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Mast is up!

Before I head out for a momentous meeting with our dream come true, I wanted to leave you with two of the latest pictures of the commissioning process – the mast and galley backsplash.The mast is a work of art – even at this stage…(Looks like an ad f…

More Offload Pictures

Sorry for the interruption.  Here’s a continuation of last night’s offload pictures.While I was looking at some pictures, I came across Serenity’s offload pictures.  Almost identical – eerie!Olympia continues her progress from the ship to her…

Olympia’s Offload Pictures

So here I am!  I skidded over to the laptop at the sunny hour of 11 pm, but then that’s about par for me these hectic days.  My plan was to pop over to the barn after leaving work at a civilized hour.  That did happen, but when I got to …

Offload Pictures to Follow

Just wanted to let you know I got the offload pictures saved to my photo library.  They came in 4 separate emails from Tom B. with about 11 pics in each email.It’s too late to start now, so I just gave you a tease and hope to post the others on We…

Olympia is in her temporary winter home

I’m back!  Told you I had lots to do.  Finally settling down to write – and it’s already 10:45! As an aside, Wiggles wasn’t exactly jumping for joy when I arrived at the barn bearing carrots.  He had apparently just gotten his sweet…

Olympia Arrived in Stuart!!!!!

Just landed on Long Island after 5 VERY fun and informative days at the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous in Solomons, MD.  Got to “hang” with old friends and met a ton of new ones.It was so hard to get a speedy signal at the marina (and since I was up a…

She’s Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No pictures yet, but soon.So despite my vigil at the laptop glued to the screen and toggling back and forth between the vessel finder and port everglades webcam links, I did not see my girl enter the waterway.  I had to give up at midnight, when I…

Olympia is closer to home than ever before!!!!

Hi everyone, 

This came from Tom B. this morning:

Here is the latest from the ship:

noon position

05/Oct/2014 12:00hrs LT   -    17:00hrs GMT

21*16 N  -  084*42 W

Wind: ENE  3  Bft

Swell : ENE  1.5 mtrs

Speed: 14.83 kn

Miles steamed last 24hrs : 356 MILES

Miles to go next port :  Port Everglades 464 miles

Eta Port Everglades 06/Oktober – 20:00hrs

Over the weekend we heard the off load may be Tuesday afternoon, but it more than likely will change, it usually does. We will let you know when we get some new information.”

I would say a few woo hoos are in order here, don’t you think?  Since this report was created at noon yesterday, I venture to say that she is about 7 hours away now.  Woo hoo again!

One of  my most loyal followers asked if I could share the link for the Port Everglades webcam.  Since I aim to please, here it is:

I’m going there now to be sure I can go right to the site at the pre-ordained hour.

Hang in there with me folks.  It’s almost show time!

Panama Canal Screenshots

As promised, I’ve attached three screen shots from Eris J’s transit through the Panama Canal.  These pics were sent courtesy of my dear friend, one of the two who stayed with me (albeit electronically) during last night’s momentous event.

Even though I was on the high-res option, the pics are quite grainy.  The night transit didn’t help things either, but we do have pics!

Eris J is in the east-bound lock with her “boat” cargo visible on deck.

More pics of Eris J right in camera range.  She pretty much fills that entire lock.

Someone described this event as a pregnancy: sonograms showing the unborn baby give a pretty good idea of how things are going and a vague glimpse of the baby’s features.  However, no one is prepared for the flood of feelings once the baby is born and held for the first time.  I thought this was an excellent analogy.  I’ve seen a shadowy image of Olympia, seen many, many pictures of her during her build process, but I can’t imagine what it will be like to actually see her and be in her presence for the very first time!

I’ll send more pictures as I get them.  This update came from Tom B. this morning re: the ship’s position and ETA:

Here is the latest from the ship, they are through the canal and headed north.
03/October/2014 – 02:45hrs cleared last lock
03/October/2014 – 03:15hrs pilot off
03/October/2014 – 04:00hrs sailed from Cristobal
Eta Port Everglades 06/Oktober  – 19:00hrs

Woo hoo!!!

I hope Monday will be a quiet day in the office.  I’ll be busy at my computer screen – doing nothing work-related, but very much “Woo Hoo” related. 

Well friends, these last 2 days have put even my energy level to the test.  As of now I’m working on my 19th hour awake and starting to feel the strain.  As mentioned earlier, I was in the car before 6 am to get my friend to the airport.  

But, tomorrow is a new day, filled with the unknown and many new opportunities to make tomorrow even better than today!

She’s through the Panama Canal!!!

At about 10:13 pm our time, Eris J entered the Miraflores Lock on her way to Gatum Lock on the Atlantic side.  She’s just leaving camera range as I send this post.I sat glued to this computer screen for about an hour after rushing through a fairly…