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Musical Propellers and How To Tune Them (out)

We usually specify what is called an anti-singing edge on our props. Essentially this is a chamfer on the forward face trailing edge of the blades as shown above. Occasionally this is not quite the right shape and at certain RPMs and loadings the prop will start a high pitched, and very annoying, song.

The props […]


Protecting Your Wireless Internet Communications

Pete Rossin, on of our FPB 64 owners, has researched protecting wireless Internet communications in the age of “Firesheep”. Pete has been kind enough to share the approach he has adopted, including screen shots, to make a similar installation relatively painless.

We have put Pete’s comments into a PDF file which can be downloaded here. We […]


FPB 64 Avatar Dive Prep System

Mike and Carol Parker, the owners of the FPB 64 Avatar, are avid divers. We asked Mike for some details on how they handle getting three sets of dive gear into the dinghy, and Mike was kind enough to take a few photos and send some comments.

We’ll start with Mike’s description of their filling system:
Note […]


PB 64 Swim Step Extension Details

Within the next few days FPB 64 #3 will be ready to start sea trials. As she is being fitted with a swim step extension we are all awaiting the real world results from this small, but potentially potent addition.

The initial design has been done so the same approach can be used with the other […]


Lightning vs FPBs

Steve, Linda — Happy 2011 !!
There was a readers´ letter on this month’s Yachting World (btw, the same that brings your article – congrats!) mentioning that lightning strikes often seriously damage electric/electronic equipment on yachts … given that on the FPBs some basic functions are supported by electric/electronic stuff (fuel pumps, autopilot, etc), I was […]


Bosque del Apache Slide Show

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Bosque del Apache – A Special Experience

Since wings are a current topic in the marine world we thought this was a good segue to talk about Bosque del Apache.

Although we are swamped – still playing catch up with things related to the land – a combination of benign winter weather and the need to get out of the office gave us […]


An Interesting Motorsailor

If you are going to cruise in cold climates a large pilot house is worth consideration

There are tradeoffs. Aesthetics, windage, weight, and deck configuration are all difficult to handle design wise, and put a definite crimp in the cruising lifestyle if you are doing a tradewind circumnavigation.

Of course you are not going to be very […]


America’s Cup Trainer – This Is Going To Be Great!

There has been a ton of controversy about the format of the next America’s Cup, to take place in 72 foot wing-masted cats. Part of the package is a 45 foot “trainer” to get the crews up to speed on sailing with a wing.

The first of the trainers has been launched in New Zealand.

On the […]


Wave Piercing Power Cat

When we first started to think about doing an unsailboat for long distance cruising we briefly considered a power catamaran.

We did not take this path for a number of reasons:

Motion with waves from the bow/stern quarter to abeam would be violent and uncomfortable on at sea.
If capsized the cat would remain inverted.
Cats are significantly more […]