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FPB 781 Cochise Solar Update Spring 2019

It is late spring in the Bahamas, water temperature is 83/85F and air that or more. Humidity often is in …Read More

Cruising At Its Best In The Bahamas

For those of you who want to experience cruising at its best, if you live in Europe or the East …Read More

Cochise’s Final Matrix Nav Station – A Breakthrough

It is finally done (and we mean it this time)! In the post that follows we will detail the logic …Read More

No Good Choices: A Study In Ice

Iron Lady and Grey Wolf have been cruising together in Antarctica, what the few truly experienced high latitude sailors will tell you is …Read More

Protected: Steering Clear of Trouble: Our Search for Perfection COMPREHENSIVE DRAFT-4 edited by sarah

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

FPB 78-2 & FPB 78-3, Where Are You?

FPB 78-2 Grey Wolf and FPB 78-3 Iron Lady are currently having a fun summer buddy boating in Antarctica… Scroll …Read More

FPB 78-2 and 78-3 Are ready for the Antarctic Cruising Rally

Grey Wolf and Iron Lady are enjoying the bustling Chilean metropolis of Puerto Williams. They are preparing for the FPB …Read More

Steering Clear of Trouble – Our History of Design

We are standing at the forward end of the great room aboard FPB 78-1 Cochise. It is eerily quiet as …Read More

Grey Wolf II

Sue Grant at Berthon is running a series of posts written by the Berthon apprentices who are aboard FPB78-2 Grey …Read More

FPB 64-6: How To Make A Winter Crossing of the Atlantic In A Difficult Year

FPB 64-6 has just completed a winter crossing of the North Atlantic, which at one point featured hurricane strength compression …Read More