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New intercom phone to replace the nasty old nicotine stained one. Nothing has changed in the design and construction!! 

New hatch

No need to discuss how long this has taken us. 


Bit of a dreary day. Headed to Oxbow Marina for an Ox Bow Yacht Club meeting 

First December Weekend 2015

We had a lovely dinner at the Point restaurant in Rio Vista last night. It was the “change of watch” for Ox Bow Yacht Club and Matt was installed as Commodore. The meal and service were great! If you’re ever in Rio Vista, give them a try. They have a s…

Five Years!

In the past five years:Hours: 370.9 hours port motor, 366.2 starboard (we’ve had issues with this meter) and 153 on generator. Purchased 1220.65 gallons of diesel for $4678.51. Projects since purchase September 2010:  Windlass:…

Beautiful weekend at Devil’s Isle.

We were “harbor master” this weekend, which meant we cleaned off the tables for dinner and took home the trash and sign in sheet. It was a gorgeous weekend and Hulk had a great time with the other dogs there. 

Another beautiful day

Heading over to Devil’s Isle. Saw three freighters already in just five minutes on the river. One passed right in front of us as we turned into the main river. We’re turning off onto a freighter free slough now. We’re also trying out our new flybr…

Fabulous Fourth

Matt, Hulk and I enjoyed a nice Fourth of July weekend at Devil’s Isle. 

Fantastic Weekend

The is from mid May, just saw it did not get published when I tried at the time. Ox Bow cruise to Stockton for a Stockton Ports baseball game. 

Loving Delta Living

We’ve had some lovely Delta weekends lately. A ski boat weekend a couple weeks ago where we went through the beautiful Steamboat Slough and had a late lunch at Wimpys deck bar, then last weekend was an Ox Bow Yacht Club cruise to Delta Marina in Rio Vi…