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Renovations and Upgrades

Well this all started last year after replacing batteries and adding 600W of solar.  That was about all the solar we could fit onto the existing bimini.We did not want to increase the size for fear of spoiling the lines of the bimini/flybridge.&nb…

Cruising 2018

Well we have decided that going south this season might be a good option so we are planning on Trinidad for Carnival! Seamantha are game and it sounds like Alizann is seriously considering. A Krogen Rendezvous!

Phone Blogging

I had some challenges blogging and using Sylken Sea email from my previous phone. Seems now there were account conflicts with Google Apps and accounts running on my older Samsung (Android 4.4). Now using an unlocked international Google Pixel and Andro…


Gut wrenching is the only way I can describe the feeling as images and information slowly emerge from Dominica. I don’t know how they will rebuild.

Sylken Sea Update

Been awhile, no excuse. Home projects, family, golf…….you understand I’m sure.  We were hauled in Antigua, doing some really neat upgrades, will post details, stand by.


It is painful to watch the destruction this storm has inflicted and we fear that many of our friends will be affected.  These are wonderful islands, warm friendly people many of whom do not have the resources that we take for granted. Many of the …

Carnival, Martinique

What a party! We enjoyed 4 days of Carnival in Fort de France Martinique, drums and more drums, colourful costumes, one big street party. Really glad we were able to see this spectacle!Sylvianne, Al & BrendaVaval


We decide to add Soliban Solar panels, the light weight allows us to mount them on the existing Bimini. We installed multiple panels with individual controllers on the advice of Ocean Planet Energy. Really pleased so far, even on overcast days we get s…

OK, update from St. Lucia.

We left Martinique in less than ideal conditions as we needed to meet our cargo in St. Lucia, we have a shipment arriving from Florida via Tropical Shipping. Took us 4 months to get here from Florida by sea, Tropical, 5 days.Called Tropical this am, ye…

A few days in Anse a L’Anne

Love to be at anchor, this spot is one of our favs here in Martinique. Take the ferry to FDF or take the tender to Anse Mitan.