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Sony A7RIII Full Frame Mirrorless Camera – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

There has been a lot of hype about the new Sony A7RIII body. Some folks are going so far as …Read More

Optimizing for Night Vision

The older you are the more critical it is to design for good night vision. We thought we had this …Read More

Dashew Offshore: The Deerfoot Story and Legendary Beowulf

Full length video telling the history behind Dashew sailing designs, culminating in the Legendary Beowulf..

Dashew Offshore: Sundeer Artemis Winter Crossing

This is the full length video featuring Sundeer 64 Artemis, crossing the North Atlantic during a winter gale. Force 10 …Read More

Dashew Offshore: Beowulf Sailing Dreams

Come on board with 78-foot ketch Beowulf..See lots more videos on our YouTube channel.

Maretron N2K View – We Have Seen the Light

Cochise is on the hard at Triton Marine and we periodically check in on the vital signs from the phone, …Read More

FPB Video: The Way

A new video in which we reveal the secrets behind all those ocean-crossing miles…

Running Aground As Anchoring Technique

The FPBs are designed with drying out in mind, and like all aspects of seamanship, we think testing the process …Read More

Photo Speed Test #2

It is that time of year again. There is chaos in the parking lots, everybody seems to be fighting a …Read More

FPB 70-1: Growing Big and Strong

You are standing on a rigid coaming of the FPB 70-1’s Matrix deck, looking toward the bow. Inside and out, …Read More