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So Ends This Voyage

The Nespresso coffee machine hisses in the background as Linda makes a change-of-watch latte. The faint glow under the eastern …Read More

Red Sky At Night – Headed to Maine While We Can

September 22: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…That is probably as accurate a forecast tool right now as the supercomputers …Read More

FPB 78-1 Video: Exploring With Simrad Forward Looking Sonar

We have been critical of the Simrad radar and chart plotting systems. But there is good news as well. The AP …Read More

Turning Point

We are at the top of Cape Breton Island. Plan is–or was–to head to Newfoundland at first light. However, hurricane …Read More

FPB 78-1: Time Traveler

Having barely completed sea trials a year ago in New Zealand, FPB 78-1 Cochise has just surpassed the 14,000NM mark. We are …Read More

Time To Travel

From the glorious J-class sloops, we move on to the even more compelling fishing schooners, such as Columbia (above). This …Read More

J Boats – An Awesome Sight To See

It is blowing a steady 20, gusting higher. There is a sea state commensurate with the breeze, and the boats …Read More

J-Class Practice Race

A spectacle for sure, watching these Js being handled like dinghies is a real treat. A few images follow…

Maretron N2K Data System – Starting to Make Sense

Extensive N2K data systems, like we use in the FPBs, are costly, and take a substantial programming effort on our …Read More


We are now in full-time cruising mode… …and we cannot begin to express how good this feels… …to be back …Read More