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To follow the progress of Daybreak

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Traveling to The South Pacific

Life long dream of a  journey to French Polynesia is finally a reality! 13 days from Barra De Navidad Mexico to Nuku Hiva on Daybreak Nordhavn 60 with Jerome Fisher, Don Weippert and Francisco. Bill is having the time of his life. Thank you Jerome…

Back on the water again

 We are so excited to spend time on Daybreak with Jerome and Karen Fisher!!! Out to The South Pacific we go….

Turks and Caicos

Time has passed quickly by for Anna Mae and Crew at The Blue Haven Marina in Turks and Caicos. The turquoise waters are breath taking.Our days are filled with relaxing by the beautiful infinity pool, snorkeling the reef in front of the marina and visit…

Long Island, Bahamas

Arriving on Long Island in calm waters on Thanksgiving Day. Waking the next day to blustery winds that haven’t  stopped…Always a beautiful sunsetAnna Mae is tucked in a nice slip at The Flying Fish Marina. Our days have been spent scouring the u…

George Town Exumas

The short day run from Staniel Cay to George Town was calm and beautiful. Anna Mae has been anchored in front of The Monument on Stocking Island. A hike we decided not to take due to the mosquitos…Our days have been full and relaxing in the warm…

Thunderball Grotto Staniel Cay Exumas

Thunderball Grotto an unforgettable marine cave. 
The cave has three entrances, all just barely lapped by water. At low tide we dove just two feet under jagged limestone to the hidden central caverns below.
As we entered the cave a multitude of colorful fish swarmed around us and our baggie of fish food. The coral and sponges along the exterior walls with shimmering shafts of sunlight pouring through holes in the ceiling illuminated the clear warm water below, was an amazing experience. 
Several movies such as 007’s Thunderball and Never Say Never Again, and the mermaid tale Splash where all filmed at this site. 
We have enjoyed our stay at Staniel Cay, anchored up in Big Major, with the swimming pigs, snorkeling in the clear blue water of  Thunderball Grotto, playing pool at the yacht club, exploring the island, visiting with other boaters and enjoying our concert/ movies on the bow of Anna Mae, makes for wonderful memories.

Unfortunately operator error erased our video… more to come

Exuma Chain

We arrived at Big Major Spot in The Ezuma’s and anchored off the beach that is home to dozens of pigs. They swim out hopeful for a snack and aren’t particular on what they eat.The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a local watering hole, their conch fritters an…

Spanish Wells Bahamas

 October 14th  we untied and pulled out of The Jarrett Bay Boat Yard after several weeks delay, all onboard Anna Mae breathed a heavy sigh of relief. At last on our way south to Charleston South Carolina.

The trip down was bumpy due to a stabilizer issue…

Bill reconnected the tie rod end to the cylinder and used some lock tight to ensure it would not loosen again. He changed out the valving on the starboard side fin but the symptoms did not change which ruled out this was the source of the problem.  

We managed to get a couple of Trac Stabilizer Specialists onboard. The specialists looked into the main computer. After taking off the cover plate the symptoms came and went with torque being applied to the housing. They determined there was an abnormality in the brain of the main computer and took the coding from our main computer, recoded a new computer to match and sent it to us. Bill installed the new computer and control pad. Anna Mae has been motoring smoothly ever since. Within the next year we plan to replace the hydraulic cylinders on the fins and re-bush the hydraulic cylinder pivot points. 

The Charleston City Marina was our home for a couple of weeks. We managed to visit and catch up with fellow Nordhavn owners, tour plantations, eat wonderful food, shopped the various boutiques and markets, enjoying every minute.

Bridget admiring her fish

Happy to report our travels further south where uneventful, except for the marlin we brought aboard. Currently we are anchored at Meeks point, a mile off Spanish Wells Harbor. The water is very shallow, allowing us to enter only at high tide. Happy to report clearing Customs was uneventful. The water is beautiful, the fish are plentiful and life is good aboard Anna Mae.

Returning to Anna Mae

After a few months of visiting our home town of Portland Oregon and becoming grandparents, we are flying out tomorrow to our beloved Anna Mae. She is awaiting our return to show off all the new upgrades we have commissioned.The Bahamas and Caribbean ar…