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Saturday, September 8, 2012

88°00.14’ W

41°50.52’ N


Lombard, Illinois

Dock in New Buffalo

We have officially returned to our home in Lombard, Illinois! Since arriving in New Buffalo, Michigan – August 24th, our time has been well spent. In addition to the routine things an absentee boater must incur upon returning home, such as paying bills, making doctor appointments, visiting family members and many other less important things, Barb and I have decided to store our boat on Lake Michigan for this winter season. January, February and March are filled with travel plans and after that we will consider the 2013 boating season!

Looper gathering

We attended a great looper gathering in Chicago on September 1st hosted by Ellen & Woody Sutton. On our way to their lake front condo we picked up Jim and Belinda traveling on Rickshaw and drove them to the event. Later that evening we returned them to their boat before driving back to our boat in New Buffalo, Michigan!

On the train

We did a quick trip to Delaware City, Delaware to retrieve our car that was left there when we returned to our boat in April! After our 21 hour AMTRAK train ride, we got on a city bus that took us to within 3 city blocks of our car. The Buick started on the first turn of the key and we were good to go. We stayed the night, and in the morning we said good bye to friends at the marina before driving to New Buffalo to spend the night on our boat.

Now that we fly the Gold AGLCA burgee I feel that I am ready to start another adventure. Will we keep the boat and switch to an RV is the big question! I think a little of both would be great! Until such time that we make a decision, Barb and I want to thank all that followed our blog over the past five years and to all the LOOPERS that we cruised with – you have filled our lives with the most outstanding memories anyone could experience!

This is MOOR $TUFF signing out!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

86°44.757’ W

41°47.900’ N

Harbor Landing

New Buffalo, Michigan

Leaving Saugatuck

In the channel heading to the lake

We are now in our temporary slip in New Buffalo! The ride here was a mixed bag from why are we doing this — to this is a piece of cake. We made reasonable time and arrived here on glass like water. The harbor is beautiful the people friendly and Barb and I look forward to the next month here. It will take a day or two to get everything squared away before returning to our home and visit our family.

Nice flat Lake Michigan



Entering New Buffalo
Dave and Becky Carlson long time boating friends from Starved Rock Yacht Club – our home port – have a slip here and will be here this evening. They will drop us off at home on their way home Sunday.

Headed to our slip ahead

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

86°12.150’ W

42°39.762’ N

Saugatuck Yacht Services

Saugatuck, Michigan

Pat & Dick on “Gypsea”

Pat & Dick’s home

Lighthouse when leaving Holland

Leaving Pat & Dick’s

The day started with breakfast Pat and Dick’s. After the great breakfast they showed us their boat while talking about more of their cruising adventures. By the time our breakfast and walk around was done it was 10 am and time to get moving. The wind had picked up inland but the weather service was calling for 1 foot waves and winds less than 10 knots. When we entered the big lake there was a good bit of weather going on but after a short discussion we decided to give it a try. We tried close to shore then took her out two to three miles without any good results. The wind increased and we were experiences 2 to 3 foot waves with occasional very large rollers so decided to duck into Saugatuck which was closer than returning to Holland.


Barb got on the cell phone and found us a marina to stay in which was walking distance to town. While waiting in the channel for a place at the fuel dock I heard Brenda from Rickshaw talking on the radio so gave a quick call – found out they were also coming into Saugatuck to get off the lake. Once both boats were secured for the day they drove their dingy to our boat before we walked into town did a little shopping before having dinner. As usual on the walk back to the boat we located a quaint little ice cream shop and the four of us treated ourselves to some great Michigan ice cream.


Belinda & Jim

Jim and Brenda returned to their boat which was anchored near town…….Barb and I made ready for an early departure. If everything goes as planned we may make New Buffalo tomorrow!  We are getting closer to returning home every day.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

86°08.480’ W

42°47.158’ N

Pat and Dick’s home

Holland, Michigan

Leaving the dock

Going out the channel of
White Lake

Barb and I got a late start today departing White Lake. The ride down the lake was a mixed bag of 1 to 2 foot waves followed by three foot rollers with wispy white caps. Today most of the sea was on our beam making for an uncomfortable ride.

After entering the harbor in Holland we cruised another five miles to reach Pat and Dicks’ beautiful home. A generous neighbor with an empty dock let us use it while they were gone so we parked our boat 100 feet from their home —- very convenient!

Arriving in Holland

A home along Lake Macatawa

We spent the afternoon telling looper stories and reliving some of our past adventures. We were their guest for dinner before returning to our boat for a peaceful night of rest. Tomorrow we have been invited for breakfast before departing for South Haven. Our wonderful visit just doesn’t end.

Along the lake

Arriving at Pat & Dick’s

With the cool nights and changing weather patterns I have the feeling that the 2012 Great Lakes boating season won’t last much longer and that is the reason that most Loopers try to move off Lake Michigan and enter the river system by the middle of September. Picking a day to cruise on the lake is doable, but trying to cover long distances without built in weather delays is just plain risky!
Their home on the lake

Moor $tuff at the dock

Pat & Dick’s boat – Gypsea

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

86°21.073’ W

43°24.357’ N

Crosswinds Marine Service

White Lake, Michigan

Leaving Frankfort


Today we pushed hard and logged 97 miles. Lake Michigan let us know who is in command and we made the most of the day. The lake is starting to get rough and I know if we don’t get to the south end of the lake soon we’ll probably get weathered in for another period of time. The last two weather delays were both four days each.


Sailboat we passed

Big Sable Light

We caught up with Quest to wish them safe travels for the remainder of their loop trip. Tonight is probably the last time we’ll see Carl and Ricki until after they complete the loop. Quest will be crossing the lake soon then heading for the Illinois, Mississippi and Ohio River to return home.


Little Sable Light

Entrance to White Lake

Barb and I have rented a slip for one month in New Buffalo, Michigan. We need a place to store the boat while we finalize plans for the boats winter storage. The plan is to return home as soon as we get the boat squared away in New Buffalo before taking a train to Delaware City early in September to recover our car! We parked the car there in April when we returned to the boat for our 2012 season! With luck the round trip to the east coast should take no longer than two or three days.

Abandoned White River
Lighthouse – now a museum

Tomorrow we’re planning a 60 mile day to Holland, Michigan where we will visit good friends Pat and Dick (Gypsea) at their home on Lake Macatawa. The Lake Michigan is starting to build so everything that we plan is weather dependent.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

86°14.100’ W

44°37.903’ N

Frankfort Municipal Harbor

Frankfort, Michigan


Leaving Leland

Following looper boats L to R
Kismet, CBay, Native Son
Today was a great day to cruise. We left the harbor with three other looper boats and did 41 miles under ideal cruising conditions. Tomorrow two boats are going to cross over to Wisconsin and we are planning a long day hoping to reach Pentwater.

Point Betsie Lighthouse

Arriving in Frankfort

Coast Guard practicing MOB

Frankfort Marina

Moor $tuff 2012-08-20 17:29:00

Sunday, August 19, 2012

85°45.734’ W

45°01.493’ N

Leland Harbor

Leland, Michigan

Leaving Charlevoix

Arriving in Leland

The weather has improved and the harbor was busy with boats leaving or getting ready to depart! We made the 7:30 bridge opening and arrived in Leland before noon. The harbor in Leland had a lot of AGLCA Looper boats arrive within a few hours some moving north and others moving south. As usual we knew some of the boaters and others knew about Moor $tuff.

Docktails were had at 1700 before some of us went to dinned across the road.




Tomorrow I know of five boats that are going to Frankfort – Moor $tuff, CBAY, Kat Man 2, Kismet and Native Son – so will cut this short as departure time is 0700 —— out of the slip!

The weather for the next few days is looking good so hope to make forty miles per day while moving south down the east coast of Lake Michigan.

Sunset in Leland

Moor $tuff 2012-08-20 17:20:00

Saturday, August 18, 2012

85°15.454’ W

45°18.996’ N

Charlevoix City Harbor

Charlevoix, Michigan

Kids having fun!

The Marina

A few boaters left the harbor at first light this morning only to return an hour later with reports of 4 to 5 footers! That’s not for us so will stay another day.

Not much is happening here other than finding a good place to eat ice cream! I finally realized that if you go to a single ice cream parlor and eat the flavor of the week you can only experience something new once a week. On the other hand if you find seven different ice cream parlors you can treat yourself every day of the week!

Weather permitting we’ll be out of here tomorrow — early!


Earl Young Home

Charlevoix Lighthouse

Moor $tuff 2012-08-18 16:45:00

Friday, August 17, 2012

85°15.454’ W

45°18.996’ N

Charlevoix City Harbor

Charlevoix, Michigan

The sun is shining again! It’s cool and windy with small craft warnings posted so we will stay another day in Charlevoix.


Skip – Belinda – Ricki
Carl – Barb – Jim

The morning started with Ricki calling stating that she, Carl, Belinda and Jim would be here in about an hour. We all had a great visit then went to lunch together before they returned to their boat. With everyone holding tight in their harbors and waiting for better weather I think we will probably catch up with them in the next day or two.

Oil booms
A boat in the harbor three slips down from us had a fuel leak. When we returned from lunch the Coast Guard and local EPA were putting oil booms in the harbor and in the process of a big clean up. As the photos show our boat is in the middle of the mess which has a strong odor! If nothing else it’s interesting to watch our government at work. The local fire department was first on location followed by the Coast Guard after they got permission from the Cleveland office! If nothing else they both worked together and made quick work of clearing the fuel from the water surface.

Moor $tuff 2012-08-18 16:39:00

Thursday, August 16, 2012  

85°15.454’ W

45°18.996’ N

Charlevoix City Harbor

Charlevoix, Michigan


Today wasn’t the best day we have had since living on the boat. It continues to rain with periods of monsoon type weather! The weather service got it correct this time!

We did experience short periods during the day when it was rain free. During one such period we went to the weekly farmers market held on the grounds of the marina. Barb stocked up with fresh produce and I found the baked goods!

The weekly scheduled concert located at the harbors edge appeared to be rained out but started an hour later than scheduled and played for a limited audience. The air was damp and cool but worth the wait. They no sooner finished performing and the rain started up again and it’s still raining!

At present there are two other AGLCA looper boats in port which we will introduce ourselves to tomorrow.

Ricki and Carl (Quest) and Jim and Belinda (Rickshaw) are now 35 miles away and with a little luck we should catch them next week.