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It lasted this long.

Close Knit is sold. Our time on her is now a memory. We are doing OK here in Kingston, the nice weather is helping to lift our spirits. Al continues to struggle with low grade urinary tract infections. This is likely to continue until his July surg…

"Haul" elujah

“Haul”elujah  (Continued…)


Happy Earth Day y’all. (Continued…)


Al celebrated a birthday last Thursday. He shares his birthday with my brother in law, Chris and Chris’ son Tim. The birthday boys had a nice night out. Chris is also celebrating retirement.  (View Post…)

Its been a RIDE


April Fools MONTH

This is NOT funny. Mother Nature is seriously SNAFU’d. Bridget was like Bambi on the ice and I struggled to not fall down.  (Continued…)


I haven’t consciously been neglecting the blog. After receiving several private messages asking if we were OK, I checked and was surprised to see when I last posted. As one friend indicated she thought she may have sensed my armor cracking. I will …

For The Birds


That Time of Year Again


WD 40

Al is doing a light fitness plan with his physiotherapist. Tonia brought him this foot peddler that he can do with the PCA a couple times a week It was rather squeaky so I got Al some WD40 and he seemed to delight in a bit of “manly” maintenance. …