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Hurricane Kay

Thursday, September 9 – We were all up very early. In good news, the forecast had improved to only 30 to 40-knots of sustained winds with gusts to 50. Also, the worst of the storm would hit in the late … Continue reading

Continuing to Prepare for Hurricane Kay

Here is the sunrise on Tuesday, September 6. Look at how bright the moon is despite the early morning sun. Not long after that photo was taken, the wind picked up. We had 17-knot sustained winds with gusts to 25-knots … Continue reading

Preparing for Hurricane Kay in Puerto Don Juan

Monday, September 5 — Here is the sunrise. Eric had been so focused on the wind speed forecast that he’d forgotten to check swell size. Out in the Pacific, 100 miles west of Cabo San Lucas, the waves were expected … Continue reading

La Mona Anchorage to Bahia de Los Angeles Village to Don Juan

Sunday, September 4 – The alarm went off at 0500. Outside, there was no wind or rain, and the skies were partly cloudy. Eric did a quick weather check to see is the forecasts had changed. They’d both worsened. One … Continue reading

La Mona Anchorage, Days 2 – 3

Friday Sept 2 – While we were sitting outside watching the sunrise, we saw a magnificent rainbow. This one shows how big it was. This is a close of so you can see the colors better. At first, we were … Continue reading

Puerto Don Juan to La Mona Anchorage

Thursday, September 1 — One of our neighbors in the anchorage at Don Juan was throwing herself a birthday party this evening, and she had invited us to attend. The party was taking place in a different anchorage, called La … Continue reading

Puerto Don Juan Days 2 – 3

Sunrise, Tuesday August 30 As the sun was rising, a fleet of little fishing pangas came roaring into the bay and stopped suddenly near our boat. They fished for maybe an hour, then roared back out as fast as they … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Bahia San Francisquito and Puerto Don Juan/Le point de vue de Keith sur Bahia San Fransquito et Puerto Don Juan

I hated Bahia San Francisquito. There were no kids! It was ultra rocky! We were trapped inside the boat because there were so many bees! It was horrible! Ja’i deteste Bahia San Francisquito. Il n’y avait pas d’eufants. La mer … Continue reading

Bahia San Fransquito to Puerto Don Juan

Sunday August 28 — Almost every day, Eric spends time obsessively checking the weather forecasts, poring over the cruising guides, and seeking advice on where to take Kosmos next. One of the most wonderful things about the Sea of Cortez … Continue reading

Bahia San Franquito, Days 3 – 5

Sunrise Friday morning (August 26) When we were on Isla Coronados, we’d noticed that someone had put a bucket of water on the shore. Tons of bees swarmed the bucket, but there were no bees anywhere else. One of the … Continue reading