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We are now in full-time cruising mode… …and we cannot begin to express how good this feels… …to be back …Read More

FPB 70 Update: Interior Intentions – Expectant Owner Valerie Creighton Weighs In

We have recently been sent some final interior renderings for the FPB 70s. As owners of FPB 64-7 who are …Read More

Heavy Weather Tactics For Power Boats: Big Waves and Small Details

The post that follows this introduction is a chapter excerpted from the FPB 70 and 78 Owner’s Manual. Everyone who goes to …Read More

Born To Run: FPB 78-1 in Boat International

The July 2017 issue of Boat International magazine features a nine page article on FPB 78-1 Cochise… …”The long, lean hull of …Read More

FPB 70 and 78: A Much “Kneeded” Perspective On The Next Generation Of FPBs

FPB 78-2 Matrix deck helm The current America’s Cup spectacle has us entranced: unbelievable speed, maneuverability, and difficult sailing, the …Read More

FPB 78: Dream Machine Page Updated

The FPB 78 Dream Machine page is recently updated, and features multiple detailed interior and exterior photos of both FPB …Read More

FPB 70 Update: Expectant Owners Weigh In

Proud owners of FPB 70-1, Stan and Val Creighton, have kindly agreed to periodically share their thoughts with us during the …Read More

FPB 78 The Dream Machine: Reality – Updated May 24, 2017

The Next Generation of FPBs is here, cruising even farther, faster, more comfortably and efficiently than their predecessors. With the …Read More

FPB in the Press: “The Big Picture”

The June issue of Motorboat & Yachting features FPB owner Peter Watson sharing his reasoning behind “Why FPB”…  Travel along with …Read More

FPB 70: New Build Updates

Berthon now has a fortnightly update on their website for all things FPB construction… Be sure to check out all …Read More