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Displacement Speed Beats Planing Speed … Again

We spent Christmas this year in Desolation
Sound (map
of area). The area is so popular in the summer that Kenmore
Air has regular float-plane service to one of the anchorages there at Prideaux
Haven (pictured above). That’s way too busy for us–w…

Alaska 24X7

Last weekend we presented at the Seattle Boat Show on our 24×7 run to Alaska. 
The slides are posted at Hamilton_SBS11_Alaska24x7.pdf. 
A couple of questions w…

Circumnavigator Magazine on Nordhavn 5263

Last April, Circumnavigator magazine
came aboard for a day to review
the boat and its systems.  On
board for the magazine were contributing editor James Kirby, …

2011 Seattle Boat Show

The seminar schedule for
the 2011 Seattle Boat
Show has been posted. This year we’ll be presenting on Saturday Jan. 22nd at 11:30am
on our trip to Alaska this …

Dundas Bay North Arm

After the astonishing view to Mt. La Perouse in Dundas
Bay West Arm, we didn't think the north arm could compare. But we were wrong–we
liked the north arm even better. The head of the…

Another Alaska Destination?

Nope–these pictures were taken in the south Puget Sound earlier today. We're out
on a Thanksgiving cruise, and were anchored last night in the cove behind Raft Island
of area). T…

Running at night

Although we hadn't run overnight before the Alaska trip, we frequently ran
at night in the previous boat. And we did make a couple of night runs in the 52.
The learning from those two …

Cruising Southeast Alaska: Dundas Bay West Arm

Bay was our last stop on the west side of Chichagof Island–we would spend the
next week in Glacier Bay National Park. We still had two more days before we could

Really Useful Boxes

We've been ordering a seemingly endless number of supplies and spare parts for the
boat, ranging from fuel filters to zincs to alternators to pumps, and even a spare
inverter. Stowing …

Cruising Southeast Alaska: Kimshan Bay & Porcupine Cove

From Klag Bay, we toured north along the west shore of
Chichagof Island, overnighting at Kimshan Bay and Porcupine Cove. We could easily
have spent days in the area–the charts show a compl…