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Ensenada, Day 2

On Thursday (March 2), we went to our favorite restaurant in Ensenada, El Rey Sol, for lunch. El Rey Sol opened in 1947 and is the oldest French restaurant in all of Mexico. “The Sun King” was a title given … Continue reading

Passage from Bahia de Tortugas to Ensenada

On Monday, February 27, we woke up at 0300 to do the last-minute things needed before setting out to sea. We pulled up anchor at 0400. Christi station-kept while Eric went out to set his custom made anchor plate locking … Continue reading

Keith’s Perspective on Turtle Bay and the Passage to Ensenada

Turtle Bay is a nice bay. It has a small town, and some restaurants. There was a person who  had a water taxi service and could take us to the town on his boat. But he dropped us off at … Continue reading

Bahia de Tortugas, Day 5

Sunrise on Sunday, February 26 In the morning, we went to shore to enjoy dry land. The wind had shifted and the waves were coming from a different direction now. Even with the paravanes, the anchorage was rolly. Not rolly … Continue reading

Bahia de Tortugas, Days 3 and 4

Sunrise on Friday, February 24 On Friday, we stayed aboard all days and did chores. All three boats took us up on our offer to come over, and we had a lovely time visiting with the other cruisers in between … Continue reading

Bahia de Tortuga, Day 2

Sunrise on Thursday, February 23 This morning, we got dinghy down and went to shore, along with a fellow cruiser named Garth. Not wanting to deal with the scary pier, we opted for a beach landing on the south side … Continue reading

Bahia de Tortuga, Day 1

Continuing on with Wednesday, February 22 — We decided to anchor near the only village in the bay. We’re unclear on whether the name of the village is Bahia Tortugas or if it is Puerto San Bartolome — we’ve seen … Continue reading

The Rest of the Passage from Magdalena Bay to Turtle Bay

Tuesday, February 21 — The seas had been calm on Monday until about 2030 (8:30 pm), when the swells, swell period and wind chop all started to pick up. By midnight, Kosmos was pitching so much that we had to … Continue reading

Passage from Bahia Magdalena to Bahia Tortuga, Day 1

Continuing on Monday, February 20… After returning from our amazing whale watch expedition, we ate lunch and did a few last minute get-ready-to-go things before lifting anchor. Since we hadn’t gotten the dinghy down, we hadn’t gone out to the … Continue reading

Petting Wild Whales in Magdalena Bay

Sunrise on Monday, February 20 The panga picked us up from Kosmos at 0740. It was a 20-minute ride back to the mouth of the bay in their fast panga, as opposed to the over 1.5 hours that it had … Continue reading