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A Lovely Fall weekend with Linda and Ken and Books!

Roanoke, VA  USA
   Last Friday evening my tooth started to bother me and today I had a root canal.  Thankfully the tooth already had a crown so that didn’t need to get done.  It really was quite painless.  If all is well the permanent filling will go in November 12th. 
     Two weekends ago Randal […]

Some pictures of our land and future home

Roanoke, VA  24012
     A bit of work has begun on our land; just a tiny bit to allow for the bigger work to begin when the engineers complete plans for the 1,000 or so foot driveway and Roanoke County approves them.  Runoff is a big issue these days so any project over a certain size […]

Whirlwind tour of Turkey

Roanoke, VA 24012  USA
Merhaba which is hello in Turkish. 
I believe the people walking barefoot in what looks like snow are visiting Pamukkale. is the link to our visit to Pamukkale. 
The hot air balloons are over Cappadocia.   is the link to our visit to Cappadocia
All of this reminds me of the […]

A Personal Story about the internment of Japanese American during WW 2

Roanoke, VA  24012
“The idea is that the city that opens the same book – closes it in greater harmony.”
~Mary McGrory,
“The Washington Post”

The Internment of Japanese American Citizens during World War 2 was the setting for the books chosen by Roanoke Valley Reads.
      You all met have met my friend Jane Field […]

The Grand Re-opening of the Roanoke Public Library

Roanoke, VA 24012  USA
Hi All,
    First let me thank everyone for the B’Day wishes.  I would never remember a birthday if my sister didn’t remind me so I’m impressed that anyone thought of mine.  Of course Facebook helps.
Tuesday Jane and I attended the re-opening of the main branch of the Roanoke Public Library.  She and […]

Helping at the Library Book Sale

Roanoke, VA  USA
    Although rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, we have had a week of beautiful fall weather.  It truly is my favorite time of the year.  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I volunteered to help unbox and arrange books for the semi-annual library book sale.  It felt good to do good and it […]

Lake Spring Park Salem VA

Roanoke, VA  USA
      Couldn’t type Y’all after hello.    I guess after all these years spent away from Roanoke, I’ve lost most of the southernisms I picked up living here from September 1979 until we left for China in November of 2006.  Around the world we often heard  “you guys” which amazed me as that’s what […]

Hello from Roanoke, VA USA

Roanoke, VA  USA
Hi y’all,
     I was feeling rather bad that I’d not written for ages when my sister forwarded me an email from friends asking if I’d stopped writing or had their address been lost or what. It has been a while since my last email.  Writer’s block isn’t the reason or disastrous happenings either […]

Taking Mary and Rick to Bodrum and my first visit to the Art and Culture Center

Netsel Marina  Dock A
Marmaris, Turkey
It had to happen.  As of this past Wednesday Randal and I are “empty boaters” again.   Rick and Mary were eager to get back to their own boat Orca.  They had left it at Yat Lift in Bodrum back in May and had immediately flown  to England to join us for […]


Anchored off Bodrum
iyi akşamlar  = good evening
   Tomorrow we’ll be in Marmaris.  Too many thoughts about that so I’ll just write about Babakale.  We only spent one night but it will be a favorite for all the reasons in the tourist blurb below.  I took too many photos but they will be some of the […]