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Wednesday, 4/20/11

Crab Man N 35′ 54. 333′/W 076′ 13.467′ Alligator River, Columbia, NC Tree in water Looking for the beaver that created this! old bridge on Alligator River Water the color of dark tea Good morning fellow tugger! The rising sun over Campbell’s Creek Alligator River Marina, Columbia, NC –  We left our anchorage in Campbell […]

Tuesday, 4/19/11

N 35′ 05.200′/W 076′ 36.200′ Campbell Creek on the “hook” Left Casper’s Marina at 7:20 a.m. Sunny, calm, 7.5 knots wind from the south.  The first thing we saw on the horizon through the binoculars while looking for our first marker, was a large cross on a sand cliff which read: “Jesus Saves”. We went […]

Palm Sunday, 4/17/11

N 33′ 54.86′//W 078′ 00.85′ Southport, NC — Palm Sunday We had a quiet night as the storm passed us by (thanks for the prayers) and departed Osprey Marina 7:45 a.m. Drove all day in beautiful sunny 70′s weather singing hymns underway.  We had a light wind.  Played tag with a couple of others from […]

Saturday 4/16/11

Hunkered down triple docked-lined as we had severe weather predicted with high winds, thunderstorms & tornado watch for this county until 9 p.m.  Most of what was predicted didn’t occur.  We had a delicious breakfast at the marina restaurant of easy over eggs, bacon, toast, hot chocolate.  We actually worked on the income taxes for […]

Friday, 4/15/11

N 33′ 45.567′/ W 078′ 48.050′ Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach, SC Hauled anchor @ 7:25 a.m.  Windlass resisted its job of pulling up the anchor so Luke had to pull 70 feet of chain plus 44 lbs. of anchor.  Got my workout this a.m.  Sunny, 21 kts. from east.  Current against us all day.  Slowed cruising […]

Thursday, 4/14/11

N 32′ 49. 72′/W 79′ 46. 52′ — Graham Creek Anchorage –This a.m. upon waking up, Luke let me know his finger (he slammed in the door on Tuesday as we were leaving Savannah) was throbbing all night long.  Luke never complains about anything; so we knew we had to stop long enough to seek medical […]

Wednesday, 4/13/11

N 32′ 46. 210′/W 080′ 03. 730′–We departed early at 7:30 a.m. from Beaufort, SC and had sunny weather, smooth as silk waters, winds were 12 knots from the North.  With the exception of some strong currents as one creek or river crossed another, we had a very pleasant ride today.  We noticed less marsh land, more […]

Tuesday, 4/12/11

N 32′ 01. 617′/ W  081′ 02. 983′ Turner Creek, Isle of Hope/Savannah, Georgia and N 32′ 23. 810′/W 080′ 40. 720′ Port Royal Landing Marina, Beaufort, SC–Hi everyone!  We anchored out last night with no wifi so were unable to communicate via internet or cell phone.  We had a good run from Ft, Frederica […]

4/10/11, Sunday

31.167920 Lat./81.417580 Long.  At Fort Frederica on Frederica River, St. Simons Island, GA. Departed Jacksonville Beach Marina after a great nights sleep at 7:20 a.m.  Age cereal with bananas, orange, oj & 1/2 English muffin with peanut butter (crunchy) underway.  Toasted the muffin before we left the dock while still plugged into shorepower.  Sunny, ICW calm, […]

Saturday, 4/9/11

N 30′ 17. 380′/W 081′ 25. 120′ Jacksonville Beach, FL —we had an early departure from a good holding at Ft. Matanzas anchorage.  It was so quiet last night, we could only hear the sounds of short breaths the dolphins made as they came up for air, along with a few late night fisherman. The sunrise was […]