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2018-07 What Comes DOWN Must Go UP, or Avoiding the "Baja Bash"

May 15, 2018In October-November, 2017 the Wild Blue cruised down the California and Mexican Coasts to La Paz, Mexico.  This downwind-downswell run is, and was, quite enjoyable.  Cruising up these Coasts, that is upwind and upwave, is less so….

2018-03 Los Osos Water Boys Fish Baja

Saturday, February 3, 2018:  LAX to La PazWe started out about 1AM on Saturday morning.  It was a 3-hour ride to LAX from the San Luis Obispo area.  Ken Bruton drove his big diesel truck while Gerard Ages, AJ Jennings and Captain Alex we…

2018-02 Cal Poly Ranchers Fish the Sea of Cortez

Thursday, January 18, 2018: Downtown La PazWillie the turkey rancher, Joe the chicken rancher and Mike the California cannabis farmer accountant joined Alex today in La Paz.  Alex sent Alejandro, an English speaking Uber driver, to Los Cabos Airpo…

2017-24 Magdalena Bay to Puerto Los Cabos

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 – 6PMThis afternoon about 4PM, we enjoyed a fine meal of chilled cerviche, shrimp cocktail, and fresh fish tacos at the “Whalebone” restaurant on the beach in Mag Bay.   The fleet start of the leg to San Jose del Ca…

2017-23 Turtle Bay to Magdelena Bay

Sunday, November 12, 2017:Last evening the fleet enjoyed beers, margaritas and enchiladas at a Tortuga Bay restaurant.  The event started early so that the “CUBARistas” could find their boats at anchor in the dark, and then sober-up for today’s ea…

2017-22 Ensenada to Bahia de Tortuga (Turtle Bay)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 – 8AM:

The fleet got underway this morning from Marina Corral for the 36 hour run to Turtle Bay.  Based on a boats normal speed, the slower cruisers started leaving at 8PM last evening.  By 8AM this morning, most all the fleet was underway.  Wild Blue exited the Marina at 5AM getting a bit of a head start, and based on a cruising speed of 8.5 knots. hopefully left enough time for fishing along the way.  Our projected arrival in Turtle Bay is 5PM tomorrow. 

Yesterday afternoon the fleet was warmly recieved by the staff of Marina Corral.  After a quick call on VHF 71, each boat’s slip assignment was received.  At least six harbor staff took Wild Blue’s dock lines as we moored.   Port Clearance and Immigration was efficently handled by the officials with assistance of Marina Coral staff, all this transpired while we sailors relaxed with Ensenada Maragritas. 

Once cleared, Denny and Alex braved crossing Ensenada’s “high speed” coast highway to the supermarket.  The store was large, much like any stateside market, just all products were labeled in Spanish, with prices in pesos.  Our cost for four heads of lettuce, three large bundles of green onions, and three pounds of Roma tomatoes was 97 pesos, or $6.86 US. 

At 5PM the cruisers gathered in a tent erected in Hotel Coral’s courtyard, as more refreshments were served.  The CUBAR Fleet organizers recommended an early morning departure Wednesday (today) as opposed to staying at Ensenada.  Strong winds and increasing seas are forecast for Thursday so we best be close to Turtle Bay by then.  Next a delicious seafood buffet with mussels, cerviche and fish was consumed. It then was “vamos a la cama” as we need to arise at 4:30AM.

By 6AM, about 12 boats were approaching Punta Banda at the southern edge of Ensenada Bay. Coming at them and expecting to pass between Todos Santos Island south end and Punta Banda was the Star Princess, an 800-foot cruise ship.  The lead boat in this CUBAR group was Tanglewood, and skipper Peter calmly called the Star Princess, alerting the watch that these 12 boats were turning to port around Point Banda, and that a Starboard to Starboard crossing was indicated.  There was a delay, but at last the Star Princess agreed, after some posturings about S to S passing being against the rules, and that the Princess was being very nice to acommodate the request.  No boats nore ships touched each other!

At noon, the wind is 10 knots North northwest.  Seas are 2 to 3 foot chop.  Skies are slightly overcast.

Note that any internet connection is weak and spotty so this Blog will not be updated much until our arrival tomorrow.  Likewise doesn’t cover the entire route so our position may or may not show up.

2017-21 The 2017 CUBAR Starts

Twenty-eight power boats started the 2017 Cruise Underway to BAja Rally this morning from San Diego Yacht Club.  Actually one boat departed yesterday evening and another last week but all meet today at Ensenada-Mexico for customs and immigration c…

2017-19 Mission Bay to San Diego and the San Diego Yacht Club

Wednesday, November 1, 2017Yesterday we put the crew on the beach.  Elias and Sid were loaded aboard the tender boat, then Alex drove it up onto the beach.  We were greeted by local Mission Bay resident Bob Semonsen, a long time friend and Wi…

2017-18 Avalon to Mission Bay

Monday, October 30, 2017We dropped our Avalon mooring lines at 7AM headed for Mission Bay.  It’s an 8-hour motor.  Some of us were still sleepy-eyed after attempting to follow Game 5 of the World Series.  Yes, it just has to be those bas…

2017-17: Marina del Rey, Newport, then Avalon

Thursday, October 26, 2017Oh my it’s been a HOT ten days at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey.  Besides the record breaking heat, there’s been some record breaking socializing by Alex with old Club friends.  He’s been wine and chees…