

Bad things happened in paradise

Sometime in January the single hander “Don North” with his little dog “Kuna” on his sailboat “Windancer was reported missing and a search for him started on the SSB Panama Connection Net which runs daily at 08:30 a.m. on 8107.0 KHz. (Continued…)

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The "Levante"

“Jean-Pierre Bouhard’s” boat the “Levante” and then renamed “Twyss” was found and does not display any names now. (View Post…)

Diesel Duck

What have we been up to the last couple of weeks?

Benno and I were exploring new anchorages with spectacular reefs together with our friends Donna & Cosmos from “Koukla” and Leila and Erin from “Blow Me Away”. While snorkeling we spotted many Eagle and Sting Rays, Sand Sharks, tropical fish i…

Diesel Duck

Birthday Party

The birthday boy is tending the BBQ for the next batch of meat to be grilled while some of the guests are busy eating!! (View Post…)