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Bosque del Apache Slide Show

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Bosque del Apache – A Special Experience

Since wings are a current topic in the marine world we thought this was a good segue to talk about Bosque del Apache.

Although we are swamped – still playing catch up with things related to the land – a combination of benign winter weather and the need to get out of the office gave us […]


An Interesting Motorsailor

If you are going to cruise in cold climates a large pilot house is worth consideration

There are tradeoffs. Aesthetics, windage, weight, and deck configuration are all difficult to handle design wise, and put a definite crimp in the cruising lifestyle if you are doing a tradewind circumnavigation.

Of course you are not going to be very […]


America’s Cup Trainer – This Is Going To Be Great!

There has been a ton of controversy about the format of the next America’s Cup, to take place in 72 foot wing-masted cats. Part of the package is a 45 foot “trainer” to get the crews up to speed on sailing with a wing.

The first of the trainers has been launched in New Zealand.

On the […]


Wave Piercing Power Cat

When we first started to think about doing an unsailboat for long distance cruising we briefly considered a power catamaran.

We did not take this path for a number of reasons:

Motion with waves from the bow/stern quarter to abeam would be violent and uncomfortable on at sea.
If capsized the cat would remain inverted.
Cats are significantly more […]


Enhancing Visibility At Sea

Sobering fact: you are going to be almost invisible to ships in any sort of breeze. A yacht is just too small to stand out in the waves and their white caps. Radar return, even with a radar reflector, is also hard to pick out of sea clutter. The one thing you can do is […]


Hard Dinks – The Choice of Experienced Small Boat Cruisers

Most of the long term small boat cruisers we know prefer hard dinks to inflatables.


They are more durable and a less inviting theft target. They are also much easier to row than an inflatable. Of course you need a place to store them, and this is typically going to be over a hatch where the […]


Yachting World Magazine Interview

While we were in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands waiting for the ARC to start Wind Horse was the object of scrutiny by quite a few members of the European press. We had numerous journalists and photographers aboard, one of whom was

Elaine Bunting, the cruising editor at Yachting World, someone we have worked with […]


Dorade vents

Hi Steve,
Happy New Year! I notice on Wind Horse you have used what appear to be PVC cowl / dorade vents.Do you find these superior to stainless steel, and if so, why? I am about to fit the dorade boxes to my alloy Dix43 and need to make the cowl selection. Thanks so very […]