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Heading to Canada May 2, 2018 to May 21, 2018

Wednesday, May 2nd – We were able to pick up the U-Haul the evening before our departure so we started loading it as soon as we got home.  In the morning we finished loading and headed out for our first stop – Texarkana, TX.Thanks to our friend Sa…

The Waiting Game (December 2017 to April 2018)

It’s been a long wait! I would look at the Crate Marine Webcam almost every day! and the weekly weather forecast.     During this time, we were trying to figure ou…

Change in Our Cruising Plans!

Al and Kay on M/V Cambria and M/V Last Trade had plans to go back to Orange Beach/Florida area again for several months around the September/October time frame.  This year’s hurricane season was not good to us and kept postponing our dep…

March, 2017 – Port Aransas Trip With Friends

As with any trip you have nice weather and you have some not-so-nice weather.  This trip started with some fog!  On March 9th, we headed out of our home port to our first stop, Harborwalk Marina in Hitchcock.  This was a short day. Included on this trip were 4 Heritage East 36 boats (Last Trade, Cambria, Water Therapy and At Last), one Selene (Island Gypsy) and one sailboat (Morning Star). 
Our second day, March 10th was to Freeport City Marina.  Our sailboat traveler had a mishap and decided to head back to home port so that left just the five trawlers.
We stayed an extra day in Freeport because of rain and wind.  On March 12th we headed out to Matagorda and then stayed an extra day there due to dredge/lock issues.
On March 14th we headed out to Costa Grande in Port O’Conner.
March 15th. Port Aransas here we come!  The City Marina was rebuilding some of their docks and did not have room for all of us so we had to go to our alternate, Island Moorings Marina. 
Bike ride to Farley Boat Yard in Pt. A.
Happy hour!  The new owners of M/V Hearken, another Heritage East, came by to see us. Their boat is in Florida and they will be doing the loop before bringing her back to Texas.
Our original plan was to move over to Redfish Marina in Aransas Pass for a few days but the wind just would not cooperate with us.  It would have made for some not so comfortable sleeping so we decided to just stay where we were.  Some in our group had plans to leave their boat to do side trips before we all started heading back, so with only three boats, the Pt. A City Marina was able to squeeze us in.  On March 22nd Last Trade, At Last and Cambria moved over to City Marina to stay until it was time to start home. 
I noticed that Teak was constantly wanting to go potty and was having problems.  This has never happened before and I was getting concerned. More on that later…   
On March 25th we started our trip back home.  
Our plan for the trip back was to stop at the same places except for Freeport Marina.  We decided to stay at Surfside Marina instead.
By March 27, Teak was really not feeling well so I called both of her vets for information on what to do.  Both said that I needed to get her in to be checked.  One vet (who we have used from the time we moved to Clear Lake back in 1995) I will never use again.  All I can say is that you expect your vet to work with you during situations like this, not to be rude to you and charge you extra for a short notice visit.  The vet I will continue to use, Dr. Adams, went out of her way to accommodate us.  She told me if I could find a vet close by to have them call her for any information they needed or if I could get her in to her office they would stay open and wait for us.  Our good friends Ross and EJ Heard drove to Surfside Marina in Freeport to pick us up so we could take Teak in to see Dr. Adams.  A big thank you to Dr. Adams and her staff for taking care of our baby and to Ross and EJ for coming to get us and then taking us back to our boat the next day.
Island Gypsy and At Last headed back home a day before us.
Another great trip!

October 5th – 26th, 2016 Port Aransas, Harvest Moon Trip

October 5, 2016 – Clear Lake to Galveston, Harborwalk MarinaOn this trip we had a couple of construction areas to contend with.  The first one was the dredging under the Galveston Causeway Bridge.  The bridge was closed to all boaters until 7…

June 14 – 15, 2016 Lake Charles to Home

June 14 – Lake Charles to Taylor Outfall – When we went out to take Teak for her walk before heading out we noticed that a small boat had sunk during last night’s storm.  We’re not surprised because these docks really rock when the wind picks up.&…

June 12 – 13, 2016 Lake Charles

June 12 – It was our rest day and we slept in.  I got up around 7:00 am, started making coffee and noticed that Dennis and Phyllis were backing out of their slip.  I ran out and said good bye!  They were heading to Port Arthur, the last …

June 10 – 11, 2016 Berwick 99 Marina to Lake Charles

June 10 – “99” Marina to Shell Morgan – Our plan was to go to Delcambre and hold up for a day or so waiting on weather but with the ever changing weather predictions we decided to push on to Shell Morgan and make it a long day the next day to Lake Char…

June 8 – 9, 2016 Houma to 99 Marina in Berwick

June 8 – Rest day in Houma – Ray the harbormaster told us that our ice cream shop is open again so Josh and I headed out in the heat to go.  They did not have Oil Spill (flavor) but they said it was coming soon!  If you are ever in Houma you …

June 7, 2016 New Orleans to Houma

I will start out by saying “WHAT A DAY”!  We knew it was going to be a unknown stopping point day and very hot so we started the generator to keep the AC going, untied from the dock and headed over to Seabrook Marina for fuel at 7:30 am.  We …