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Diesel Duck

Watching through the spy glass

There is no shortage of firewood and dry palm tree leaves to set up a fire on this little island. Our friends are busy with the preparations to build a BBQ pit. (View Post…)

Diesel Duck

Guess who is coming for dinner?

It is blowing a good steady 20 knots and a little chop runs through the channels of the San Blas islands. But on the lee side of a beautiful, tiny island with a sugary white sand beach we spy two young Swiss cruisers attending an open fire. They are …

Diesel Duck

PLEASE read this first!

A speech from the throne: (just kidding) In June of this year I started this blog and the first entry was our arrival in Curacao from the outer islands of Venezuela. I’ll try to stay current with my entries, but Benno and I have since recaptured the …